Love from a second try

Love from a second try
Love from a second try

Love is the most special and sweet gift that anyone can ever pray for. But love also cause pain when you are hurt or betrayed from the heart that hurts you, but let it not make you deciding to stop loving again. But instead let it make you to be more careful and look at people carefully before giving your love and trust to them. “Love from a second try”


Love from a second try


  1. You will make sure you are with the right person and don’t be too quick to accept someone, for doing so will make you to end up from where you started.


  1. Test the person at all angles to be sure that the person deserves to earn your love and trust.


  1. If he or she cheats on you then try to be very careful and make sure that the person have truly repented and will not hurt your feelings again.


  1. Do not be wicked or hurt the new person you are with, for he or she is not the one that broke your heart. So if you are trying to be wicked on him or her for another person’s act, then you need to think about how he or she will feel.

“Love from a second try”

A story about love


When I was small I dated a girl, who I have loved with all my heart. One day my best friend, who I trusted so much that he cannot hurt me, went and took my girl away from me and she betrayed my love and accepted my best friend.


They were dating behind my back till one day when I noticed about it. My eyes was filled with tears my mouth could not even say a word. I was in a great pain, it seems to me that there is nobody on earth to be trusted, till one day my dad told me this “my son you are hurt and heartbroken because you have not meet the right people and the true friends who will treat you special. Why wasting your tears on people who don’t care about you? When there are many out there who are ready to treat you special” As I heard those words, I was encouraged once again. Only then I realized that there is a beautiful lady who by God’s grace is my wife today, was around me since but I never knew till I open my heart for her.


So you see no matter how hard it is try to believe that you will still meet the right person that is meant for you.

“Love from a second try”

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