Nice things to say to your best friend

Nice things to say to your best friend
Nice things to say to your best friend

Nice things to say to your best friend is where you will get the sweetest and lovely things that you can tell or text to that your person that makes you happy. It one of the best ways to show your friend how special he or she is to you.

Looking for words that you can say to that your best friend to prove to him or her how important and special he or she is to you. I got you covered on the cute things that you can say to him or her to make the person fill special. So without saying much on this here are the things to say to your best friend. After reading try to also read on freaky things to say to your boyfriend to learn about sweet things you can discuss with your man.


Nice things to say to your best friend


  1. The reason why I called you my best friend is that after knowing all about me, both the bad and good things about me, you still stand by me.
  2. No matter what happens I am always relaxed because I know even when everyone rejects me that you will always be there for me.
  3. Having you in life as my friend is one of the things that keep me strong and going in this world, I always know you will look out for me.
  4. The word “LOVE” can’t be enough for me to express the love and feelings I have for you as my best friend.
  5. I called you my best friend because I know you always watch my back at all time.
  6. Even when the whole world and even my own family reject me. You are always there for me to stand up and defend me that is always part of the reason why I love you my best friend.
  7. Am not disturb even when I have nothing with me because I know I have you with me, you mean everything in my life.
  8. I pray our friendship last long till there will be no more forever because you are the best friend I always count on.
  9. Even if it means moving heaven and earth, I will do so just to get to you and help you because I know you will do the same for me.
  10. This life and things in this world may past but I pray our friendship will always be there no matter what happens.
  11. Sometimes If I think about the way you treat me and show concern about me all I can say is thanks to God for allowing me to have someone like you as a friend in this world.
  12. I never understand the meaning of a friend dying for someone until the day I met you. Thanks for being there for me in all situations.
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