how to get your ex girlfriend back

How to win your ex- girlfriend love back or how to get your ex girlfriend back

Do you love your ex girlfriend and which to her love back, well I have a small tips for you which you can do for you to have her back in your life but try to make sure you never let her go when you do so. Now let us look at tips to win her back to your life.ex

  1. Communication.You all know that in every relationship communication is the first thing you need to keep the relationship strong and happy always. So try your best to always communicate with her always whether she insult you or sound mad always try to communicate with her because you need her back try to build a strong communication. Try calling her and messaging her as many times you can to make her have you in mind also because you are trying to have her back as your girl so try hard to build strong communication among you two just like old times.
  2. Open up to her. she was once your girlfriend so there is no need of been shy try to tell her what you want and make her know your intention because only then will you hear her mind and then know how to follow it up or how to follow her because girls don’t hide their feelings.
  3. Remind her of the past friendship. As she is your ex girlfriend this one way on how to get your ex girlfriend back, so try to always make her remember the way she love you, the way you love her too and all the things you guys do together because if she can think of that and have it once again in her mind then you are a bit closer to winning her back.
  4. Try to do things she always love doing. You know that everybody have something he or she love doing most so always to do the things she love doing most or the things you know that make her happy when she is with you.girlfriend
  5. Tell her you love her. Try to always tell her that you love her and also try to do some actions that will make her understand because she will always try to be sure that you truly lover her and won’t leave her again, so always try to tell her you love her.
  6. Change. Remember that she is your ex so try to have a change of your character and make her understand that you have change and make her see reasons in your change that way you will make her see more reason of coming back and that will make you to have her come closer more.
  7. Reason to come back. Try to make her see reasons for her to be back in your life, always try to give her a solid reason for her to trust and love you again because she will only be back to you when she find one reason to be back again to you.

This are some tips I think you need to apply for you to have her back to you or  but you think there is some other tips try to comment it on the comment box and always try to share the post too. thanks

Reasons not to intentionally hurt a girl

Reasons not to intentionally hurt a girl

There are things I think that men need to understand and try to be careful when dealing with a girl for you not to end up hurting or destroying yourself in the process. So these are a few reasons not to do that to her, and this is the wrong side of it for you as a man to be careful after reading this and you which to know the signs that she loves you to know if that woman loves and cares about you. “Reasons not to intentionally hurt a girl.”hurt

Reasons not to intentionally hurt a girl.


  • She never thinks twice about her actions.

When you hurt a girl, and she has you in mind to revenge on you for what you did to her, she can never think if any of that actions can make you lose anything or even die, all she thinks of is to archive what she plans for you of which when she finally does it the way is in her mind only then she may have the regret of her actions.

  • Always feel happy hurting you.

When she is hurting you back, she can never feel any atom of sad or unhappy because knowing that you intentionally hurt her will always make her happy hurting you back because doing so makes her feel that she has done to you what worth more than you did to her.

  • Hurting you looks like fun to her.

When she is hurting you back, the whole thing looks fun to her, and in such a way, she continues doing it because the more fun it is to her, the more she continues with her actions.

  • She will do you more.

She will do you more than the way you did to her because the whole thing looks like fun to her and even makes her feel happy she will continue doing it, and during that process, she may end up hurting you more than you can never imagine or think of.intentionally

  • She will try everything possible to do you back.

Knowing fully well that you intentionally break her heart, will give her more strength and power to go as far as anything to see that she will to hurt you the way that it will pain you.

  • She will not like to be a looser.

One thing about girls is that they will never like to be looser on anything. They will always try anything possible or even go as far as you can’t imagine that they will go just to win. So in that same way, they will go on any length to hurt that man who intentionally hurt them.



Never you for any reason as a man try to break a girl’s heart or even make her feel sad because there is nothing to gain from it, and it may lead you to what may hurt you at the end. “Reasons not to intentionally hurt a girl.”

how to know if you’re in love

how to know if you’re in love

If you think you are in love with someone or that you don’t know, well you will find out from it through this post, you will know if you are falling for someone, and also try to make sure you share this post out to for others to know when they are also falling for someone, may be that can help them know how to go about with their life, so why not do them this favor by sharing it with them too, this are few things you can check on yourself.


how to tell if you are in love with someone or how to know if you are in love with someone

