List Of The Latest And Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names

The Hindu lifestyle is a staple of the Indian subcontinent for hundreds of years. Different languages, traditions, customs, and traditions have joined to form an amazing cultural mix. If you’re looking for contemporary Hindu baby girl names, we’re here to assist you in finding the perfect one. Indian names and Hindu names originate from the old language of Sanskrit which was used in Holy texts as well as other works of literary works. The majority of names that originate from this literature carry deep significance and meanings. Invoking different virtues, values and elements that are beautiful, the names may have a profound impact on the future of your child. Therefore, look through our collection of unusual names to discover some suitable names.

List Of Latest, Modern & Unique Hindu Baby Boy Names

Contemporary Hindu Names for Baby Girl Names, Meanings and Significances

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1. Aadarshini

Aadarshini is a Hindi name that translates to “Idealistic.’ Aadarshini is perfect for the family of neo-Indians seeking a new name for their daughter who is one in a million.

2. Aaloka

Parents want their children to lead happy life. Aaloka is a perfect name since it translates to ‘Lustrous’.’

3. Aamani

Did your daughter’s birthplace fall during the springtime? If not Aamani, the name is an excellent option. It is a reference to ‘Spring’.’

4. Aapti

The girl you have chosen to be the realization of a lifetime desire. There is no better name than the one ‘Aapti’ has for your precious girl meaning “Fulfillment” in Hindi.

5. Aarushi

Aarushi is an Indian Hindu baby girl name It is poetic and is rooted in Indian tradition. It means “First sunlight’s rays.’

6. Aashita

The key to success in life is to stay optimistic. It is possible to bless your child by sharing the same message. the name ‘Aashita’ means ‘One who is optimistic.’

7. Aashrita

Are you searching for an inspirational yet modern baby girl name for your little girl? Try Aashrita! It is a term that means “One who has sought shelter with The Lord.’

8. Aatmaja

This is a beautiful name with a meaning that is simple. Aatmaja is a Hindi word meaning ‘Daughter’. Hindi.

9. Ahaana

Ahaana is another name that is popular among the young generation. It’s a word that means “dawn”.

10. Abhijishya

Nowadays, we all desire our daughters to be confident and free. Abhijishya is a reflection of the shift in Indian philosophy and is a reference to an independent girl.’

11. Abhikhya

A different name can be tried. The name translates to ‘Beauty’ in Hindi. It also means ‘Fame.’

12. Abhinivesha

This means “Long-cherished dream, faith, determination Abhinivesha can be triumphant regardless of how you view it.

13. Abhitha

Another great name for a young lady of the 21st century! Abhitha can mean ‘Fearless’ in Hindi.

14. Abirami

If you’re in search of an oblique name that sounds trendy and modern choose Abirami. It is a reference to the goddess Lakshmi.’

15. Adhya

Simple name, but with powerful meaning This is Adhya to you! It is a reference to ‘First Power’ or one of the ten Durgas.’

16. Aditi

Within the Hindu religious tradition, Aditi is the name of the goddess of the sky and consciousness. The word is a reference to ‘unbounded and free’.

17. Akshi

A simple and sweet name. Akshi is the perfect name for you if you’re looking for an easy-to-pronounce and spell name. It is a Hindi word meaning “Existence.’

18. Ananya

A well-known name. Ananya can mean ‘Matchless’ in Hindi. The name is simple on the ears, but it has an interesting significance.

19. Anvi

Anvi Aanvi Aanvi refers to the title given to the goddess of the forest.

20. Akshara

Akshara is a different name given to the goddess Lakshmi. It is a reference to ‘invincible’.

21. Anika

Anika is an unusual name to think about as a baby’s name. It’s a name that is similar to the goddess Durga. The name Anika is a reference to ‘grace’.

22. Anokhi

Every parent wants their child to be noticed in a crowded. With a name such as Anokhi, it’s exactly what your child will do! It means ‘Unique’.

