Lust,a Temporal Insanity. True/False?


Lust we all know can best be described as a sexual longing or craving for someone or something. Such kind of craving or lust may be with or without love or affection.

Now the insanity is detected prior to physical engagement and that is where smart lovers or partners use the insanity period to their best advantage. Aristo girls\gigo boys make a great use of this window of insanity period. Wife\driver, boss\maid, all fall prey during this insanity period.

Do you still disagree? Then please explain the outright sober feelings immediately after Climax? A feeling of guilt when the mind returns to normalcy. A mental calculation of profit and loss for the act. And most definitely an urgency to leave the co-insane partner (an urgency both understand) while avoiding any direct gaze. A manĀ  advised concerning this insanity period not too long ago about promises made in the height of lust…..a temporal insanity. Funny enough, no man can master this period. Only the right bait will do.

Do you agree that lust is a temporal insanity ?

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