  1. Thinking about the person. Whenever you find out that you always thinking of someone always or that you always can’t do anything without having a thought of the person or remembering them always. This is one of the sign that tell you that you have fallen for him or her.
  2. Lost words. When you always find yourself lost of words whenever you see someone or feel as if you are a bit confuse try to understand then that you have fallen in love.
  3. Playing in your mind. When you feel that he or she is playing in your minds. This also a sign to know that you have fallen for the person and is better for you to accept it and stop pretending or deceiving yourself.
  4. Board. You will always feel board when you are with your opposite sex that is not the person you love is around you, you will see that nothing they do that will please you, because your heart has already started beating for someone else.
  5. Close your Eyes. Try at times and close your eyes to know if you will have a picture of them in your mind when you close your eyes and if you do know that you have fallen for the person.
  6. Always try to see the person. because you have fallen in love with the person you always try anything possible to meet them or see them because you can’t help or stay without seeing his or her face.
  7. Jealous.You will always feel jealous seeing anybody with her or whenever someone come close to him or her.


So my conclusion on this how to know if you’re in love is this, you should always try to tell yourself the truth whenever you find yourself in any of this actions. If you also have more to add always try to do so on the comment box below for others to also know about it.

Reasons not to beat your girlfriend or wife

Reasons not to beat your girlfriend or wife

At times I wonder why a reasonable man his with complete sense will lay his hands on a woman to beat her, I usual ask myself does it mean that he is not the one who accept and decide to love the woman or was he force to love his girlfriend or wife because I know that love does not in any way means beating, punishing ,suffering or shouting at your girlfriend or wife in public because is not good or advisable at all, if all you could do is to beat and hurt her then let her go a woman deserve to be love and care for, so try to understand and make her happy because love means caring, loving, defending and many good things you can think of that comes with it , so if you thinking that beating, shouting at your girlfriend or wife publicly or any other bad character you do to hurt your wife is good please stop it because they are not good in anyway.

Reasons why is not good to beat your girlfriend or wife

  1. You insult yourself too: Yes you insult yourself too but you don’t know, because you don’t know that when you are busy boxing with your wise that people are their watching you and mocking at you because your woman is part of you and there is nothing you can do to deny it, because if people are talking about your girlfriend or wife, they will in one way or the other talk about you too.wife
  2. You reduce you respect in public: By shouting and insulting your girlfriend or wife ,publicly you also do the same to yourself because you are telling the public that you and your woman cant settle your issues privately, come to think of it everybody has his or her problems with his partner but how many shout publicly about their problem because they know is not the best way to solve the problem rather  people will lets them down or do you think they don’t have their own problems with their partner so why not you understand the level of disgrace you are giving yourself .
  3. She is not your prisoner or slave: For all I know only slave or prisoners are been beaten when they misbehave but why are you converting your woman to a prisoner or slave because she is not a slave but your partner and a piece that nature and God give you to complete your life , to be sincere a man’s life can’t be complete without a woman , God also know that and this is the reason he create a man and woman to be together so why then do you take her as a prisoner instead of partner, think twice as a man before laying your fingers on your woman because you can’t be complete without a woman beside to direct and make you happy.
  4. You will miss her full support and qualities: There is a special qualities of a woman that you will miss and you can easily make a mistake in some actions and things you do, because you beat her or shout at her always she may find it hard to advice, correct or direct you for her not to get you mad or angry and beat her like you always do, she will then prefer to let you be and always agree to what you say or suggest weather good or bad and if you turn your girlfriend or wife to such person you are missing a lot because there are many enjoyment about a woman you are missing, there is a a song of a poplar artist SHAGGY with a music titled “Strength of woman” in that song he said a lot about the qualities of a woman wish always inspired me a lot to value and love my woman more than ever.
  5. You are digging a grave: A man that beat his wife is indirectly digging a grave for himself or his woman because you might end up one day killing her or she kill you but the chances of her killing you is higher so why endangering your life and stop beating your woman, instead love and honor her more than you do to yourself.


As you have see one the few reason why beating your girlfriend or wife is not good now why don’t you take your time to love and care for your woman and enjoy your woman and your life now that you have the chance to do so, and you as a woman please always care, pray and protect your man as a part of you and your life.    

