Menstruation Pain

Menstruation Pain
Menstruation Pain

Pain at the lower abdomen during menstruation is something that many women experience at some point of their life. “Menstruation Pain”

You can usually feel like throbbing pains in your lower tummy. It can start a couple of days before your period comes, and sometimes continue throughout your period. It can also start at the first day of your period or a few hours before your period comes out. Cramps are usually worse during the first few days of your period, when your flow is the heaviest, and some women experience severe pain during that period.


What can cause cramps?

Menstrual cramps can be really uncomfortable and painful, but they do happen for a reason. During your period, your uterus contracts, that is to say, it squeezes or cramps up. This makes the lining come off the walls of your uterus and leave your body. When your uterus cramps up, it’s helping the period blood flow out of your vagina.


Some women will feel less pain as they grow and at a point they may stop feeling any pain during their period of menstrual flow. Menstrual cramps can be painful and irritating, but they’re super common and there are lots of ways to treat them.


How to control menstrual pain or cramps


  1. Choosing a suitable exercise.

It is through in that period, some women will not remember to exercise due to the pain they might be experiencing, it will not allow them to remember it all talk more of doing it. But exercise can help you get through those pains and you will feel better.

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  1. Have some massage.

Massaging yourself little by little especially below your abdomen can help you feel relax and a bit free from the pain. You can ask your partner to help you in that or any of your close friends, if you cannot do that yourself.


  1. You can take hot water.

Taking hot water or placing hot wet towel on your lower tummy can also release you from pain too. It generates heat and that will do a great job in you that moment and you will be free. But not too hot, just as hot as you can take.

“Menstruation Pain”

  1. Having an orgasm.

Releasing during sex or experiencing orgasm can help ease you from pain too.

An orgasm is a great remedy for menstrual cramps. Similar to exercise, having an orgasm releases plenty of endorphins and other hormones that relieve pain, helping a person feel good.


  1. Change your diet.

Eat more of vegetables and fruits instead of fatty foods. Let your meal be a palatable one, take more of fruits and water (warm water).


  1. Eat more of Ginger.

Ginger seems to be as effective as common painkillers. Two systematic reviews of ginger for menstrual pain found that the root was likely more effective than a placebo for reducing pain. The first three days of your period, try adding ginger to your diet for it will help in easing pain.

“Menstruation Pain”

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