23. Anusha

Anusha is another name that is popular that is still a favourite among new parents. Anusha refers to ‘Beautiful morning’ or the name of a star in Hindi.

24. Archisha

Looking for the most popular Hindu baby girl name that isn’t screaming “religion”? Opt to go with Archisha. It means “A Ray of Light’.

25. Aryahi

The ideal name for those who are spiritually inclined. Aryahi is a reference to ‘Goddess Durga’.

List Of The Latest And Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names

26. Aaradhya

Certain names are never out of style as well. Aaradhya is among the most popular. It is the name of the person who is worthy of worshipping.

27. Aadhya

If you’re a fan of Goddess Durga You can think about naming your child Aadhya. It is another name that is associated with Goddess Durga.

28. Asmita

The daughter you have is the star of your eye and you are proud of the family. Asmita is a Hindi word meaning ‘Pride’. Hindi.

29. Atreyi

Atreyi is a classy distinctive, original, and very Indian name. It means “The name of the river’.

30. Avani

Simple and modern Hindu baby girl name with an important meaning. Avani is an excellent choice for parents seeking the perfect name for their children. It is the word for “Earth”.

31. Avni

“Avni” is a very popular name. Avni is extremely popular in India. It is the word that means mother earth.

32. Anaisha

The name Anaisha originates from the Hindu word meaning “special”. Another definition of Anaisha is “unique”. The name is stylish and has a Russian style to it.

33. Alisha

Alisha is a word that means “protected by God” and is a phonetic form of the word Alicia.

34. Arushi

The meaning behind Arushi means red. Red is an integral part of Hindu mythology. It is a reference to the rising sun, which is revered by the majority of Hindus.

35. Aishwarya

The name of the present day symbolizes abundance and riches. The name was popularized due to previous Miss World and Bollywood actor Aishwarya Rai.

36. Anjali

The term Anjali refers to ‘offering using both hands’. The name was used as the title used by numerous ancient Indian Queens, and it is extremely popular.

37. Anala

Anala is a beautiful Indian name. It is a name that means someone who has a strong personality.

38. Aaravi

The unique name means peace. It’s perfect for your child who brought peace and joy into your home.

39. Anushka

Anushka can be described as the Indian variant that is derived from the Russian name, ‘Hannah’. It is a reference to ‘grace’.

40. Adah

If you’re looking for more extravagant baby names, you could choose Adah which is more of a modern girl’s name. Adah is the Hebrew word which means ornament. The name is gaining immense popularity among contemporary Hindu parents.

41. Banhi

In Hinduism fire are a symbol of pure power, power and spirituality. Try using the term Banhi on your girl, as it means “Fire”.

42. Bhaumi

Are you looking for a name that has an interesting twist? What about Bhaumi? It is a Hindi word meaning ‘Goddess Sita” in Hindi.

43. Bhavya

Meaning “Grand or magnificent” The term Bhavya is a favourite among parents who are looking for contemporary Hindu girls’ names.

44. Bhuvana

A name that is catchy and has an earthy meaning, Bhuvana is one name that you must think about. It is a reference to “The Earth’.

45. Bhuvi

If you’re looking to simplify things Try Bhuvi. It is a Hindi word meaning ‘Heaven’. Hindi is also a lovely name for your gorgeous angel.

46. Bipasha

Bipasha is a guaranteed winner. The name is a cult one that has roots in Sanskrit and is a reference to a river.

47. Chaitali

If your daughter was born during the month of Chaitra (March-April) You might want to consider Chaitali. Chaitali. A well-known name in Bengal It means ‘one was born during the month Chaitra’.

48. Chhaya

The reflection of your daughter in you is so the word Chhaya is the ideal name to express this sentiment. It is a Hindi word meaning ‘Shadow’. Hindi.

49. Charita

As with all parents like you, you want your child to be an excellent human being more than anything other things. Start your daughter on the right track with the name Charita which means “Good”.

50. Charu

A cute little name for your darling daughter! Charu is a Hindi word meaning ‘Beautiful’. Hindi.

