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Platonic Relationship: Characteristics And Health

What to do when a platonic relationship becomes romantic.

When your platonic relationship turns out to be emotional, and you noticed that a lot of feelings has changed, there are things you need to do, so as no to cause problem with your partner. They are as follows-

1) Accept the feelings.
2) Approach your partner and explain to him or her.
3) Bear in mind that you may receive No as an answer.
4) Do not withdraw yourself from him or her.
5) Try telling him or her again to know if there’s a change of mind.

Accept the feelings.

Accepting what you are feeling is the first step to take whenever you notice that the platonic feeling has turned to a romantic one. If you deny your heart that feelings, it will continue to torment you till it puts you into trouble with your partner. So the best thing is to accept it so that you can plan on how to go about that.

Approach your partner and explain to him or her.

Instead of hiding it from your partner, better approach him or her one on one and explain to them how you feel and it’s starting point. From there you will also understand if your partner feels the same way with you or not. So do not hesitate to approach your partner when such thing happen.

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Bear in mind that you may receive No as an answer.

Do not only believe that he or she will accept your proposal since you have been friends for long now. No, sometimes things are not seen like that, it may be opposite of what you may be thinking. That is why you should be ready to accept ‘No’ as an answer incase you received that, so as not to feel disappointed.

Do not withdraw yourself from him or her.

Withdrawing yourself from your friend simply because he or she refuses to welcome your feelings is not a good idea and will never be the best idea. Instead of withdrawing from them, you just try and fix that feelings, accepting it or rescheduling your next approach.

Try telling him or her again to know if there’s a change of mind.

You shouldn’t because your first approach wasn’t a perfect one and reject to try again. Try approaching again and this time, you should plan it very well and make it more romantic.


Health benefits of platonic relationship

1) Improves cardio health
2) Provides a complete happiness
3) Aid in lasting long
4) Reduce stress and depression
5) Promotes brain health



Platonic relationship is one of the nicest relationship to have in this life today. This will give you a peace of mind and a good understanding of life. It is true that most people today, especially the youths doesn’t see any relationship that has no sexual intimacy as a good relationship at all. That is because, so many negative thinking and infatuation has ruined so many relationship. But today, we are here to let you know that, a platonic relationship is one of the best relationship ever.

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