My Husband Can’t Come Anymore

My Husband Can't Come Anymore
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If you are worried that your husband can’t come anymore, and you are interested in knowing what the reason may be. “My Husband Can’t Come Anymore.”

Relax and read this article will give you everything you need to know and how to tackle it.

Below is the main reason why your husband cannot come anymore. Some women always ask why their husband want to share them, read why does my husband want to share me to know his reasons.

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My husband can’t come anymore.


  1. Age
  2. Health condition
  3. Cheating
  4. Some kind of medication
  5. Too much of masturbation
  6. Emotional disturbance
  7. Too much of alcohol intake
  8. Hard drugs usage
  9. Too much watching a pornographic video
  10. Stress


  • Age.


One of the reasons why your husband may not be able to come anymore might be because of age. In so many men, it is likely that when they are getting older, it will be hard for them to come again, this reason doesn’t just come immediately, instead, it starts gradually till it hit to the extent of not coming anymore. So if your husband is not coming anymore, you can take time to watch his age and know where the problem is coming from.


  • Health condition


The inability to come during sex can be due to some health challenges. Your husband may not be able to go again because there may be a health condition that he is passing through, which you may or may not know. So if this occurs in your husband, ask him some questions, or you can do the check yourself, to know if there’s any health condition that you are not aware of.

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  • Cheating


Not being able to come anymore during sex may be due to he is cheating on you. It might be that you don’t impress him anymore. Check there may be some other woman who has taken your position. If he has exhausted his fluid in the other woman, there’s no how he will come when with you. So take note.


  • Some kind of medication


It might be due to he is on this kind of medication that may prevent him not to come anymore. Try to examine him to know if he is on any drugs. Any treatment that may deny him access to come again when having sex with you.


  • Too much of masturbation


Too much masturbation can lead to an inability to come during sex. If your husband is engaging in too much masturbation, it might be the reason behind his inability to come when with you on the bed. He should try to avoid it.


  • Emotional disturbance


Sometimes, there will be something that he is passing through that will make him not to concentrate anytime he is having sex with you. Sometimes you may found out that he is even having sex with you because you are worried, so he just does it to clear your doubts. But seeing that he is not able to come anymore is something you should take note of, to know if he is emotionally disturbed. “My Husband Can’t Come Anymore.”


  • Too much of alcohol intake


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Too much if drinking alcohol can lead to this problem of not being able to come during sex. If your husband is the type that drinks too much alcohol, it shows that it may be the cause of him not coming anymore. This is the highest thing that can make a man not to come anymore if that is too much in you. 


  • Hard drugs usage


Taking hard drugs can trigger the problem of not coming during sex. Some medications are not suitable to take, some medicines that are too Powerful to humankind. If your husband is one of these men who takes hard drugs, it will be the reason why he is no longer coming during sex.


  • Too much watching a pornographic video.


Watching too much pornographic video can lead to the inability to release when you are having sex. Let everything be at equilibrium, do not overuse anything you see, tell him that. So if you have the feeling that he is not releasing sperm when you make love to him, take time to know if he is watching too much pornographic video.


  • Stress


Too much stress can make a man not to come during sex because he is exhausted and unrelaxed. He might even sleep off even before you both have finished having sex. He hardly stayed awake till the end of the sexual activity. So if this happens in your relationship, just take time to know if he is stressed up to know what to do at that time, to avoid misjudging him of cheating with you. But this shouldn’t be an excuse for him. Incase fits starts repeating itself constantly.

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How to control the problem of not coming anymore during sex.

How to control the problem of not coming anymore during sex


Advice him to stop taking too much alcohol in case if he is the type that took alcohol. Let him not make alcohol his daily meal.


Tell him to stop watching porn, especially when he is alone. Let him minimize the level of his erotic movies that he is watching.


Advice him to stop using hard drugs, for it is hurting his sexual life. Talk to him in a way he will understand.


Let him watch his health, to tackle all the health conditions that he may be having that is preventing him from coming when he is making love to you.


Put all these together. I believed that you would see good results in him.


Note. It may take time for him to correct it, especially when it has been going on for so long.

“My Husband Can’t Come Anymore”

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