51. Chhavi

Beautiful, artistic and beautiful name. Chhavi refers to ‘Reflection, painting or reflection’.

52. Chintanika

If you’re spiritual and you want your daughter to follow the same way, go for Chintanika. Chintanika. Chintanika means “Meditation”.

53. Chitrani

The rivers are the source of life. For Hindus, the river, specifically River Ganga, is a divinity. Chitrani refers to the river Ganga and is a homage to the beauty of nature.

54. Charvi

Charvi is much more distinct than its cousin Chavi. The source of the name is Indian the mythological world, Charvi was the name of Kubera’s wife. The word means “a beautiful woman’.

55. Drishya

Drishya is the name of a royal, doesn’t it? The word Drishya is a reference to sight’.

56. Dhriti

If you wish for your child to be brave, give her the name Dhriti. It is a reference to endurance and courage.

57. Diti

Diti is a fashionable name which translates to “idea”. Its simplicity is a major reason for its appeal to modern Hindu parents.

58. Damini

If you were a child of the 90s or 80s The name Damini will be well-known to you! It is a powerful name that signifies ‘Lightening’ Hindi.

Did you have any idea?

Namkaran is a tradition that is held to select a baby’s name informally. In Sanskrit, naam means name and karan means to create.

59. Darika

A contemporary-sounding name that has a traditional meaning! Darika means ‘Maiden’.

60. Darshana

If you’re not averse to having a snarky name Darshana is an ideal choice for you. It is a Hindi word meaning ‘Observation’. It’s a great name for someone who would be a nerd!

List Of The Latest And Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names

61. Dayanita

Dayanita means ‘Merciful’. It’s a wonderful name for families that are modern in their sensitivities.

62. Dayita

Another gorgeous name that is worth being a dekko. Dayita can mean ‘Beloved’ in Hindi.

63. Devina

Many new parents look across the internet to find a name that represents their Hindu tradition but is also modern and distinctive. Devina is a great choice for parents with children. It translates to ‘Like a Goddess’.

64. Devishi

Another name that is rooted in culture and religion, yet uniquely contemporary! Devishi refers to the goddess Durga’.

65. Dharini

Strong and humble This is the meaning of our beautiful planet. Dharini refers to ‘Earth’ in Hindi.

66. Dhristi

Your daughter is a change in your life in such a way that you look at things with a fresh perspective. Her vision is for your life. Give her the name Dhristi, which translates to ‘vision or sight’.

67. Dishita

Dishita means ‘Focus’. It’s a fantastic name that represents determination, strength and a sense of shrewdness.

68. Drishya

A more trendy alternative to the more well-known name of Drishti. Dhrishya is “Sight”.

69. Dyumna

An uncommon name Dyumna is a word that means “Glorious” in Hindi. If you’re in search of an unusual name that isn’t commonplace Dyumna is the perfect option!

70. Dyuti

Elegant, short, and stunning This is the name suitable for that queen in your life! Dyuti means ‘Light’.

71. Ela

The name Ela is a reference to the ‘cardamom tree’. It’s an interesting option for the name of your child.

72. Eva

Eva means life. This is the perfect gift for your sweet little girl who brings life to your life.

73. Edha

Here’s a name short with a beautiful meaning. Edha is the word for ‘Sacred’ in Hindi.

74. Eila

It can be a bit difficult to find names that are good with the letters E. However, there’s a name that’s ideal if you want a simple but sweet one. Eila refers to “The Earth’.

75. Ganika

Your daughter’s life will be filled with millions of flowering blooms! Sure, Ganika means ‘Flower’ and is the perfect name for your child.

76. Gitashri

Gitashri means Bhagvat Gita. If you’re looking for a name that is saturated in wisdom and spirituality This is the name you need to choose!

77. Grishma

Your sweet Princess has filled your home with joy and light. The love she radiates is unrivalled. The word Grishma is a reference to ‘Warmth’.

78. Gunita

Are you looking for the latest Hindu girl name for your baby that represents your cultural background? Choose Gunita! It is a reference to ‘Virtuous’.

