Issues Facing Long Distance Relationship Lovers


In this article I want to talk about everything I know about long distance relationship, base on my experience in it, so for those of you emailing and asking me if is good or bad will know an make their choice because no one will make that choice for you, but to me I personally don’t like it because I have been in it before and there are so many things I find it very had to do due to that I think it not my kind of a thing so maybe it will suit you or may not suit you if you are someone like me.

Long Distance Relationship

Well for my own view I will say is a situation where two persons or lovers who love themselves are of a very far distance to each other, now let say for instance if you are in Canada and you are dating someone from U.S or you and your lover are not living or staying in the same city, that is what long distance relationship look like, now tell me what is in your mind or how you feel about that because I can’t agree to be in such relationship.

I have been in 3 years relationship with a girl who is not in the same city with me, we only communicate through calls an social networks, but throughout all this year one thing that pain we both is never get a chance to visit each other and such thing is never good, although there is love between us, there is no time of caring for us both and lack of caring is not good and there is high chance of losing your partner

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It is good to be in such relationship, because unlike normal relationship where your lover or partner can easily monitor you, but on this one you are free to do anything you want. The main thing needed for it to work out well is trust, so if you are the kind of person that don’t use to trust easily, I advice you not to be in such relationship and if you also want a long distance relationship to last well you need to build a communication, not just anyhow communication but a strong one because it only through communication you both can be together, so try to always have time to communicate with your partner because only through that communication will you make the relationship lively and also make it become more Stronger in trust and faithful,  it only through that communication you will show your partner how caring you are and make your lover understand that you still love and are for them.

Long Distance Relationship

Remember that most people who are in long distance relationship o cheat a lot on their partner, because they feel that he or she is not around or that they are not presently with them to monitor them and this is one of the things why I personally hate to be in such relationship because it require trust which I hardly give to someone, so if you are in such relationship with someone try to love and admire that person because is not easy to give someone trust!



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