How you can create a balance life care plan for yourself

How you can create a balance life care plan for yourself


In this article I wrote about how you can make things good for your life, so read the following ideas and reflect on their practical application I your

  1. Challenge yourself intellectually. Try always to change yourself and develop intellectual curiosity to learn something new every day no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.
  2. Taking personal responsibility for your health. Physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually is not easy but you should always try because there is no one who can do a better job of taking care of yourself than you.
  3. Start today with changes that you know is healthful. Make your choices one meal at a time or one day at a time. Do not beat yourself up if you do not always stick to the care plan.4
  4. Try to stay in balance from a holistic perspective. What this means is different to each of us and different at various stages in our lives.
  5. Try to increase your happiness quotient. Identify the things that brings you happiness and joy and enhance your quality of life. Try to do something pleasurable or satisfying each day.
  6. Identify and decrease the stressors in your personal and professional life. Develop strategies for decreasing the overall level of stress in your life. Some situations and habit can be corrected easily, others will take a real commitment and time to change.
  7. Realistic goals. Make sure your goals and expectations are realistic. Unrealistic goals are self defeating. Make sure the goals are measurable, manageable and meaningful to you not to please somebody else.
  8. Alone time. Make sure you get enough “alone time”. How much time alone each of us needs varies, so find out what is right for you. Most care-givers spend a very little time alone. Check out your balance.
  9. Commitments based on your value. Make sure you give appropriate time and attention to the relationship that have stability and meaning over time.
  10. Self treatment. Treat yourself like you treat your best friend. So something special and “be friend” yourself.
  11. Mental health break. Give yourself permission to relax each day. Learn to take “mental health break” no matter how brief. Enjoy the time without thinking about what you should be doing, so you can be refreshed.
  12. Stay connected with health people. Set time apart and plan for fun with people who can help you lighten up and enjoy free time. Get out and do things you enjoyed doing.
  13. Eat a balance diet low in fat and cholesterol, take a multivitamin, drink lots of water and limit refined sugar intake. Practice portion control. If necessary, consult a dietitian.
  14. Know how much you need and plan to get it. A pattern of too little sleep can injure your health. Avoid trying to be more productive by sleeping less. That can be counter productive.
  15. Be a person of encouragement to yourself, be affirming to yourself. Do not “dump” on yourself or put yourself down.plan
  16. Physical fitness. Make your physical fitness a priority. Commit to a balanced fitness program that includes stretching, aerobic exercise and strength exercises. Sneak exercise into your daily life and exercise with a friend.
  17. Learn to say NO. if you are pressured and over committed. Learn to say “no” without feeling guilty. Practice thinking that every problem is not your sole responsibility.
  18. Express your creativity through music, sports, decorating, acting or whatever lets, you share yourself from the inside out.


Above all always remember to talk to your friend or a professional counselor to help you clarify your direction and put you back in balance again.  And It a Must to check this website for Medical Billing Service

Please share and comment any other help you feel that is not here thanks.

how your youth life can be the cause of your marriage problems

How your youth life can be the cause of your marriage problems

Some marriages that are broken today don’t just happen but some due to the characters or the kind of life the live when they are still in their youth, which causes them the problems they are facing today in their marriage. You may be asking yourself this question “ How can my youth life be the cause of my problem?” well let look at these two problems that some marriages are facing today.youth

  1. Infertility or barrenness. This is one of the major problems that some marriages are facing today, you can bear me witness that most of the broken marriages today is caused by lack of child, but before rushing to blame your partner ask yourself this question “ is there anything I do wrong during my youth state”.
  • For men. Some men will say the doctor confirm that am okay and my wife is okay too but why can’t we have is like I will try a new woman. At this time is not all about what the doctor said is all about you telling yourself the truth spiritually. How can you expect to have a child when all you do during your youth life is to pregnant and deny a lady of been the one responsible of her pregnancy knowing fully when is you. How can you also expect to have a child after spending most of your life in hotel sleeping with different girls, receiving different causes and spirit. So you see is not all about going to hospital or what the doctor but this time is all about looking for how to spiritually clean yourself and ask for forgiveness of sins of the past for you to be free.
  • For women. Some women have done so many abortions and have taken so many drugs that will make them not to get pregnant for a while or remove their pregnant and later you expect miracle to happen, so my advice for you is this, better look for how to spiritually clean yourself too and also ask for the forgiveness of the past.
  1. Make sure you are with the right person. Most people just rush into marriage without asking or even bother to know if the person is truly made for them. Some go into marriage due to advice or recommendation the get from their friends who may not even come a good family. How can you expect to have a happy marriage when you are not been properly directed. The only thing they may be bothered to look may be their blood group and the love the have for each other at that time without thinking of future what it may cause them. let say that marriage is like a person who want to wear a shoe and wear someone one instead of his own, the person will only be comfortable if the shoe is the same size with his or her own this same is marriage, you cannot be happy or relax if you marry to the wrong person.


If you are still a youth please know that ;you need to be very careful in what you are doing because any mistake you do now may affect you tomorrow but if you have made the mistake already try to advice others not to make the same mistake.