79. Giva

Giva can be a stunning option for your child. It has a global appeal. It’s a variant of the name Jiva meaning a living thing.

80. Haiya

It’s a word that means heart. Its name fits your daughter perfectly since she is the heart of your family now.

81. Hyma

Hyma is a charming Indian name from mythology. It is a different name for Goddess Parvati.

82. Hara

Hara can be one of the names given to Lord Shiva. Parents of different ethnicities could consider Hara as a holy name for their daughters.

83. Haimi

Who is to say that you can’t come up with exclusive Hindu names for princesses? Try Haimi. Unique and musical, the name is “Golden”.

84. Harsika

Make your daughter’s day more enjoyable by giving her laughter. Harsika means “Laughter” in Hindi.

85. Henna

The name is beautiful, vibrant and feminine. Henna is a Hindi word meaning ‘Mehendi’. Hindi.

86. Hradini

Hradini means ‘Lightening’. It’s a powerful name that has a feminine sound.

87. Hiya

Our children aren’t only the rulers of our homes They rule with heart and soul as well! Hiya is a Hindi word meaning “Heart” in Hindi.

88. Idika

The search for a name that begins with the I letter is usually difficult. One name you can consider is Idika. It means “The Earth’.

89. Ihita

Your child is the ultimate fulfilment of your wish for an extended family. Ihita refers to ‘Desire’ in Hindi.

90. Ikshita

Ikshita means ‘Visible’. It’s a fascinating option If you’re searching for a name starting with an I in it.

91. Ira

Do you wish for your child’s name to remain simple and sweet? Try Ira. It’s a Latin word meaning “Earth”.

92. Inika

A beautiful name for a beautiful girl! Inika means ‘Small Earth’.

93. Ishya

Spring is the time of year that children are blessed! What better time to throw celebrations than the gorgeous seasons of the spring? If your child was born during this gorgeous season, choose her name Ishya which translates to ‘Spring’.

94. Ishana

Its literal meaning is Ishana is “desire”. It is a variant of the name Ishaani.

Did you even know?

It is thought that the girl’s name should be a combination of letters with odd numbers (3 5, 7 9). However, 11 is believed to be the most ominous length names for both genders.

95. Ishanvi

Ishanvi is a modern variant that is a modernization of Parvati. Indian Astrologers believe that the name aids in improving the child’s understanding.

List Of The Latest And Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names

96. Jhanvi

Indian folklore is filled with tales of legends of goddesses and queens. Within Indian the mythology of India, Jhanvi was the daughter of Yaksha the wise. Another variation is Jhanvi can be described as Jahanvee as well as Janvi.

97. Jivika

Jivika is among the most attractive names in the modern era. It is a reference to the source of life.

98. Jivanta

Jivanta is a gorgeous Indian girl’s name. It’s perfect for the little girl in your life.

99. Jagvi

Jagvi means ‘Worldly’. It’s a lovely name that is worth trying when you have to name your child with the letters J.

100. Janya

Your daughter’s existence is proof of the God of heaven, we’re sure you’ll agree! Janya means ‘Life’.

101. Jignasa

Do you believe that academic ability is the key to the definition of success in life? If so, Jignasa will be the ideal name for your child. It’s a reference to ‘Academic curiosity’.

102. Joshika

A name that stands out! Joshika means ‘Young maiden’ in Hindi. If you’re not in search of names with a profound meaning, this name will meet the criteria.

103. Kakoli

Another well-known name in Bengal, Kakoli means ‘Art’. It is beautiful and holds a lovely meaning. It’s exactly the kind of name your daughter should get.

104. Kalini

Are you looking for a one-of-million number for your new infant girl? Try Kalini. It is a French word meaning “Flower”.

105. Kani

Parents are now searching for names with beautiful designs that aren’t overly lengthy or complex. This is logical considering that the world is getting smaller. If you’re looking to choose your little girl a name that’s as simple to say to someone who is Indian as it would be for an American choose Kani. It is a Hindi word meaning “Girl”.

