Places In Singapore To Host Your 21st Birthday

So, your big 21 is coming up and you’re thinking of throwing a party to celebrate the special day with friends and loved ones. Planning a 21st birthday party is no easy task, especially when it’s such a big deal in Singapore. First, you need to get the cake of your dreams, then draft and send the invitations, plan the activities, etc. To help lighten the work on your end, we have compiled a list of venues in Singapore that are great for 21st birthday celebrations.

In case you’re expecting it, the typical venues like a chalet and Zouk are not included on our list for the simple fact that you probably have already been to others’ 21st in one of these locations. If you want to host your guests somewhere they are not already bored of or a place with less crowd and loud music, this list is for you. These venues are private, have enough room to accommodate ten to twenty people, and allow for food and beverages to be catered. Just be sure to include a bottle of suntory whisky singapore to turn the party up a notch. 

Places In Singapore To Host Your 21st Birthday

Glamping by the beach

Glamping takes people’s minds off their work and doing so by the beach immediately switches one to relaxing mode. One caveat is the lack of air-conditioning and clean toilets which is not ideal for sleepovers. However, if you’re not looking to plan an overnight party, there is a three-hour package that you can get for $209 to host a picnic cum party by the sea. Other than the picnic table itself, the package also includes a huge tent, seat sleeves, ice, iceboxes, fans, cups, and utensils. With one package, you’re basically set for the logistics aspect of your party, excluding the food of course.

For 20 guests, it is best to reserve two of the above package for $418 and then prepare food and beverages enough for everyone. You will need about $200 for the refreshments and anything from $50 to $200 for the cake, depending on the quality, taste, and appearance of the cake. Assuming you’re choosing the higher end of everything (i.e. 20 guests and a $200 cake), your 21st birthday party glamping by the sea will cost you about $818. Honestly, you can probably save some money on the cake especially since you are the main focus of attention, not the pastry. If you do go for a cake that is half the price, you could easily save $100 which could then be spent on other party logistics like frisbees or card games.

Places In Singapore To Host Your 21st Birthday

Speaking of activities, the possibilities are endless at the beach. For those who prefer to chill and play board games, all they need is some of their favorite beverages to have a good time. Then, for guests who like to be more active, they can always rent a bike and enjoy the sea breeze and greenery. 

If you really want to maximize your glamping experience, there is a package for the Jumbo Tent. Fitted with double 12-inch fans, fairy lights, a hammock, and not one, not two, but three queen size beds. It is perfect for eight adults and can cost anywhere from $280 to $480 per night depending on the date of your celebration. Although this is glamping at its best, choose this only if you and your friends enjoy the elements and being by the sea. 

According to NParks rules, only Singaporeans and PR residents are able to reserve these packages.

Condominium or beach BBQ party

Barbecues are a fun and affordable way to throw the perfect birthday party. There are plenty of beaches which offer barbecue pits for anyone to book. All you really need is a tent, a hammock, and some entertainment like a guitar or a game. To reserve a pit, proceed to any AXS machine near you to make the selection and payment of about $16 to $20 for the pit. However, if the beach is not the vibe that you were going for, a more “atas” option would be the barbecue pits at condominiums.

If you or a friend live in a condominium with barbecue pits, then why not make your 21st celebration a pool party? Residents can book the function rooms for low prices of about $10 to $15 which is really a steal for a party venue. 

You can have your food pre-ordered and delivered by caterers such as BBQ Wholesale. They offer pre-marinated meat which greatly reduces the amount of preparation you need for a barbecue. For 20 people, the basic package is priced at about $190. 

Getting a cake and decorations ranging from balloons to letter boards cost an estimated total of $80. Adding this to the cost of booking the venue and ordering the pre-marinated food will bring the total to about $285 which doesn’t include the alcoholic drinks. 


Booking a private KTV room is a more affordable alternative to the Zouk option for both entertainment and drinks. Karaoke takes care of the party entertainment as well as the Happy Birthday song which might be awkward for guests otherwise. 

One suggestion for KTV place is the Manekineko KTV chain which offers different combinations of refreshments on their menu. For instance, the Super Combo D includes beer towers, a bottle of booze, platters of finger food as well as four hours of karaoke time. This combo costs about $568 on weekdays and $578 on weekends.

Yet another more affordable alternative to the Manekineko KTV option is the more famous Teo Heng. Instead of basing their charges on the number of customers, they charge by the room. That said, the largest room available only accommodates ten guests so if you’re aiming for a more intimate party, then this might be for you. For an hour, the largest room will cost you $18 on the weekends. There are packages for three-hour bookings as well for about $45 so that helps you save even more. Another advantage of hosting your 21st birthday party at Teo Heng is their policy with a higher tolerance for external food and drinks. Generally, you can bring in your preferred food and beverages and importantly, the birthday cake. Budgeting your refreshments at $200, the total estimated cost of your party would be about $250 for ten people.


You will only be 21 once in your life so allow yourself more budget to pamper yourself on your special day. That said, it is understandable for 21st birthday parties to be on the cheaper side as you are still a student after all. Nobody should expect you to throw a party that costs thousands of dollars when you hardly have an income and neither should you. Make it all about the fun and quality of time spent. Some people had parties that burned a hole in their wallets but not many guests can honestly say that they enjoyed themselves.

Places In Singapore To Host Your 21st Birthday