Seven Tips To Balance Nursing School And Work

Seven Tips To Balance Nursing School And Work

Nursing is physically taxing and mentally draining, but it is also one of the most rewarding jobs. Nowadays, students want to opt for a career that offers them financial stability while allowing them to influence the community positively. Thus, a vast majority choose nursing over other professions as it offers growth opportunities and handsome salaries.

To further climb the ladder of success professionally, several nurses register in higher nursing courses while serving as an RN. Maintaining a balance between nursing school and their work can be stressful and challenging. Several nurses feel overwhelmed and often think of quitting. 

The truth is nursing school can feel like a battlefield, and a job may add to their already stressed life. Nurses may feel that they are failing in one area or another. However, with proper planning, nurses can strike a work-life balance. 

Let’s dive into some tips that can surely help you strike a balance. 

  • Choose a Suitable Program

Nursing schools offer courses in different modes. Circumstances are different for everyone, and you can be the better judge of which nursing course suits you. E-courses provide flexibility and are easily adaptable. Numerous institutes do not require you to be physically present in classes or even during live sessions. They send online videos instead so that you can set your timetable and study as per your ease. 

Nursing demands attention and time; thus, you must do your research before registering for a degree. Many nursing schools offer online BSN to DNP program; you can pick one for yourself as per your designation. Choose a suitable nursing course that can equip you with advanced skills and enhance earning opportunities. 

  • Stay Organized
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Staying organized is a common habit found in successful people. They are proactive and plan every day according to their circumstances. Staying organized will help you stay focused on the task at hand.

Strive to keep things in their designated places. It will help you save time, and the environment will positively impact your mental health. Create weekly plans and divide them into daily chores. Disorganization affects energy and routine; in contrast, staying organized helps in performing tasks effectively. 

  • Manage Time Wisely

Balancing a job and school is all about time management. Be smart and learn to prioritize. Give more attention to the task that is most important to you. Time management is not a natural ability, and people can master it with practice. 

Nursing school and a job mean a full-packed schedule, so be vigilant and give all tasks their due attention. Establish a routine and designate three to four hours for nursing school. Understand that life is full of unexpected instances, and you must be ready to alter schedules. Excelling in a job and school requires you to be smart and manage time wisely. 

  • Establish Achievable Goals

Establishing goals sets the direction and serves as a motivational factor. The key is to set realistic expectations. Many people set unrealistic goals and feel demotivated when they cannot achieve them. Thus, they lose heart and consider quitting. Set one long-term goal and numerous short-term goals, but make sure they align with one another. 

Do not compare your ambitions and your scores with others. Instead, consider your circumstances and establish definite and measurable goals.  Setting achievable goals saves you from discouragement and keeps the morale high. 

  • Have a Network that Supports You
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Discuss your ambitions with your family and friends, telling them about the importance of your career. They can assist you in doing groceries, looking after pet animals, or in tasks such as sending out a parcel. When your network realizes that the approach is crucial for your success, they will try to assist you whenever you need their help. Often, people think that they should not ask for help and try to manage everything by themselves. Asking for assistance from friends or family can ease your burden. 

The people around you influence you and shape your personality. Your friends and family can boost your confidence and help keep your spirits high. They will encourage you to keep going when you feel down and step in to help whenever you need it.

  • Set a Study Corner

Nursing school with work means staying occupied all the time. You will have your tasks lined up even before you open your eyes. Numerous things will distract you and keep you from studying. Create an environment that will keep you on track. The absence of a school environment often makes it challenging to stay focused. Set up a study corner and keep distractions away. You do not necessarily have to purchase an expensive table or have an extravagant setup. Keep it simple and dedicate a corner specifically for your studies. 


  • Prioritize Health 

Your well-being is of utmost importance. Modern life is hectic, and with a job and school, you may neglect your sleep, diet, and exercise. As a result, you may fall sick. Remember, unhealthy nurses, are more likely to make errors in judgment.  

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Take proper food and sound sleep and establish a routine to invest in your health. Doing exercise daily may not be feasible for you; do workouts at least thrice a week. Take small breaks and look after your health. 



Nursing school can be demanding as it requires students to demonstrate perseverance and put in earnest efforts. Whether you enroll in e-courses or attend classes in person, nursing courses demand your full attention and dedication. Maintaining a job and a nursing school simultaneously is far from a piece of cake, but it is doable. With proper planning and preparation, you can strike a balance between work and nursing school. The tips mentioned earlier will help you excel in nursing school and perform tremendously at your job. 

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