106. Karabi

Another name that is certain to fill your child’s day with beauty as well as blossom. Karabi refers to ‘Flower’ in Hindi.

107. Karuli

A unique name for a unique baby! Karuli means “Innocent” in Hindi.

108. Kashika

What do you’d like to see your child achieve? We’re certain that, like most parents, you also wish your child a happy and radiant life. Names like Kashika could be your best wishes for your daughter. The name means “The shining one’.

109. Kashvi

Baby babies are cuddly and cute. But they do get older! We hope that your daughter will be able to be a beacon of peace and harmony in the world. The name Kashvi refers to “Shining” in Hindi.

110. Kavika

Do you have an artistically inclined family? Do you wish the name of your child to represent your passion for literature and art? Do you like Kavika? It’s a word that means “Poetess”.

111. Kavya

Kavya is a word that means “Poem” in Hindi. Kavya is a well-known name in the Southern regions of India however, it is also popular across the world.

112. Keshini

Names don’t need to be of profound significance. A few are just an expression of children’s beautiful features. Keshini is a Japanese word meaning ‘one that has gorgeous hair’.

113. Keya

Are you looking for a simple name for your child? Keya could be an ideal option for you. Keya means “Flower”.

114. Kiara

Kiara Is an Indian variant that is a variation of Ciara is an Indian variation of the English term Ciara. It is derived directly from the Gaelic term ‘ciar’ meaning ‘black’ or dark.

115. Khushi

The birth of a baby brings joy and happiness to parents. The name “Khushi” beautifully conveys joy.

116. Kshamya

A lovely name. Kshamya refers to “Earth”. It’s a perfect fit for any family and even those seeking names that are not religious.

117. Kshirin

Are you in search of a Hindi name that isn’t sacred? Choose Kshirin. It is a French word meaning “Flower”.

118. Kuvam

The Sun has a special place in the Hindu lifestyle. How better to celebrate this wonderful relationship than by giving your daughter the name Kuvam meaning “Sun”?

119. Kerani

Kerani is a gorgeous Hindu name. It’s both exotic and easy to pronounce.

120. Kalinda

Kalinda is a gorgeous-sounding name that is rhythmic. It is a reference to the legend of the Kalinda Mountains, from where the spiritual river runs.

121. Larisa

The word “jolly” means cheerful. It’s the perfect name for the little one who has brought many smiles and love to your life.

122. Lopa

Lopa is a name that Lopa is rapidly rising the charts in popularity. It means “learned”.

123. Laranya

A name that not only is beautiful and feminine but also has a lovely meaning as well! Laranya means ‘Graceful’ in Hindi.

124. Latika

Latika is a Hindi word meaning ‘Small Creeper’. The name is popular in India and could be the best choice for you if do not want a name that seems too foreign.

125. Mahi

Mahi is rapidly climbing the charts for popularity! Mahi is a Japanese word that means “The World”. Your child is the world you’ve always wanted to be isn’t it?

126. Mahika

A gorgeous name that will surely inspire your love of poetry! Mahika means ‘Earth’.

127. Mayukhi

A name that is not common and has an established meaning! Mayukhi is a Hindi word meaning ‘Peahen’. Hindi.

128. Mayra

A feminine title Mayra refers to love. It’s a wonderful name for your beloved.

129. Mira

Mira was a devout worshiper of Lord Krishna. Meera Bhajans songs performed by Meera are still extremely well-known.

130. Mishka

The name Mishka comes from an Indian word that translates to “gift of love”. It has been rising in the charts in popularity in recent times.

131. Menaha

Menaha refers to a “Celestial damsel”. It’s a lovely title for the baby that will become an attractive woman!

132. Miraya

Are you a religious person? If so, then you must think about Miraya. It is a reference to the ‘Devotee of Krishna’. Krishna’.

133. Mritsa

A straightforward name. Mritsa refers to “Good Earth’. It’s not a complicated name that sounds lovely, however, it is a beautiful-sounding one.