Please remember to share and comment what you also think is helpful or any question, we will give you a solution.

what a woman desires most in her life

What a woman desires most in her life

Women as beautifully being created by God has their own desires which they always pray and wish for, which you as a man must know and try to give them some of those desires for them to always be happy and put up their beautiful smiles on their face which will also in the other hand make you happy too seeing your woman happy. Now what are those desires some may ask.woman

  1. Attention.

    A woman suppose to be given attention and know what she want or the problem she need you as his man or husband to solve at that particular time. Sometimes it may not be that problem you are thinking of, she may at times want you to say or hear your opinion on a particular dress or something she is doing, so try to understand her at that time.

  2. Concern.

    Feeling less concern at your woman is not good of you because your concern at times make her feel happy and relax and if a woman always feel relax whenever she is with you, then you will enjoy the good qualities of the woman. So try so much to always show her your concern for her to be happy and relax with you.

  3. Care.

    You should be familiar with these because if a woman finds out or notice that you truly care, that will make her love you more because women always wish for a caring man that can understand them and show concern of about their life and things they do.

  4. Security.

    A woman will always love to feel secure anytime he is with his man because only then will she have full relax mind, so try a lot to make sure that you woman feels safe each time she is with you because is always your duty as a man to protect your woman.woman

  5. Happiness.

    This is one of the major thing that always capture a woman heart because she will never wish to be hurt, so try as hard as possible to always make her feel happy only then will you see the true beauty of your woman.

  6. Admiration.

    Why won’t you as a man admire your beautifully angel you have and take her as the most beautiful woman you have ever meet so that she will be happy with you and also be proud of having you with him.

  7. Pampering.

    Women always which that their man will pamper them like a baby, so always try to do so to your woman to always be happy.

  8. Accommodation.

    A woman always want to stand as the only one in your life and always try to love her and only her alone because in doing so she will talk about you always whenever she is with her friends, so why not do her that favor by doing that wish she want.

  9. Selfish Love.

    A woman always want a man to do only the things that makes her happy or please her alone. That kind of love is what am regarding as a selfish love.

  10. Tolerance.

    A woman always want you to tolerate her no matter what she do, she expect you as a man to endure and tolerate her actions.

  11. Exposure.

    She always want you to take her out to your friends and for fun at times, she believe that since she is part of you or your woman you will equally need to take her around.

  12. Maintenance.

    Every woman deserve to be maintained for you to see the true beauty of her always try your best to maintain your woman because no woman is ugly but they only lack maintenance which you as a man need to do for them.

  13. Money.

    Trust me no woman like a lazy man, they  love a rich and hard working man who will take care of their needs or things they need to take care of themselves.



As a man is always your duty to make a woman wish available for  them , so I urge you to look into this their desires and wishes and do it for them. Finally to women please always try to also understand, love and care for your man.

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Some dangerous mistakes women make in marriage decisions

Some dangerous mistakes women make in marriage decisions

Some dangerous mistakes women make in marriage decisions

There are several mistakes some ladies make and these mistakes are very dangerous and can cause some women problems in their Union or even make them not to marry.marriage

