lower back pain early pregnancy

Lower back pain early pregnancy

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Back pain in early pregnancy, is one of the symptoms of pregnancy, but before we could go on, we will first of all treat the meaning of back pain during early pregnancy and then move into other aspects and causes of it as well as how to end it. “Lower back pain early pregnancy”

Lower back pain early pregnancy is very common to get especially in that early stages. During pregnancy, the ligaments in your body will naturally become softer and stretch in order to prepare you for labor. It can put a strain on the joints of your lower back and pelvic which can cause back pain.

Back pain during pregnancy can come inform of aches, stiffness and soreness on the upper or lower back and hips that can sometimes extend into the legs and buttocks.

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When does back pain during pregnancy start and end?

Back pain at early pregnancy can start depending on the individual.
Some women experience it in the first trimester, but normally occur in most women, back pains starts up around week 18, early in the second trimester. It can persist or sometimes get worse as the second trimester proceeds and especially in the third trimester, up until you give birth (when it’s sometimes replaced by postpartum back pain).

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What can cause back pain during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, a hormone called relaxin is released, which allows the ligaments of the otherwise, stable joints in your pelvis to loosen up so that it can allow your baby to pass easily during delivery.
Again, the weight of your growing foetus, and your balance gets thrown off as your center of gravity shifts forward. Causing your lower back curves more than usual to accommodate the load, resulting in strained muscles. And that will bring about the pain, stiffness and soreness.

Tips that can help to ease back pain in early pregnancy.

1. When you want to lift or pick something from the floor, you have to bend your knees and keep your back straight. “Lower back pain early pregnancy”

2. Avoid lifting heavy objects for it will hook you on your waist thereby causing you pain at the lower back

3. Move your feet when you turn to avoid twisting your spine

4. Put on flat shoes for easy balancing and it will also reduce in contribution of extra weight on yourself.

5. Always ensure to balance the weight of any bag you are carrying, Incase if you are carrying two bags at the same time.

6. Sit upright and we’ll supported at your working place or at your home.

7. Do not wear tight clothes, wear something that is free for maternity support.
8. Do not stress too much, get enough rest.

9. Always follow the instructions that your doctor or midwife may give to you.

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10. Consult him or her if you notice any discomfort or complications. “Lower back pain early pregnancy”

Exercise that can help to ease lower back pain in early pregnancy.

Choose a smooth and relaxing exercise that you can do better, except the ones that involves-

Lying with your stomach on the floor
Fast running
And any other yoga that can involve the use of heavy load or something that can trigger fast breathing.

In conclusion

Lower back pain in early stages of pregnancy, is a normal symptoms that can happen to any woman that is pregnant.
Note: that you should be able to notice when those pain has gotten to the next level and when you should meet your doctor or your midwife.
Do not receive too much correction from other mother’s outside there who are not your doctor or your midwife, because everyone body is not the same. What works for the other person may not work for you.
Feel free to contribute or better still drop your comments on the comments box if you have any.

“Lower back pain early pregnancy”

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