Must-Have Items in First Aid Kit for Diabetics

First Aid Kit for Diabetics

Diabetes is one of the common health problems. In order to keep a check on the health conditions, you should be handy with all the essentials. The products would help you to treat yourself on the days when the doctor is not around. Read more to know must-have items in first aid for people with diabetes.

Essentials for People with Diabetes:

  1. Correct Dose of Medicine

First things first, people with diabetes must have all the medicine that have been recommended by their doctor. People with type 2 diabetes should have pills that would help the body use insulin better. On the other hand, people who have type 1 diabetes should have enough of insulin and syringe. Make sure you have enough of it, in case you require, you can use it anytime.

  1. A Cold Pack

Another must thing that all people with diabetes should have is a cold pack. A cold pack and an insulated bag are one of the essentials for people with diabetes. The best part is you can carry it with you without hampering your medicines. Make sure the bag has enough of the insulin, pramlintide, and exenatide. Also, keep it in the cold place so that box does not get hampered. Make sure you take good care of the box.

  1. Medical Supplies

Another thing that must be there in the first aid kit for people with diabetes is enough of the medical supplies that include glucose meter, extra batteries, test strips, lancets, empty plastic bottles, sharp containers, and ketones test strips. These are must have all the diabetes patients out there. Ensure you have these supplies in abundance. Online medical stores like Medlife and make use of Medlife coupons to get a significant discount on your purchase.

  1. A Pump
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In case your doctor has advised you to use a Pump, you must have a pump in your first aid kid. A pump is essential for people with Diabetes type 1. Along with the pump, you should also have other reservoirs along with the infusion sets. On top of these, make sure you have enough batteries. If required, keep extra batteries so that you do not miss out on the batteries. Moreover, it would help if you had vials of insulin and syringes; it would be an excellent substitute for the pumps.

  1. A Sweet Candy

One of the most common problems with people with diabetes is the fluctuation of sugar levels. Suddenly, the sugar can go up, and suddenly it can reduce drastically. For such times you must have a sweet candy. It would immediately up your sugar level and give you some relief. You can also stock on juices, small boxes of raisins, and glucose gels or tablets. You can also stock up on the nutritious bites that have the right amount of sweet. Do make sure that you do not have it in abundance otherwise;, your sugar level will boost immediately.

  1. Food and Water

While you cannot stock up food and water in the first aid kit, diabetes patients should have a water bottle 24/7 so that they do not feel thirsty at the given time. Also, make sure that you have your food on time. One should not avoid any of the meals as it could affect the sugar level. Also, you should be abreast with the types of foods that you should eat in order to maintain the ideal glucose level.

  1. Bandages and Extra
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While every people with diabetes should have additional products to take care of his condition, few products should be available in all kinds of first aid kits. The products include antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone cream, cloth tape, and thermometer, and glucagon pen. Ensure you have all these products in your first aid kit. These things will help you during the emergency. Also, do keep a note of all the things that you are using.

  1. Injection Needles

Besides glucose meter, you should also have extra injection needles. The needles would help you to know your blood sugar level. However, make sure that you use authentic needles as they can stain the skin. Or can also harm the skin. Moreover, do not use the needles regularly. Once or twice in the week will do for you.

  1. Your Prescription

Your first aid kit should have your latest prescription. This would help you to keep track of all the medicines that you have to take. Also, you would not miss the dose of the particular medicine.


Diabetes is one of the common health problems. There are two types of diabetes, one is type 1, and another is type 2. In both cases, there are few products that diabetics patients should have.

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