  1. There are people who reject marriage proposal based on experience or story of other people. You hear people say things like “I can never marry a soldier because the one my sister married did not favor her; the soldier was always maltreating her”. Have you taken out time to study and find out if your sister is the cause? If that sister is not cultured and has a bad attitude to life, even if she end up marring a Bishop or a Pope she will still be a bad partner, it will only take the grace of God for that marriage to work out. Instead of concluding on a wrong believe why not take out time and find out what the problem is with your sister and avoid possessing that same character so that you can enjoy your own marriage.
  2. Be careful when a man lavish you with all manner of gifts at the beginning of your relationship with him. If you are not careful those may be all you may ever receive from him when he lures you in to marrying him with his gifts, don’t be beclouded by gifts still keep to the standard of marriage so that you don’t regret the unbalanced and distorted decision you may take in a hurry. There are men who know and believe that women can easily be broken by giving of gifts so they capitalize on it to deceive women into relationship they never prepared for, am not advising not to accept gifts but am advising you that any given time in your relationship when you are receiving gifts let your eyes be very open and your sense of reasoning be at alert for pure and sincere judgment of issues. There are people who rush into marriage with wrong assumption that the man cares really good by giving of gifts but today they are faced with the reality because the same man who use to spoil them with gifts before marriage have suddenly turned out to be one of the worse stingy man that ever lived on planet earth, some have equally rushed out of the same marriage while some who are still in their own marriage are only “Enduring” their marriage instead of “Enjoying” their marriage.
  3. Some people reject marriage proposal because the person they had agreed to marry is not treating them as their fellow friend. This brings comparism into your relationship forgetting the fact that we are peculiarly different from one another. We all express pour love in different ways , some express theirs by giving gift, some express theirs by spending quality time with their partner while some express theirs through constant “hanging out”. So if your partner expresses his own and move on with it.
  4. There are people who want to enter union because the guy is handsome. Please don’t try to jump into marriage because of the physical appearance of a guy, because beauty will; always fade and can even be distorted by eventualities of life, though beauty is good but character is the ultimate over beauty , so endeavor to find out sincerely the character of the person you want to live the rest of your life with. If you know the character it will help you to know if he is someone you can afford to live the rest of your life with, it can also guide you into some life decisions to adjust some of your own character in other to make the whole thing work out sincerely and not in pretence.marriage
  5. Don’t go into union with the mindset of retaliation. Some girls accept marriage just because they want to hurt someone who have offend them, for example two girlfriends who before now where very close friends and confidants but fell out in the cause of time and remain separated one among them may do everything possible to ensure that she snatches the friend’s partner and go into marriage with him not because she loves him but because she want to retaliate and deal with her friend whom she believe offended her. To me that is absolute madness, at long run since the foundation is wrong and faulty where there is no atom of love but wickedness and revenge that marriage will not last till the evening of their life.
  6. Don’t accept or enter into marriage because you want to avoid or run away from criticism. There is some girls in cause of dating discover that the relationship cannot work out due to some character of the guy but due to what they think that people may say if they broke up with the guy, despite their findings they still force themselves and go ahead and marry the guy, as per such important and significant factor you will discover that marriage which is originally made by God to enjoy will suddenly become an entity to be endured, such union will keep having problems as long as they are together, the partners involved gets offended at ay slightest provocation and irrelevant things and people will keep imagining why trivial things causes problems for such couples not knowing that the marriage originally is wrongly built foundation of endurance and bitterness. A broken engagement is far better than a divorce that is the more reason why you must quit any hoping against hope with the mindset that you will change him.
  7. Due to belonging to the class. There are ladies who accept marriage proposers just because they want to answer the name of being referred to as a rich man’s wife not knowing that with time she will be seen and treated as one of the acquired furniture in the house since she only came for money she never labored for or was part of, she came for fame, class and greed. In the cause of time I have seen women who married a very rich man but later abandoned the marriage and ran away despite the available wealth at their command, when asked “why run away” their reply has always been inform of a question which goes thus “is it not the living that enjoys wealth?” you will agree with me that such statement tells a lot about it. I know of a lady who really displayed wealth in her union, each time she dressed, the color of car she will use that moment she really had plenty of wealth to display many, people outside her union admiring her and wishes to be like her in terms of union, but it didn’t take much time when she abandoned the union and the plenty of wealth and ran out of the union, when we tried finding out what led to her running away from the marriage, we discovered that the she married never had value and regards for her so he beats and maltreats her with cable wires so she never had peace in that marriage, when it got to the point that she could no longer bear it, she had no choice than to quit the marriage. Never allow wealth to lure you into a marriage you will regret.
  8. Don’t enter into union because you want financially support your family. There are ladies who because of their family’s financial problems rush into any available rich man for marriage in order to start harvesting or milking money with it to send for her family, she goes in to it with the mindset that it is a business center where you go to make money. This is a very wrong mindset or believes about their marital status, and when it is applied, it will not only cause the marriage to crash, but destroy the life of that marriage. People with such mindset or believes, any time they stop getting money from the marriage they see no reason why they should still continue with the marriage so it begins to ferment troubles or begin to do anything capable of breaking or tearing the marriage apart.
  9. There are ladies who always appear very expensive to the public thereby scaring people away from them when they tend to get closer. You tend to discover that some of these ladies have good character when you successfully get closer to them. How will people find out when you scare them away with your philosophy of “make sure you appear expensive” I advice that you appear jovial and easy to talk to life style, neat and clean.


Advice for you.

A woman should always try to be careful when choosing man who she want to avoid facing one of these problems because if there is a problem in a family it is a woman who suffers it the most than a man so due to that, I advice you to be careful when choosing whom to marry!

