Madison Cawthorn Video Leak Causes Loss Of Re-Election

Madison Cawthorn Video Leak Causes Loss Of Re-Election

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North Carolina congressman Madison Cawthorn could not win re-election following a video showing him naked and a male.

Cawthorn, an LGBT+-friendly Republican and a former first freshman of the youngest generation in Congress, was pushed out from NC’s 11th District on Tuesday (May 17) in the Republican primary.

He accepted his loss to Chuck Edwards, a three-term state senator, after his victory was only 1500 votes within his Republican stronghold was declared “unfair” by the Associated Press.

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“Congratulations to Chuck Edwards on winning this nomination,” Cawthorn tweeted.

“It’s an ideal time for the NC-11 Republican party to unite behind the Republican ticket in order to beat the Democrats candidate this November.”

A former rising star of the Republican Party and considered Donald Trump’s ally, Madison Cawthorn, 26, had spent most of his time in the news for the wrong motives.

In May, the footage was released of him slapping his face at a man while naked. The public branded him as a ” hypocrite” for engaging in a mock sexual encounter with a man and voicing his displeasure about LGBTQ+ rights.

Madison Cawthorn ponders the results of her vote in the North Carolina primary election. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

“Years ago in this clip, I was snarky with a pal, trying to come off as humorous. We were playing silly and laughing. That’s it. I’m not letting up,” He tweeted on May 5.

Another video released around the same time showed one of his cousins, who was also on his staff, grasping his crotch of his.

Trump, however, was not thrilled. People close to Trump informed Rolling Stone that the former GOP president declared the videos “disappointing” and was losing faith in him.

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In addition to the other scandals that were reported among the other scandals – and there were many Cawthorn who were twice charged with carrying a firearm at the airport, charged with having a sexually aggressive and verbally abusive attitude toward women, and accused of insider trading.

He also made up his life, repeatedly saying he was “training” to compete in an event called the Paralympic Games ( he was not).

He said the people he admires greatest at Washington in March and March are those who invited him to drug-fuelled orgies. The comment did not go over well with Representative Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader.

LGBTQ+ voters will be happy to see the end of Madison Cawthorn. He claimed that LGBTQ+ rights should have been a thing of the past by “two persons who would like to marry” and that there was no “line” that wasn’t crossed by the healthcare issue for trans teens.

He has also urged mothers to create ” monster” boys because of society “de-masculates” males.

When he refused to accept the idea of a selfie with him in intimates, Cawthorn resorted to tired transphobia.

“My gender did not change at all when I put on that dress,” he said in April. “And it doesn’t matter what any other person’s.”

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