My Husband Cheat’s On Me Always What Should I Do

My Husband Cheat’s On Me Always What Should I Do
My Husband Cheat’s On Me Always What Should I Do

I was asked this “my husband always cheats on me what should” she further continue with it this way. “I noticed that my husband is seriously cheating on me with his sectary at the office and some ladies who he meets outside, what should I do on this? How will I make him stop looking at another woman and concentrate on me? “My Husband Cheat’s On Me Always What Should I Do”

Well sorry that he cheats on you, but before I proceed I will like to let you as a wife know something today. If you know that you are the type that stops taking care of your body because you think you are now married, please stop it because it is terrible. So my first advice on this is nothing else than you should first make sure that you always take care of your body, look more sexy and attractive to him.

Wear more seductive and attractive clothes that the way you use to do when you were dating, remember men are attracted by what they see, so the first fight I now advise you to do is to work on your body and seduce your husband first before anything else. Give yourself a special treat, try to make yourself happier and smile always.

Now try to talk with him about this and don’t make him or yourself angry on this instead you may put it this way, let say he came back home, and you serve him the way you use to do then he eats your meal after that start behaving somehow to get him to notice that something is wrong with you or that you are not happy. “My Husband Cheat’s On Me Always What Should I Do”

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Then he will try to ask you the problem which you may say something like this” You know I love you so much, so am jealous because my mind is disturbing me that you are cheating on me and I don’t want to lose you or anything to happen to our marriage.” He will try to defend himself or pet you and even try to prove he is not cheating, no matter what it is never you get angry, try and make sure that the discussion ends in peace.

After doing so you start wearing more seductive and attractive clothes, but this time give more attention to the things in the house, your children and even hang out with your female friends. You will see that he will gradually stop his doings and give you that attention and care. One thing about cheaters is this, and they think everybody is behaving like them, so he must come back to know if you are cheating too and when this happens you then trap him in with your woman power.

You may confront those ladies you know that he is cheating on you with if you know you are strong and can face them. But is not advisable because you may get hurt in the process.

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So now over to you what will be your advice on this issue let me hear from you through the comment section.

“My Husband Cheat’s On Me Always What Should I Do”

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