10 secrets to a happy marriage

10 secrets to a happy marriage

 Secrets of a happy marriage

Before we go deep into the let first look at it meaning, the we look at 10 secrets to a happy marriage

Matrimony is said to be the legal union between a man and a woman to become husband and wife. Experience has taught couples that true love never fails. There are certain this that needed to make a successful marriage in spite the work of devil to undermine that plan. We should always try to make our marriage fresh and new every day no matter what because a happy marriage is that one that always refresh love and always tell their partner how much they love them because those words makes them happy and if your partner and you are always happy with each other no plans of anyone can divide you two. These are some secrete things that will make our marital life strong, happy and enjoyable. “10 secrets to a happy marriage”10 secrets to a happy marriage

“10 secrets to a happy marriage”

  1. Love

 This is the main thing that is needed in a marriage because without love there will be no happiness, forgiveness and tolerance, because there is a quote that say that love covers multitude of sins, if that is the case that means where there is love there is peace and happiness, so the word love is very vital in a marriage. Couples should love each other without reservation. We need to know love language of our spouse. Tell each other words of affirmation “ I love you”, “I care about you” “you mean a lot to me” “you are the love of my life” “I can do without you” all these keep it up and happy.

        2. Together

Couples are free o do everything they like together as they think that will fit them. You ought to know that you are the “STEP” which means that you should sleep together , talks to each other, eat together because couples that do all these together always find there union happy and enjoyable.happy marriage       3. Be united as one

this is one of the secrets of a happy marriage The man and woman should be together leaving all others, couples as one united by marriage and God should avoid interference from external family relations. The man should protect his wife and make her accepted by his family, the wife also should accept her husband people and his family. The man owns the body of a woman while the woman owns the body of a man which means that Sex is to be enjoy by them freely at anytime as they want.

“10 secrets to a happy marriage”

       4. Be open 

Try to always be open with your spouse and talk about everything with him or her. Do not hide your feelings, listen to his or her complains, opinions and discuss them. Don’t leave your house in anger stay and resolve it amicably. When your spouse tell you some areas of your life that you need to change do not feel bad about it. Share ideas plan together there is no secrete.

      5. Truthfulness 

It is not good to be built on falsehood, couples should try as much a possible to avoid telling lies. Try your best to avoid telling lies to you spouse because it gives room to doubt or suspicious. Remember that nothing is hidden under the sun. yet your Yes be Yes and No be No.

      6. Appreciation

Learn to appreciate one another time to time. Husband appreciate your wife beauty “You are more beautiful than when I first meet you”. Appreciate her food, her dressing and everything about her. Wife you must appreciate his caring and handwork “Darling you work too hard, please rest because we still need you”, focus your attention on your spouse strength than weakness, encourage instead of criticize and pray instead of gossiping. Learn to say “Thank You” and “I am sorry” because the words are healing and binds couples together.

         7. Be Sensitive

A wise should be sensitive to the husband’s Observe his mood and know when he is angry and finds out ways to appease him. Observe when he dresses up to work because his dressing s says a lot about you as the wife. Do you ;know the food your husband enjoys most? The way to a man’s heart is the stomach and don’t joke about it. Whenever a man fails to eat your food women are in big trouble. Leave of everything and find the cause. Men should also try to understand their wives. Women love petting from their husbands, touching and use of love words.

“10 secrets to a happy marriage”

        8.Be creative

Avoid monitory in doing things. Add variety to your home, you can re-arrange your home and add new menu to your cooking plans, add surprise and fun in your homes. When last did you buy a gift for your wife? When last did you take your wife out for a good treat or shopping? Many men can do a lot of things for their women before their union but when they are finally married all those things become the things of past which is not good.

        9. Believe in the matrimony

Many people don’t believe in the marriage they are into, every married couples should do anything it takes to make their matrimony workable because it takes a man and a woman to make a union last. The couples need to see their self at in complete without each other.

      10. Spend time at home

For a lasting happy union you need to spend time with your partner, spend time in your home instead of hanging outside a lot, do it with your partner. If you spend time with and relate with your partner regularly, you will get closer and more intimacy to each other because for marriage to work both have to invest in it.

Conclusion on 10 secrets to a happy marriage.

Always try to believe in your partner and love and cherish your partner for it is said that “for where your treasure is there your heart be also” so why not you take your marriage as a treasure, below is some questions I want you to ask yourself today and plan to arrange your marriage with it

  1. Tell Me When last did you say I love you to your spouse?
  2. When last did you complement his or her dressing?
  3. How many times have you give her food in the mouth?
  4. Have you kiss her for some time now?
  5. Did you have time to play with your husband?

Now if you can sincerely answer this questions and find yourself not doing any of this said above know that you are getting it wrong because once in a while both of you should become children and play together. Men love the tender touch of their wives and also fancy their happy laughter. Laughter as they said is medicinal and it heal souls, wounds and refreshes the body. Make plenty laughter available in your home  and enjoy the wife of your youth!

How pornography can destroy your life or relationship

How pornography can destroy your life or relationship

Pornography  can said to be any form of thing design to cause any forms of excitement. It can also be said as the portrayal of erotic behavior designed to cause sexual excitement. It is words, acts, or representations that are calculated to stimulate sex feelings.  Independent of the presence of another loved and chosen human being.

