McDonald’s Smoothie Shake Menu & Prices 

You must have been very familiar with getting Shakes of different flavors from McDonald’s but do you know there are lovely smoothies available on the menu also? In all excitement, I want to expose to you McDonald’s Smoothie menu and prices. You will love the items and I trust the prices will be amazing as well.

I will also provide accurate answers to all your questions about McDonald’s Smoothie menu and prices. So let’s see them right away. 

Does McDonald’s Serve Smoothies?


Yes, McDonald’s has smoothies on its menu. Although smoothies at McDonald’s are not so common unlike other items on the menu including Shakes and breakfast items. However, the smoothies might just be the best option for you if you are a smoothie lover because they are made of real fruits. They come in different flavors that are irresistible. 

As we move on, you will get all the details about the McDonald’s smoothies menu and prices which will then inform your decision as you prepare to get one on your next visit. 

What Type Of Smoothie Does McDonald’s Have?


We established above that McDonald’s serves smoothies and that they are available to anyone who wants to get a taste of it. So let’s see what type or kind of smoothies is on the McDonald’s smoothies menu. 

The McDonald’s smoothies menu and prices feature real fruit smoothies that are available in 3 flavors. The smoothies are strawberry banana, wild berry (blueberry), and mango pineapple. They all feature a fruit blend of fruit puree, yogurt, ice, water, sugar, etc. And the prices of the smoothies are amazing considering the quality given to you. See the prices in the next paragraph. 

Mcdonalds Smoothie Price


Now, let’s see the McDonald’s Smoothies menu prices. The prices of smoothies at McDonald’s depend on the quantity that you are ordering. All the smoothies are available in small, medium, and large sizes. Although the prices could vary slightly with locations and time. 

In most McDonald’s locations, a small-size smoothie sells for $2.4. Amazing right? You can step it up a little bit more by going for the medium-sized smoothie which sells for $2.99, or the large size for 3.49. 

McDonalds Smoothie Menu And Prices
Strawberry Banana SmoothieSmall$2.49
Strawberry Banana SmoothieMedium$2.99
Strawberry Banana SmoothieLarge$3.49
Blueberry Pomegranate Small $2.49
Blueberry Pomegranate Medium$2.99
Blueberry Pomegranate Large$3.49
Mango Pineapple Small$2.49
Mango Pineapple Medium$2.99
Mango PineappleLarge$3.49

What Are McDonald’s Smoothies Made Of?


All the smoothies that make up the McDonald’s smoothies menu and prices shown above are majority made of low-fat yogurts, fruit purees, and juices. They also contain some other nutrients that make each of them unique when compared to the others. However, does that make them healthy? Find out in the next paragraph. 

Are The Smoothies At McDonald’s Healthy?


Although most of the food items on the McDonald’s menu are usually healthy, I would say that the McDonald’s smoothies are not the healthiest option for you. They are meant to keep you refreshed and wet your taste buds. 

So if you are drinking Smoothies as a healthy option, you shouldn’t consider McDonald’s smoothies because they are made from a mixture of beverages, fruit puree, juice, mangle, pineapple, and triple berry. The smoothies have about 250 to 290 calories and 64 grams of sugar amongst other nutrients. 

Nonetheless, it is encouraged to check out the nutrition information of all the items on the McDonald’s Smoothies menu and prices before consumption. The next paragraph will show you how to do that. 

How To Check McDonald’s Smoothie Nutrition Information


To check the nutrition information of any of the smoothies on the McDonald’s smoothies menu and prices, visit the website of McDonald’s stated below.

Alternatively, check it out on fatsecret where a breakdown of every item on the menu and their nutrition information is clearly stated. 

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When Can I Order Smoothies From McDonald’s?


All the smoothies listed In the McDonald’s smoothie menu and prices are available all day. In other words, as much as the restaurant is open, you can order a smoothie. So whether you want a smoothie in the morning hours, during lunch, or at night, you can always order a smoothie and you will get one. 

How To Order From McDonald’s Smoothie Menu?


There are several ways to order a Smoothie at McDonald’s. Before proceeding with any of the ways that I will be showing you below. Make sure you have gone through the McDonald’s menu prices above. 

You can order a smoothie online on the official website of McDonald’s or its mobile app. On the platforms, select the item you wish to order and its size. And click on order now at the top right corner of the page. Follow the prompts to enter other details that would be required. 

You can also order a smoothie from McDonald’s using any delivery service that partners with the restaurant. And lastly, by visiting the McDonald’s near you. 

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How To Contact McDonald’s


For further inquiries about the services of McDonald’s visit the contact us page of the McDonald’s website. 

You can also send a message to any of their social media handles. 


What Are The New Smoothies On The McDonald’s Smoothie Menu? 


A recent update on the McDonald’s Smoothie menu saw the introduction of the Peach Passionfruit Smoothie. It is extremely tasty and has been the customer’s favorite since it was introduced. 

Can You Get A Large Smoothie From McDonald’s?


Yes, you can get a large smoothie from McDonald’s. Most of the items on the McDonald’s smoothie menu come in small, medium, and large quantities as indicated on the menu above. So if you desire to get a large quantity of smoothie, it will be granted with pleasure. 

Are There Real Fruits In McDonald’s Smoothies?

To a large extent, I would say there are real fruits in McDonald’s smoothies, especially in the strawberry banana smoothie. Its recipe features a complete combination of real strawberry and banana fruit puree blended with a low creamy fat yogurt and ice. 


Now that you are aware of McDonald’s Smoothies menu and prices as shown in this article. And you have also seen the nutrition information of each of the smoothies. I hope you will not hesitate to order one on your next visit.