134. Mitra

Mitra has a sexy appeal. It is feminine enough to be suitable for girls. Mitra can be a word used to describe Mitra, the Hindu God of friendship.

135. Neysa

Neysa is a new Hindu name. It is the word for pure.

136. Nitya

Nitya is a distinctive option for the name of your child. The name Nitya refers to regular.

137. Navya

This is a completely novel name for girls born today. Navya is another alternative for parents of today. It is a reference to ‘young or young’.

138. Neila

Because of the celebrity parents are choosing unique spellings for names that are common to stand out from the crowd of humankind. Neila is a variation of the name Nila and is a reference to sapphire blue.

139. Nima

Nima used to be the title given to the saint’s mother, Kabir. It means “to adapt”.

140. Naisha

Naisha means ‘Special’. If you’re okay with the name, which is rapidly becoming popular in India then go for it.

141. Navya

A fairly common name, Navya can still hold its own! Navya means ‘New’.

142. Nimisha

It’s not only beautiful to be heard but also has a philosophical significance. Nimisha means ‘Momentary’.

143. Ninarika

Another name that is sure to inspire the poet within you! Ninarika means ‘Misty’.

List Of The Latest And Modern Hindu Baby Girl Names

144. Ojasvi

Are you looking for a unique name that starts with O? You’re in luck! Ojasvi is a Hindi word that means “Bright” in Hindi.

145. Omisha

Another winner! Omisha refers to the Goddess of Life and death.’

146. Oja

Oja is an evocative as well as an exotic title. It means “vitality”. It’ll give a fresh perspective on the Oorja name. Oorja.

147. Pavati

Pavati is an American Indian name with spiritual overtones. It is a reference to clear water. It is not to be confused with Parvati.

148. Pihu

The name Pihu refers to the peahen. It’s a short but adorable name to give your adorable daughter.

149. Pooja

In its literal sense, the Hindu word Pooja is worship. It is a timeless choice.

150. Priya

The name Priya is a lovely and loved girl. This is the perfect name for the fairy who lives at home.

151. Paakhi

A lovely name for your adorable baby girl! Paakhi means ‘Bird’.

152. Parnika

A fascinating name for parents who want something unique. Parnika is a Hindi word meaning ‘Small Leaf’. It also has an abbreviation that means “Goddess Parvati’.

153. Prisha

It’s no surprise that kids are the gift of God to our parents. The name Prisha is a reference to the same. It refers to God’s blessing, ‘beloved’.

154. Ranhita

Ranhita is a Hindi word meaning ‘Quick’. Hindi. It’s a beautiful name that is quickly becoming popular among parents with young children.

155. Ranya

A simple name that has a wonderful meaning that’s Ranya to you! It’s a word that means “Pleasing”.

156. Riya

Nowadays, a lot of Indian parents are choosing names like Riya for their beautiful daughters, probably because of the glamourous Bollywood actress Riya Sen. The name translates to the singer.

157. Rishima

Rishima means ‘Moonbeam’. The ideal name for your gorgeous moon daughter.

Did you even know?

Hindus typically pick names for babies basing their choices on the horoscope, which is usually provided by an Astrologer.

158. Roop

Roop is an evocative name with an enchanting appeal. It is a reference to ‘looks’.

159. Ryka

The name Ryka refers to “born out of an anthem or an oath’. It’s a unique name for your child.

160. Sadhika

Another name for the goddess Durga Sadhika’ is a fantastic name for parents seeking names that are spiritual but with an updated twist.

161. Sahima

Sahima means ‘Snow’. It’s a fantastic title for the princess you have. In the end, she’s nothing less than Snowhite!

162. Saanvi

If you’re in search of an alternative name for Goddess Lakshmi and you are looking for a modern name, then Saanvi could be a perfect choice.

163. Saumya

Saumya is an Indian name that has Sanskrit origin. It is the word for ‘pearl’. It’s also a word of Goddess Durga.

164. Shivani

Shivani is an incredibly powerful girl’s name. It is a reference to ‘life as well as death’.

