Marijuana E-Cigarette – Why Weed Vaping is Becoming Popular Today

Marijuana E-Cigarette - Why Weed Vaping is Becoming Popular Today

Weed vaping is the act of using a vape device, also known as marijuana e-cigarette, together with marijuana-based vape juice. A marijuana e cigarette might look like any other e-cigarette, but the difference is that it uses a special e-juice that is made from weed.

Weed vaping is becoming increasingly popular over the conventional smoking of marijuana rolls. Why? Well, there are many reasons for this as this article explains.

Variety of Options

Using marijuana e-cigarettes gives users a lot of options. This all depends on how you want to consume your marijuana. Here are some of the options that you have:

  •   Vape pens – Just like any other vape pen, these ones are filled with marijuana distillate or oil. Hence, they have a cartridge as well. The good thing is that users can buy marijuana distillate or oil with a known concentration of ingredients from a reliable seller.
  •   Dab pens – These also have the same concept as a marijuana e-cigarette, but they only have a battery and a heating element. They instead use wax concentrates, shatter, and budders.
  •   Portable dry vaporizers – Lastly, we have another form of marijuana e-cigarette that uses dry marijuana herbs or flowers. They have a battery and a heating element as well and yield smoke just like marijuana rolls.

Using an E-Cigarette is Trendy

The other reason why the use of marijuana e cigarette is becoming popular is how trendy this habit has become. You have probably seen youngsters, celebrities, and many other people flaunting their designer vaporizers, e-cigarettes, and vape mods in public. It is becoming a fashion and style to own a vape device that matches attire and other accessories.

According to research, peer pressure and celebrity influence are luring many people to switch from smoking to vaping. This is common for both tobacco and marijuana users.

Marijuana E-Cigarettes Have Improved Experience

A marijuana e cigarette delivers a far much better experience than smoking it. First, the rolled weed has no known concentration and you might not know how strong the effect will be. Marijuana distillate and oil have known concentrate of THC, one of the substances that make people feel high when they consume marijuana. When its concentration is known, users can easily determine the experience they will have.

Furthermore, users get a better experience when they use modern and sophisticated e-cigarettes devices like vaporizers and vape mods. They allow temperature regulations, can add more flavors, and even determine the throat hit by regulating the airflow.

Vape Juice with Added Agents

Cutting agents are commonly used together with marijuana distillate and oil in a marijuana e-cigarette. They are added to enhance the mouth feel and vape clouds for an enhanced experience. Just like a normal vape juice, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are also used as cutting agents. Other flavors might also be added to suit the needs of different users.


With all of the above insights, you now know why the use of marijuana e cigarette is becoming popular by the day. You too can join the bandwagon and start vaping your weed instead of smoking it.


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