Pornography is one-sided, self satisfying relationship built on lust and immediate gratification. It devalues and damages the true meaning of sex. There is no way it will provide the relational skills and understanding that you need for relating to someone. Or for a life with your future partner.

Porn is a multi-billion dollar industry that like drugs, thieves on “addiction”. And has no concern for your well being. They only care about getting you hooked on their products. Bringing you down to their gutter level of morality and then persuading you to call it normal. So let now talk on how porn can cause damage to your brain and the solution to it.relationship pornography porn

Causes of pornography to brain and life in general.

Seeing opposite sex as a sex object.

Due to all the videos and pictures both the books that you have read about it. You will have no good thought in your mind when you see your opposite sex. Instead you will be seeing the person as sex object. Because you have filled your mind and brain with all the rubbish that you have been watching. And that will makes it difficult for you to communicate or relate with your opposite sex. Due to they  now looks like a sex object to you. So why killing your mind with such act that contribute nothing to your life than to destroy your life for you.

       1. It makes you feel guilty or secretive

Due to influence of porn in your life. It will now make you to feel guilty or secretive. Because you are watching pornography you always want to be alone. Or always stay in a hideout for you to feel relax because you know that is not good for someone to see you in such act. Since you know all this and also agree with me that most of the things that are down secretly has only bad influence in human life. Why then are you still watching it.

       2. You will never be satisfy

No matter what your partner do you will never be satisfy with your sexual life. Because your brain is filled up with lots of pornography videos. With the eager to also try out new styles and things you see there. Because your brain and mind will feel that it only those ways will be the best ways to satisfy you sexual life.

      3. Living with memories that can scatter your relationship

Due to the bad memories of all the porn videos, pictures and books you read. You now expect your partner to act as that drug man or woman that you watch on the video. And if they can’t act such your useless ambitions thinking. You became sad and angry because they cant meet up with your sex expectations.

      4. Making you partner uncomfortable or afraid

Due to lack of not satisfying you the way you want. Your partner will always be afraid or uncomfortable with you especially when it comes to sex time. Because they know that they cant satisfy you they always try to avoid talking about it or doing it.

       5. Drug addict

Due to the things you have seen, read or had about sex, you may end up becoming a drug addict in other for you to meet up with the things you saw them doing and that way you have started the journey of damaging your life.

       6. Sex addict 

Well this side is a major problem that porn causes in ones life due to the habit which it have form in you life.  You always have the memories fill in your heart or brain. Which can end up seducing at times, which is not good.


Solutions that can help you are

  1. Be Yourself

You need to always try to be yourself, and make a strong decision to stop it and stand by it and not just saying it and tomorrow you end up doing it.

       2. Don’t be idle

Always try to have something keeping you busy or entertaining you at a particular time because it is said “ an idle mind is a devil workshop” now take it like this “ an idle man is a erotica fan” it will always be in your mind and always try not to be idle to avoid been erotica fan.

        3. Avoid internet when you are alone

Try to always avoid the internet when you are alone because erotica will always come to your mind to enter the web, and you may not resist it when the temptation comes so try all your best never to access internet alone.

         4. Avoid things that makes you remember erotica

Always make sure to avoid all sort of things that can make you remember porn , in that case you need to burn or remove porn magazines that is around you, delete porn pictures and videos from your phone and laptop and even the video plate you bought. So that you will always have chances of avoiding pornography at all cost.

          5. Try to always win its temptations

porn may be really very tempting and hard to avoid but you need to always try at your best to resist the temptation in other for you to archive your aim of avoiding it. pornography           6. Explain to your partner

At this time the only person you have now that can easily understand you and always try to help you is your partner. so try talking to your partner because your partner will be the one to help you and fight it for you to be able to secure your relationship or marriage.

          7. Never give excuse

At time when the temptation of porn comes try to always control yourself from giving any excuse that will make you fall for pornography. Because you will find out that if you fall for it, you will always regret it at the end so in other for you not to regret it you need to advice yourself and avoid any excuse.

          8. Try to always take it as serious problem to solve

Always have in mind that is a big problem that you have wish you really need to solve, so that you won’t have any problem in your life and your relationship, having this in mind will help you in a great way of removing yourself from pornography .

          9. Uproot this habit from it root

Since this is a big problem to you try to always cut it off totally than having the stupid idea that you can stop it gradually. Because such act is not what can be stop in a gradual process instead is what you need to cut it all at once and say in a loud voice enough is enough porn!.


