Madison Cawthorn Naked Video (He Addresses Over It)

Madison Cawthorn Naked Video (He Addresses Over It)

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North Carolina congressman Madison Cawthorn has said he was “trying to be humorous” in a video that has been leaked that appears to show him naked in bed with another male.

The video was widely shared on social media. It shows a man that seems to be Cawthorn slapping an unidentified man’s face while naked.

Cawthorn 26-year-old Cawthorn was immediately met with roaring criticism. Some even labeled Cawthorn as a “hypocrite” for performing what appears to be a mock sexual encounter with a man while also speaking about LGBTQ+ rights.

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Shortly after the video was leaked on Twitter, Cawthorn said: “A new attack against me was released.”

He said: “Years ago, in this video, I was silly with a buddy, trying to appear humorous. We were acting silly and laughing. That’s it. I’m NOT backing down.

“I promised you that there was going to be drip drip campaigns. The Blackmail campaign won’t succeed. We can.”

Madison Cawthorn has found himself in the middle of several scandals.

The leaked video is one more in the series of scandals and embarrassing leaks for Cawthorn.

In the past few months, Politico has published images that look like they show Cawthorn sporting the Lingerie of what appears to be a party-like setting. In the following days, it was revealed that The Daily Mailleaked footage that shows Cawthorn seated in a vehicle as a member of his team, Stephen L Smith, grasps his bottom.

But leaks of photos and videos aren’t the most serious of Cawthorn’s concerns. He was arrested in April. He was taken into custody by an air force station in Charlotte, North Carolina after he attempted to board a plane with guns loaded in his carry-on bag.

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He will also be appearing in court in May after it was discovered that he was driving with a revoked license. He had two tickets for speeding.

Cawthorn discussed some of the reports that have been released concerning his recent news reports in a 7-minute long video posted on Twitter on 5 May (5 May).

“I’m sure many of you have seen bizarre things that the media has put on me in the past few months,” Cawthorn said in the video.

He claimed that most allegations were part of the “coordinated attack” against his campaign during his reelection on 17 May.

He also acknowledged that some supporters might have “reasonable ” questions about his conduct.

The media believes that playing a sport on a cruise vessel with my family and friends is a sign that I cannot be a member of Congress.

Cawthorn addressed Cawthorn’s Politico article with photos of him wearing Lingerie.

“This piece is pushing the absurd notion that I’m a drag queen apart from being a congressman,” the politician said in his defense, before saying that Politicodoesn’t possess the same standards of journalism as Fox News or Newsmax.

The photos of him in Lingerie were taken while he was in Congress. He added: “Ask yourself this, Have you ever taken an unprofessional photo while on vacation? A majority of people have. The media believes that playing a silly games on a cruise vessel with my family and friends is a sign that I am not eligible to serve in Congress. This is absurd. My mother was in that crowd. And if you think I’d do something insensitive to my mother I’m sure you don’t know what a southern mother is like.”

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Madison Cawthorn addresses the Conservative Political Action Conference. (Joe Raedle/Getty)

Cawthorn was also in touch with the video posted in the Daily Mail showing his staffer, which is his brother taking his crotch.

The congressman described it as “just silly locker room conversation between two cousins who have been raised like brothers” and added that it was “taken many years before my time as a member of Congress.”

Cawthorn has repeatedly spoken out about LGBTQ+ rights.

The news has upset some in the LGBTQ+ community because Cawthorn has frequently utilized the platform to protest against LGBTQ+ rights and liberties.

In his first election campaign, Cawthorn pledged to be “a solid advocate for family, faith, and freedom,” but that freedom has not been extended to LGBTQ persons.

He once stated “that the LGBTQ+ rights movement was about “two people who wanted to marry” and that the movement ought to have been over by now.

“But now , it’s saying we must be able to perform gender reassignment surgery on 12 year olds. They have never stopped at a point. They always go further.” Cawthorn said on the Charlie Kirk Showing 2020.

Cawthorn has been repeatedly accused of harassment and sexual misconduct. In 2020, a group of his former students at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, Virginia, told Buzzfeed News that he had employed his vehicle to “entrap and intimidate” women.

The allegations were made within a year when similar misconduct allegations nearly derailed his presidential campaign.


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