Best Wedding Reception Places in Long Island New York

Here are some of the best wedding places in Long Island New York:

Borne Mansion

The Bourne Mansion is a special and amazing early-century mansion placed in long island in Oakdale, NYC. It takes just a 1.5 hour drive from NYC, but it seems to be far away from the hustle and bustle. This estate takes us back to the age of the Great Gatsby and is a real work of art. Your guests will get into the mansion via big and amazing gates, and they will have a remarkable view of the Bourne mansion. You can exchange your vows on a big green lawn, make an unforgettable image session around the estate while your guests can enjoy chatting and sip their cocktails in the inner courtyard, which is adorned by big columns. Then you and your visitors can dance and have fun in the Grand Ballroom.

Westbury Manor

Westbury Manor is a luxury long island place for weddings or other events. Want your wedding to be lively romantic, amazing and intimate? If the answer is yes, you should actually take a look at this wedding place. Time to get some hot strippers to come out to your event the day before.

The history of the manor goes to the end of the nineteen century. Initially known s the Titus House, the mansion consists of eighteen rooms, a land and stable. The house was built to last, the internal walls are full of sand and brick and walnut was used for interior décor.

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Vanderbilt Renaissance Museum

The Vanderbilt Renaissance Museum is placed in Centroport, NYC, and with its Spanish revival architecture and present-day planetarium, it provides a choice of a best number of exclusive venues for your memorable impressions of visiting the Gold Coast. The amazing atmosphere of the Renaissance of Spain, as well as continually open surrounding gardens and a reflective pool overlooking the harbor of Northport, make this courtyard an amazing location for social events and commutations.

The Mansions at Timber point

Experience life in the wonderful and luxurious long Island estate, the Timber Point is conveniently placed between the Great South Bay and Great River and provides you the chance to admire the splendid view. Panoramic views gathered with the amazing colonial architecture of the estate make the best picture of your wedding.

Glen Cove

The Cove Mansion is a Georgian style mansion designed and built at the turn of the twenty century by famous architect Charles Platt. Nestled in twenty-five acres of rightly landscapes grounds, this elegant stately mansion specs a portico entrance and it still contains real antique fixtures providing you the feeling that you are taking your vows in time capsule.


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