PDF documents are part of every working person’s life. It is one of the most widely used file formats around the world. Most offices use it as the format for permanent filing of their contracts, reports, or presentations. However, managing these types of documents requires another tool or software. A standard PDF reader will not allow you to modify these documents. Additional software such as Adobe Acrobat Pro is required to manage these files.


Luckily for you, there are online PDF tools such as PDFBear which allows you to convert, edit, or merge PDF files free of charge. You do not need to install or download software to make changes to your PDF document. All you need to do is to visit their website and follow 4 simple steps: upload, process, modify, and download. If you are wondering what features and functions you can do with PDFBear, here’s a list to guide you.


Convert your documents to and from PDF

Using PDFBear, you can convert all your word documents, slideshow presentations, and spreadsheets to PDF. Additionally, you can also convert HTML pages and image files. It’s the best way to keep the integrity of your files. PDFBear uses a reliable system that makes sure that you will have high-quality PDF copies of your documents when you need them. The entire process only takes a few minutes and the files can be downloaded on your computer right away.


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Merge, Split, and Delete PDF pages

If you wish to consolidate your PDF files, you can use the Merge function of this online PDF tool. You can select which files you want to combine and upload them on the website. In as fast as 2 minutes, you will have a compiled version of your PDF files. It is one of the best options to effectively file your paper works so you can easily look for them in the future.


Moreover, PDFBear also allows you to make a copy of selected pages in a PDF file. For instance, if you happen to have a long PDF file and you need to save each page as individual documents, you can use the Split function to do that. You can also delete some pages of your PDF file without a hassle. All you need to do is to upload the PDF file on their website and you will have the option to modify your file.


Compress and repair PDF files

Sending an attachment via email requires a maximum file size. In times when you need to send a PDF file but it is more than the allowed size, you can use the Compress function of PDFBear. It will create a duplicate copy of your PDF document with a lesser file size so you can easily share it with other people. Moreover, PDFBear makes sure that the quality of your document will not be affected even if you compress it. You will still have a high-quality PDF file after.


If you happen to receive a corrupted file or suddenly you just can’t open a PDF document, you can use this online PDF tool to repair it. Using the website, you can revive an old, corrupted PDF with just a few clicks.


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Personalize and edit your PDF documents

Since PDF files are permanent, you cannot easily edit them like a Microsoft Word file. With the help of PDFBear, you can make various changes and modifications to your PDF file. Here are some of those.


  • Edit the content – Whether you suddenly find a typographical error or you just want to update the content of your document, you can easily rectify that using PDFBear. It functions like a regular document editing software where you can edit it from the website.


  • Add a watermark – If you want to mark your document as Confidential, you can easily do so with PDFBear. You can also use a variety of watermarks from the settings. Also, you can even choose your company logo or other images as a watermark. 


  • Add pages – For long documents such as research and contracts, it’s easier to track its content if the pages are numbered. PDFBear gives you the option to add page numbers to an existing document. There’s also an option to personalize the font, size, and positioning of the page numbers to make sure that it will complement the overall appearance of your file.


  • Sign a PDF – You no longer need to print a PDF file just to affix your signature. With the help of PDFBear, you can save paper and ink by uploading your signature online and embed it on your PDF file. You can also personalize the settings and close a deal.


  • Rotate a page – Make sure that your PDF looks professional before sending it. However, if you suddenly find a page with an upside-down orientation, PDFBear can help you with that. You can rotate a page or the entire document on their website. There’s no need to reprocess the conversion of your file. PDFBear can fix it for you.


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Lock and unlock your PDF

One of the best features of PDF is its security. If you are using PDF for most of your confidential files, it’s necessary to equip it with additional protection. Using PDFBear, you can add a password to your document which is required to input before opening it. Additionally, you can also unlock a PDF file for as long as you have a copy of the password.


PDFBear: A reliable online PDF tool

Choose a reliable tool to manage and modify your PDF files. PDFBear offers a variety of features and tools that will help you maintain the quality and integrity of your files. It’s understandable that some users are afraid of using online platforms to convert their documents. PDFBear, nonetheless, guarantees safety and security for all your files since these will be covered by the platform’s privacy policy.  Visit their website to know more and enjoy their services!