Mini Ramshorn Snail | How To Get Rid Of Ramshorn Snails

Many aquarists know that non-fish species like snails, are a vital component of the ecosystem in any tank. Snails can keep an aquarium free of biofilm and algae accumulating on the tank’s surface. But there are many different species of snails. are made equal.

Mini ramshorn snails might appear attractive to some but in reality they’re an invading species that needs to be treated on time. They reproduce quickly enough to overwhelm smaller tanks; therefore, if you keep tiny ramshorn snails in your tank, you might encounter problems soon.

This article will be talking about miniature ramshorn snails, what they are and how to eliminate these snails.


What are mini ramshorn snails?

Mini ramshorn snails can be described as a variation of the snails with ramshorns. They’re referred to as ramshorn snails due to the ram-like pattern in their shells.

Mini ramshorn snails, particularly tiny snails with flat shells, usually against the glass in your aquarium. They can be quite cute due to their small size and slow movement.

Where do mini ramshorn snails originate from?

You can purchase mini snails from pet shops. Many aquarists purchase the snails for breeding as they reproduce quite quickly. Miniramshorn snails can be utilized as live food for larger fish species like pufferfish or other snails such as assassin snails.

But, most times, mini snails from ramshorn aren’t a purposeful addition to tanks. Many fishkeepers say online that the sole reason there are ramshorn snails in their tanks is that they accidentally got the plants.

This implies two things. Be sure to isolate your plants before placing them into the tank to prevent this. Two miniature ramshorn snails can be extremely tough and survive virtually anywhere, which will cause you to be more wary of these snails.

Are ramshorn snails an invasive species?

In contrast to other snails, Nerite and mystery snails Ramshorn snails arean extinct species that is invasive.

As stated above they can withstand all kinds of water conditions. They are extremely adept in adapting to different conditions, making managing difficult. They reproduce quite quickly If you aren’t sure you wish to have them in your tank, it’s best to act quickly.

Mini Ramshorn Snail |  How To Get Rid Of Ramshorn Snails

Are mini ramshorn snails good?

As with all snails, mini Ramshorn snails consume biofilm, algae, and leftover food. They can assist in the cleaning of the tank If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll not be disappointed by these small snails.

The problem is their reproduction rate and tendency to suddenly appear in tanks (typically along with newly-planted plants.)

Should I get rid of the snails with ramshorns?

Source: WorthPoint

Whether mini or otherwise, you should get rid of the ramshorn snails depends on the conditions and requirements of your tank.

If you have only some ramshorn snails within an large aquarium, it is possible to keep the snails in the tank. Make sure not to overfeed to prevent the possibility of a mass population. Certain aquarists believe that ramshorn snails aren’t a problem for problems as long they do not overfeed.

But you may be concerned if you’ve got an insignificant tank and Ramshorn snails have already taken up a significant space. It’s not unusual to hear about the ramshorn snails taking over tanks.

How can I get rid of the mini snails with ramshorns?

Source: Aquarium Care Basics

The easiest method to get rid of tiny ramshorn snails is to crush or crush them. They’re an excellent source of protein to your pets, especially when you have shrimps in your aquarium.

This kind of manual method may not be suitable for all. If you’d prefer a more chemical method, you could use any formula containing copper. However, it can kill other animals, like shrimp.

Another option is using carbonated water. This can alter the pH of the aquarium and cause snails to die. Be sure to shut off the air and filter for the most effective outcomes. If there is no fish in the tank it is the least harmful method. When you complete the water change and switch the pump and filter to the back, there will be no trace of carbonated water in the tank.

If you’d like to go with a more natural approach, however you may want to introduce an animal that eats snails. One of them is the crayfish. They’ll devour the mini ramshorn snails in your tank without bothering your other tank animals. The only downside is that they also love the plants they eat; therefore, having a tank that is planted could be a little difficult to master.

Assassin snails are a good alternative. Because of their size they’ll have no problem devouring all of your tiny ramshorn snails in a short time.

The problem of mini ramshorn snails

As you can observe, miniature snails can be adorable however, they’re not the best choice for all tanks.

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