My love good morning

My love good morning
My love good morning

Are you looking for a romantic good morning text messages to send to your partner? Do you want to know the cutest messages you can send to your love every morning? Do you wish to say my love good morning with a text? Well stop been disturbed for Be Wise Professor got you covered on this your question “where can I get good morning messages for my love”. Now here are the good morning messages to send to that your special one.

My love good morning or good morning messages for my love


1. As I wake up every morning remembering you are still with me and beside me, I become more happy and thank God and nature for giving you to me. Good morning.

2. Having someone like you with me is like the best thing and gift I receive every morning as I wake up. Good morning

3. I always smile and feel happy every morning as I wake up because I have an angel sent by God to me which is you. Forever till death do is part I will forever cherish you. Have a nice day.

4. The best dreams I love are the ones I dreamt about you and your beautiful face, I want you to know that the love I have for you will never die. Have a great day.

5. As I wake up this morning I found out that I wake up with smile when I try to think of what makes me smile, the first thing my heart told me is to text you and say “Thanks for loving me”. Have a wonderful day. “My love good morning”

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6. I count myself to be lucky each time I wake up and remember you still love me. Have a great day.

7. The best thing that I have ever done without regret is falling in love with an angel like you. Have a nice day.

8. Each time I wake up I feel and remember your smile and your beautiful face and it makes me feel great and happy because you are God’s gift to me. Good morning my love.

9. Loving you at every minute is the best thing I can do to myself. Because to stay a minute without you is like living a thousand years without you. Have a wonderful day.

10. I can’t imagine living a life without you because it looks like a hell to me each time I try to think about it. Good morning.

11. As the sky, sun and flowers rise every morning that same way my love and feeling for you rise each day. Good morning.

12. Have you taken a look at the sky because it is written your name all over it. Good morning my beautiful angel. “My love good morning”

13. Life was only good to me until the day I met you, life became even more better than the way it is. Thank you for loving me and have a wonderful day.

14. The way I feel each day when I wake up is like I can’t see, feel or be happy till I remind you that I love you and will forever do.

15. I wake up smiling because God made me a king by giving me a queen like you to live with as my love. No matter what happens my love for you will never die. Have a nice day.

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16. The best day I can never forget even in my dreams and now that I wake up, is the first day I met you, the feelings and how my heart tells me that you are my love. And am happy to have an angel like you that feels the same. Have a good day.

17. As I wake up each day what my heart wishes for is to always stand by your side always and be the only one you first call when you need someone beside you. Have a great day.


18. As I wake up, all I wish and ask for, is to live and last long with you. Have a good day.

19. If am asked to make a wish every morning as I wake up, I will wish to see your beautiful face now as I wake up. Good morning.

20. As I wake up each day I realized that you have totally become part of me, guess what I dreamt about you all night and wake up now thinking about you. Have a wonderful day my love.

21. As I wake up this morning thinking about you I realized that I can’t live in this world without you standing beside me. Have a great day my angel.

22. I can’t get tired of loving you because even in my dreams I see you, in everything I do I see you, as I wake up this morning you are the first thought in my mind and I will forever love and cherish you. Have a marvelous day my sweetheart.

23. My prayer for you this morning as I wake up is for God to guide and protect you for me. Because am empty without you in my life.

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24. The feelings of having you by my side is the best feeling one can ever wished for and pray for because you are the most loving soul in the world.

“My love good morning”

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