Having know what pornography is all about, and the problems involves in it, why can’t you now make a strong decision today to stop it. And apply the above listed solution and end all it problem and leave your happy life and enjoy that beautiful and handsome partner that you have or you will soon have!


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Signs he is jealous and possessive

signs he is jealous and possessive

Hardly is it to separate a good boyfriend from the one who always tries to control You. Well, a tip of such behaviour is usual in any relationship, if you in any way feel insecure. Here are the signs of being sure you not in a relationship with an envious and overprotective guy. This shows he feels insecure always or a controlling type if he displays a handful of these signs seriously if you notice a lot of these signs from your partner, it’ time to talk to him about it before it gets out of hand and turns uncontrollable. Envious and overprotective men are like York or noose around your neck. Any time you give in, their grip only gets tighter, and their expectations seem to grow bigger and bigger. For sure, your man will deny it or accuse you of using these signs to make him look bad. But if both of you need to have a fulfilling and satisfying relationship, both your expectations and wants from love need to be addressed and met. If your guy can change for you or cant stop trying to control you, perhaps you should walk away from him, or he will surely expect more from you always. “signs he is jealous and possessive.”    

Signs he is jealous and possessive. 

1. “pace” “is another language

The thought of giving each other space shocks him. He wants to be part of all the activities you’re involved with, yet he may nag and whine about something you enjoy until you give it all and do things that he enjoys to make him happy and comfortable.

        2. He tags along

He’s exceptionally insecure; however, everything you try to impress or make him feel loved. He hates it when you go out to meet your friends by yourself, and always insists on tagging himself along, especially if there are a few guys in your group of friends.

        3. Your decisions

He always wants to play a part or get involved in any decisions you take. And he can seem to accept it if you choose to do something he does not approve or permit of.

“signs he is jealous and possessive” 4. New experiences

He’s exceptionally protective about you and does not want you to do anything new without him. He behaves like your life is in danger, and sulks when you try something new for the first time without him.

       5.Responds to his calls

He does not care who you’re talking to, but he expects you to answer his call as soon as he calls you even if you’re busy on another call. And if you ignore him because you’re working, he accuses you of ignoring him or being a bad girlfriend. “signs he is jealous and possessive” 6. Faults your friends

He ridicules all your friends, especially your male friends and always picks their flaws. And each time they let you down, he takes it upon himself to emphasize just how unworthy your friends are, and how he is the only one you can trust.

        7. Inquisitive

He wants to know about everything that goes on in your life. And if you do not talk about something you consider to arrival to talk about, he gets angry or sulks until you tell him all the details, all the time.

         8. His possessiveness is love

Every time you point out just how possessive he is, he defends himself by claiming that he is possessive only because he loves and cares about you so much.

         9. You shouldn’t have fun alone

He hates it when you have any fun without him, if you go to the movies with your friends and meet him at the end of the day, you may find sulking or quiet. And eventually, he may tell you the real reason and find a way to make you feel guilty about it at the same time. “signs he is jealous and possessive” 10. He sees red

He gets crazy over simple issues, especially if it involves another guy. And also He doesn’t just want you to create any memories nor does anything fun with any other guy but him.

“signs he is jealous and possessive” 11. Controller-ship

He dislikes it if you meet a friend or go out anywhere without telling him about it first, even if it isn’t around. It starts little by little until you find yourself asking him for permission for every single thing you do.

         12. Passwords

He wants to know all your passwords and all your secrets, even if you do not want to share them with him just yet. He disturbs you and threatens you until he gets what he wants.

          13. Still hunt

He always tries to find out where you are often when you’re out with a friend by calling out of the blue and telling you he wants to see you or meet you, or that he wants to pick you up.

           14. Extolment

He’ uncomfortable when you speak highly of someone else. Every time you say something beautiful about someone. A friend or family member, he immediately tries to point flaws. He’ extraordinarily competitive and wants you to believe that he’s the only one you should ever look up at or seek help from.

          15. His world centres on you

He behaves as his life revolves around you. And he forces you to do the same thing for him. Even if you don’t feel that way just yet, he wants to be the centre of your world and forces you to give him special attention over anyone else in your life.


Don’tforget, not all of these signs you see in a guy is harmful or dangerous in a relationship. But there is a little threshold between tolerable behaviour and extreme possessiveness. And that threshold is different for everyone.

Some ladies may love their independence. While a few other girls may love depending on a guy for all their needs. Everyone has their expectations. But this signs is something that needs to be addressed in a relationship. It also said that jealous is part of love. Do you as my reader believe that envious is part of love comment below please and also share our content.

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