The Essential Characteristics Of An Outstanding Nurse

The Essential Characteristics Of An Outstanding Nurse

Nursing is as challenging and intimidating as any other career in the healthcare system, if not more. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to satisfy the requirements of patients and maintain the quality of care for patients.   

Since nursing is a profession that demands extraordinary competence, resilience, and skill, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

Most people anxious to start a career in healthcare opt for nursing, only to quit after a few years simply because they can’t handle the job’s stress or lack the resilience needed to cope with everyday scenarios.

Being a full-time nurse isn’t easy, and it takes more to be an exceptional one. Nurses with years of experience can inspire others to do their best in ensuring the best quality of care for their patients. 

These nurses are valued by the healthcare industry and can climb the ladder of success by taking on more demanding and authoritative roles.  

Following are the essential traits of an outstanding nurse you should know about. 


With each passing day, every profession shows significant advancement and growth, including nursing. Great nurses are anxious to work on their professional development. 

Most nurses continue educating themselves to learn more about their profession and assume more responsibilities in their careers. 

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If you’re a nurse who wants to learn more about the field, add new skills to your expertise, and climb the ladder of success, enrolling in dnp programs online is a fantastic idea. 


  •  Have a compassionate attitude

Nurses are known for their behavior towards patients. It is one of those striking features that make this career renowned and so respectable around the world. 

Since nurses encounter thousands of patients suffering from severe diseases throughout their careers, a nurse with a soft and gentle personality will empathize with the patient better. 

After all, someone with a positive attitude is essential throughout the patient’s difficult moments.


  •  Are good communicators

In every profession, whether it’s health care leadership, academia, or clinical practice, interaction with people is unavoidable. And if one can exchange pieces of information, ideas, and thoughts with people easily, then nursing is an excellent career.

Being a good communicator entails patience and focus while someone speaks, and if this trait is observed in a nurse, it is highly valued. 

This quality aids in developing a deeper understanding of patients, their families and reduces the risk of medical negligence on the nurse’s part.

The Essential Characteristics Of An Outstanding Nurse

  • Are ready for urgencies

During emergencies, it’s normal for a person to feel helpless. But nurses face this situation daily and are prepared mentally and physically by keeping a medical kit on hand.

Every field requires individuals who can actively respond to urgent situations. In the same way, nurses are expected to be alert and present-minded when it comes to an emergency. 

A trained nurse should always be ready to tackle a medical situation by focusing and retaining their training.

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  • Are empathetic

Empathy comes from within, though it can also be practiced in the nursing profession. How? It starts with putting oneself in their patients’ shoes and examining their situation from their point of view, behaviors, and reactions. 

Eventually, the art of nursing is illustrated in the empathy that nurses deliver. It is a significant attribute of nursing but dealt with the right mindset. 

This practice helps nurses develop better understanding and trust with their patients.


  • Are adaptable

Nursing requires flexibility to adapt to shifts and situations in a healthcare facility, which are often unpredictable. 

A great nurse can work through back-breaking challenges and still welcome patients with a smile and comforting hand. 


  • Have a positive approach

At times, nurses’ stressful routine takes a toll and affects their quality of life. To combat this situation, a nurse must see things with an optimistic attitude. 

Subsequently, this helps maintain a successful relationship between a nurse’s professional commitment and the patient’s recovery. 


  • Are detail-oriented

The medical environment is hectic, and nurses with attention to detail and focus are highly sought-after to manage complex situations. 

During a rush, doctors and patients are dependent on a nurse’s ability to be detail-oriented to avoid severe mistakes. Whether administering care or providing medication, a nurse is expected to perform these duties in an organized manner.

Nurses showcasing efficiency in their work are admired by their patients and promoted to higher ranks within the medical facility. With better career opportunities, these nurses serve as inspiration for new nurses just stepping into the world of healthcare.  

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Nursing is one of the most demanding, inspiring, and respected professions in healthcare. A determined and trained nurse is respected and revered by patients, friends, family, and even healthcare facilities. They promote their patients to “be strong be healthy

This challenging career requires nurses to surpass their duty while showcasing resilience, positivity, and empathy towards everyone they encounter.

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