Mr. Ahmed Ali Riaz MalikBahria Town – Biography, Lifestyle and Personal Life

Ahmed is the CEO of Bahria Town, the leading real estate company in Pakistan. He is one of the visionary leaders proven with his unimaginable skills. He has come out as a leading and dynamic personality when it comes to developing Island City in Pakistan. It is known to spread over 46000 acres of landscapes. He has proved his vision with his keen interest in the construction business as well as vast experience and knowledge in these industries. He has been blessed with unsurpassed knowledge and skills from Malik RiazHussain, his father. They have developed a lot of large real estate projects for the people of all classes. They have developed the city by signing a contract with Thomas Kramer, a leading US-based real estate tycoon.

Ahmed Wiki:

Full name – Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik

Born – 1978 (42 years)

Father – Malik RiazHussain

Occupation – Businessman

Company – Bahria Town

Nationality – Pakistani

Spouse – Mubashra Ali Malik (m. 2003)


Ali Riaz Malik leads an active lifestyle as he is very health conscious. He never compromises on his workout routine. He is strict in his exercise as he works out 2 times every day. He is fully devoted to his fitness goals and he never wants to fail. A proper diet is the next big thing he focuses on. He believes that you should work hard and exercise daily to achieve a stress-free and peaceful life. He puts in constant efforts to go with this routine.

Exercise and proper diet are the biggest secrets to keep his body active and fit. These are the best ways to prevent a lot of illnesses naturally and to improve immunity. Along with mental and physical health, he also prefers happiness in life. He believes that happiness is something that keeps anyone going. No matter what the situation is, you need to be happy. Our mental and physical health automatically keeps pace when we are happy. In the end, it promotes good life.

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Ahmed practices and promotes a healthy lifestyle and exercise. He is known to have highly balanced food to meet his diet needs. He includes fruits, green vegetables, and eggs in his diet.

Personal Life:

He was born in Rawalpindi and brought up there. He has always been interested in the construction business since his early years. This is the reason he decided to join his father’s business. In 2003, he married Mubashra Ali Malik. He is the son of a well-known and reputed businessman and founder of Bahria Town, Malik RiazHussain.

Professional Life:

Ahmed Ali Riaz started his career from the very beginning. He was a sales and marketing manager in Bahria Town. Later on, he got promoted as a project manager and handled a lot of projects with his father. Finally, he became the CEO of Bahria Town out of his hard work and dedication. He has always had the vision to launch Bahria Town projects with all modern facilities like riding clubs, pools, parks, football fields, tennis courts, and other wellness activities. He wants to promote a good life for all the residents in his projects. Wellness clubs and gold spa are also on the plans of the company. The projects are located around tourist spots and highways.

The residences have Safari exercise centers, fitness centers, and other facilities in gated communities in Rawalpindi and other major cities. The communities have world-class fitness centers with well-trained mentors. They have world-class equipment to achieve fitness goals. The riding clubs have well-trained staff to help achieve fitness goals. This region is covered by multiple zones with parks for gatherings and leisurely strolls.

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