Medicine For Erectile Dysfunction To Remain Long Lasting In Bed

Regardless of all problems related to health, Erectile Dysfunction is one of the most deadly issues that can destroy men’s life if a cure is not taken on time.

Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence is one of the major sexual problems that millions of men around the world but on the other side men need not worry about the same because there are oral pills that can be taken into consideration.

How Erectile Dysfunction Is Defined?

One of the sexual problems that have made men feel embarrassed about as they are unable to attain strong erecting power and is known as Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence) is an inability of men not to attain strong and hard erections at the time of sexual intercourse.

This condition is due to the fact of improper blood flow to the penis.

ED can be due to both medical and physiological conditions and hence taking the appropriate method for treatment is what men need to look for.

With so many medications available online Sildenafil Cenforce 200 there is a cure for erectile dysfunction.

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Causes That Can Be Seen For ED

There are some of the other causes behind every problem and so as with erectile dysfunction, men should take the utmost care of the causes to get the right treatment done as suggested by specialists.

  • Lifestyle

One of the major cause of ED is the unhealthy lifestyle, excess smoking and alcohol can lead to sexual problems and there can be reduced sexual drive.

Most of the men do not look towards their weight and do not perform regular exercise that can be another reason behind the sexual problems.

Men should quite smoke as it can also lead to less sexual drive.


  • Other Illness

Men who are facing heart stroke, high blood pressure problems so if any of the problems are hindering you should consult a specialist as it can restrict the normal blood flow to the penis and decrease sex drive.

  • Hormonal Disorder

It reduces the testosterone level that can lead to erectile dysfunction. As it is known that testosterone is the hormone that men need to sustain a sexual drive.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction For Strong Erections

When men come to know about their condition ( of not able to sustain strong erecting power) they tend to be under pressure and feel distressed about their condition. This in turn can lead to stress and anxiety.

So there is an option to fight against the condition and these are mentioned below-

Oral Pills

  • Oral pills are an effective cure for sexual problems.
  • products, and so on.
  • They can be taken 30 minutes before sexual contact.
  • They tend to last for hours that are sufficient enough to get indulge inactivity.

Mechanism Of PDE- 5 Inhibitors

The drugs mentioned for ED are PDE-5 inhibitors that help to increase the blood flow to the penis and thereby causing a strong and harder erecting power.

Dosage Of Pills

The pill mentioned and available online comes with different strengths for example 20mg, 50mg, 100mg, and so on.

One should select according to their condition and strength so that it can give you positive results.

Side -Effects Caused 

  • Headache
  • Stuffy nose
  • Facial flushing
  • Muscle aches
  • Indigestion

Besides the oral pill, you can also take help of medical procedures to fight against the issue

  • Penile injections
  • Vacuum erection devices
  • Penile prostheses
  • Malleable implants
  • Inflatable implants
  • Surgery

So these medical procedures can also be taken into consideration if you want the instant result, as they can give you benefits but there are certain cons for opting these-

They are a costly affair

They can cause you pain

Longer procedures

So as compared to pills that can give you hours erections power by just consuming one pill a day.

Also, certain tests can take into consideration to determine the actual cause-

  • Health History

The concerned specialist can ask a few questions regarding your sexual health and your relationship with your partner.

Also regarding your lifestyle that can be one of the major causes of your problem.

  • Physical Exam

It involves your total health check-up that focuses on your genitals.

  • Laboratory Tests

The lab person can collect your blood and urine sample to know the reason behind the weaker erections.

The treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence starts by taking care of your health so that in future you do not have to rely on any method. But on the other hand, men do not take the utmost care of their health and sometimes suffer from any one sexual problem.

Erectile Dysfunction Is Treatable

When you encounter that you have been going through a weak erection and are not able to give up during sexual course then it is a matter to consult specialists, as they can tell you the right method to cure the problem.

Although there are pills Fildena 150 that can be taken priority to make sure that men do not suffer for long.

These pills will allow you to hold on erection as they last for more than 36 hours.

So when you decide to go for a sexual course then it is necessary to take the pill. Also, remember do not exceed more than one pill as it can cause a side-effect.

Consultation Is A Must

Erectile Dysfunction is a major sexual problem that needs to be attended, so consulting to specialists is the major priority that men should do.

They can tell you the exact diagnosis procedure and the pills that can be taken to come out of the condition.

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