Your Money will not open her legs

Money will not open her legs

Sometimes it get me angry when a guy thinks that money will make her sleep with any girl she want and do anyhow with the girl but one thing men do forget is this that all girls are not the same, there is still decent and respectful girls out there who can never be compared with those one that you think that can open their leg for you just because of money because not all girl will open her legs. Yes I agree that some girls can do so just because money but that doesn’t mean that is all girls and come to think of it there are guys also who can do many things just for money too.

If men can change their religion, kill someone for ritual or even agree to marry a girl who they think their father is rich just because they need money why then did you talk about girls been useless for money believe me, you as a guy that said girls are useless or that all girls can open their legs for money, if you are to be a girl you may even be part of those girls who do so, because if you can do anything possible as a man to make money that means if you are to be a girl you will do everything possible to make money too including opening your legs too.

not open her legs

So why then are you saying that they are stupid or useless because they want to make that money, you too want to make but in their own way or the way they think that is the best for them. I don’t say using their body to make money is good but just that I hate it to hear they are useless or that all girls can sleep with any man just because of your money when we all know that not all girls will do so.

There are even girls out there who struggle more than a man do and will you say or think your money will open such girls legs, because of no matter how much money or wealth you have, it will not open her legs or do you think that those ones who have respect for their self and their body will just give it to just because of your money, please men stop thinking or taking  all girls like prostitute and come to think of it, a girl can easily help you without requesting of anything or having intention of sleeping with you but how many men can freely think of giving something or money out without thinking or having intention of sleeping with the girl they help.

All these things and act you do make you think that all girls can open their leg, you are deceiving yourself because your money not open her legs and moreover all girls are not the same. Never you try to think of it because if you are rich or have money it is your business and not the business of those respectful women out there who struggle for themselves and have respect for their body because is only those girls who are cheap that money can move to open their legs . Although some girls who truly love you may not control themselves and sleep with you but that don’t make her cheap or love your money so mind what you think or say about girls because you are also born by a woman.

money her girls open

There is a saying or quote about men which goes like this” Men are born between a woman’s legs but they also spend the rest of their life trying to enter between those legs” so you see men are the one struggling to enter between that same place but when you are given a chance or you are been pity and allow to enter there you will then start to talk rubbish that she is  useless or that she open her legs for money but you as a man why are you struggling, killing and spending that your hard earn money just to enter  between that two legs of a woman.

Now you see this article I want to ask this question who is more stupid a lady who pity you and open his legs or you who spend your hard earn money just to enter between the two legs of a woman. And remember that any respectful woman out will not open her legs for you just because of your money or wealth

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  1. Yeah you say correct. men are dumb, try to get money for women legs
    But you should know that the women are merchandise, so the men try as a donkey to gave this goods.

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