My Boyfriend Dumped Me And Proposed To Another Girl

My Boyfriend Dumped Me And Proposed To Another Girl
My Boyfriend Dumped Me And Proposed To Another Girl

My Boyfriend Dumped Me And Proposed To Another Girl


A lady messaged me and said this “My boyfriend I have been dating for a long time now dumped me and proposed to another girl, and now they are getting married I don’t know what to do. But I want to go and meet the girl to tell her how bad I feel, what do you think about that.”  I decided to use this opportunity to tell my views and answer to this for others to learn.


If your guy dumped you for another girl and you are sure is not your fault. Why then are you still troubled, I understand is hard to forget the one you love or someone you have been dating for so long now, but common let that not make you forget that you are special. Let it not make you think less about yourself.


Any man that loves you will stand by you and will always be there for you. I don’t see the reason of telling the girl that you feel, bad because it won’t change anything. Since the guy left you and went for her that means she is the one the guy truly want and not you. So going to tell her won’t change the marriage between them, but instead you are causing more pain to yourself.


So I advice you should move on and forget the past and learn from what happen between you and him. Because you will meet the one who will love you for who you are and who will be ready to treat you like a queen as you deserve, so dear move on and stop thinking about someone who don’t appreciate you.

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Now over to you reading what will be the advice you will give her on this, so that she will also read your own thoughts and learn from it too.


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  1. My dear,I will advice u to try comport yourself because men are bound to disappoint once they haven’t settle down with you,even the married get divorced talk more of the unmarried,so dear,once u know that the fault is not from u,I don’t see the need of u going to confront the girl or voice out how angry u are,it will only make her to be proud the more,so dear, forgive and forget even though it’s not easy, just move on with your life.

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