165. Shakti

Shakti is a traditional yet contemporary Hindu name that is modern and contemporary. It is the female version of the God Shiva of Hinduism.

166. Suha

Suha is the most fashionable among all the variants of Suhana. Suha can be the name given to the star of Indian mythology.

167. Tuhi

Tuhi is an elegant and sweet version of the term Ruhi. It is the word for ‘bird sound’. The names of modern Hindu girls are so distinctive.

168. Tiya

If you’re someone who loves nature or a nature lover, you could choose to name your child Tiya. Tiya is a bird’s name.

169. Trisha

The name Trisha could be of Latin source, but it is equally well-known in India. It is a diminutive variant that comes from the word Patricia. It is derived from the Latin word, ‘patrcius’ meaning ‘nobleman’.

170. Tanvi

Tanvi is a lovely baby girl’s name for a baby girl. It’s also an option for Goddess Durga.

171. Talika

Names that have origins in nature are unique. They do not just instruct us to be respectful of our surroundings, but also take lessons from them. Talika means ‘Bird.’

172. Tisya

It is believed that the Hindu religion is full of history and traditions. If you’re planning to present a little bit of this rich heritage to your little girl, you can name her Tisya. It’s a word that means “lucky”.

173. Trayi

Today, girls are making huge leaps in all fields, be it academics or sports. If you’d like to encourage your daughter to leave her impression on the world, it’s easy to begin by naming her! Trayi means ‘Intellect’.

174. Udgita

The modern name, yet rich in tradition. Udgita refers to ‘Hymn’, and originates from the ‘Bhagvad Gita’.

175. Udyati

Life is about progress and rising above one’s circumstances to aim for the stars. If that’s your life idea, then Udyati is the perfect option. It means “Elevated” in Hindi.

176. Urmika

Sometimes, a name doesn’t be a huge deal, but it is still gorgeous. Consider Urmika as an example. Urmika means “Small Wave”.

177. Ura

The name that is so popular Ura is enticing a lot of contemporary Hindu families in the last few years. Ura means ‘earth’.

178. Viti

Viti is a sweet name that means ‘light’. A few of these modern Hindu Baby girl names are distinctive.

179. Vaneet

The distinctive and powerful name conveys intelligence. You certainly want your child to be beautiful with brains!

180. Veda

Veda is an Indian name that has spiritual significance. As many people are aware the holy scriptures are the sacred scriptures of Hindus.

181. Vanya

Vanya is among the most coveted, amazing names. It translates to ‘gracious gift of God’.

182. Vritika

The name Vritika originates from a Sanskrit word that means ‘thought’. Modern Hindu name for girls is great for your child.

183. Vedika

Vedika is a name that has been used for centuries but with a modern flair. It translates to “consciousnesses”.

184. Vaidehi

A popular name, Vaidehi means ‘Sita’. It’s a perfect name for parents seeking an ancient choice for their daughters.

185. Valini

The night sky filled with stars can fill any with amazement. However, you’ve got a gorgeous star in your own right today! Name your baby Valini meaning “Stars”.

186. Vedanti

Do you want a name which represents the Hindu religion in its purest? If so, Vedanti is the right choice for you. It means “Knower of the Vedas’.

187. Yashashvi

While Yashvi is a traditional version of the name changing it slightly can make this more feminine. Yashashvi is a reference to ‘fame’.

188. Yutika

Not the last thing there is Yutika. Yutika. Elegant, elegant and distinctive Yutika is a name that is all that it promises. Yutika is a Hindi word meaning “Flower” in Hindi.

These are the most common Hindu Baby girl names. The majority of these names originate in Sanskrit and are influenced by numerous Goddesses or are a symbol of morality ideals. Some of these names have been like inspiration. Since this list of names is varied We have provided the meanings as well as the origins of every name to help you select the perfect name for your baby. You could choose one that makes you think of a person you love in a way based on the characteristic it signifies and also one you think is appropriate for your child’s character.