Menstruation Guide

Menstruation Guide.
Menstruation Guide.

Firstly we are going to explain the meaning of menstruation. Menstruation is the process by which the endometrium leaves the body through the vagina as a reddish fluid containing blood. It is also called period.Getting your period is probably the biggest change you will experience during puberty. It’s a very normal, healthy and positive part of growing up. It’s a part of natural cycle that prepares your body ability to have children. It usually happens each month and last between three and seven days. “Menstruation Guide”



It’s irregular menstruation normal?

In the beginning your period may be irregular. You could have one period and then wait as long as six months for the next one. Or one period may last one day, while the next one in ten days. It happens to a lot of girls. But it takes a while before a girl’s body settles into a regular cycle.



The normal age for menstruation?

There is no specific age but it mostly starts between 10 to 16 years, if your period did not show as at that age then you should see a doctor. Your period should start about 2yrs after your breasts begin to develop. Within a year or so after you have developed pubic and underarm hair. And after you start to notice some vagina discharge on your under wear.

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“Menstruation Guide”


Experiencing of period cramps.

A lot of girls and women experience period cramps caused by the contraction of the uterus. If you get cramps, you may feel aches in your abdomen, your back or even down your legs.



Ways to get away from cramps.

Take a warm bath.

Place a hot water bottle on your abdomen.

Kick back, relax and read a magazine or watch television or novels.

Do some mild exercise that you enjoy, like walking, jogging or other exercise that you enjoy doing.

If cramps continue, you should make sure to check with your older siblings or doctor before taking any medication.

“Menstruation Guide”


What to use during your period?

Make use of Feminine protection, it is something that girls and women use to absorb their menstrual flow or to continue feeling fresh, comfortable and confident every time they are in their period.

It is sold at the market and shops, make sure to buy a better one. It can also be called Sanitary Pad.

Make sure to change your pad at least two times in a day, depending on the amount of flow you are having. Heavy flow should be frequently while light or normal flow should be at least 2 times a day.


How to get rid of pad?

Fold it up

Wrap it in nylon

Put it in a trash bin or you can as well burn them.

Don’t flush them down the toilet, because it can block the flow of water inside the toilet.

Wash your hands thoroughly.

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Note-. Never think of using tissue to absorb your menstrual flow, it is not good for your health.

“Menstruation Guide”


Will I smell during my period?

Menstrual fluid can start to smell when it comes into contact with the air. And you can help prevent it by changing your pad regularly. And also take your bath frequently especially when you are on it.



Why do I feel pain during my period?

Most women experience some pain during their period. You gets cramps when your uterus contracts slightly to help get rid of its lining. Not all women feel the same pain. Some women only feel pain occasionally and some women never feel any pain. That’s because all women are different, and so are their periods. But if you are having serious pain, do see your doctor for solution.


We believed that these guide will help you know what menstruation is all about and the likely questions you will be asking yourself. Drop your comments if you have any.


“Menstruation Guide”

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