List Of Most Beautiful Muslim Girl Names With Meanings

Naming your baby is among the most difficult decisions that a parent is faced with. The perfect name is the very first present parents can give to their baby. It will stay in their memory for a lifetime. Muslim girls’ names are cute and have meaning. By Islamic belief, every child is entitled to have an appropriate name. Muslims represent a large portion of the population of world.

The ceremony of naming the baby or Tasmiyah is an important ceremony for Muslims. It is usually held seven days following birth when the head of the newborn is shaved. We have listed a few gorgeous Muslim girl names you can pick for your precious child.

The most popular Muslim Girl Names That Have Meanings

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1. A’dab:

A gorgeous name, A’dab translates to “hope” or “need” in Arabic. It’s modern and is a good choice for families who want the most modern name.

2. Aabidah:

Aabidah means ‘worshipper’ in Arabic. It is a name that has been used for centuries that is suitable for religious families.

3. Aa’eedah:

Aa’eedah is a sweet baby girl’s name. It translates to “returning or rewarding. The ‘ah’ suffix is a nice touch.

4. Aafia:

Aafia is among the most sought-after names among Muslim girls. It is the Arabic word for healthy beautiful or kind.’

5. Aafreeda:

Another popular Muslim name has an Arabic root. It is a reference to ‘create’ or ‘create.’

6. Aafreen:

This name originates from its Persian word and it is now a well-known word throughout the Middle East. Aafreen is a Persian word meaning beautiful love,’ or ‘awesome.’

7. Aakifah:

Aakifah refers to a woman who is dedicated to her life to Allah or a woman who prays to Allah in silence.’

8. Aaleyah:

Aaleyah is a great variation of the popular name Aaliyah. It is a reference to the ‘highest or most elevated’ social status.’

9. Aamina:

Aamina is an Arabic word that comes from Arabic and is a reference to ‘dependable. It is also an Islamic belief that it’s the name of Prophet Muhammad’s mother.

10. Aamira:

The name Aamira is derived from the Urdu language and translates to “prosperous,” and “full of vitality.’

11. Aasma:

Aasma is a fantastic name that has a fascinating meaning of ‘excellent’. Doesn’t it sound a bit like an elegant name?

12. Abeer:

The name, which translates to “fragrance,” is commonly used by the Muslim people of India.

13. Ablah:

This Muslim name is a description of women like none other. It means “perfectly well-built.’

14. Adara:

Adara which means ‘virgin’ is just perfect for the Virgo baby. Also, it is one of the names for characters from the “Belgariad” series.

15. Adilah:

In Arabic, Adilah means ‘equal.’

16. Adiva:

Adiva is among the most unique Muslim girls’ names. It is the Arabic word for ‘pretty or gentle in Arabic.

17. Aeesha:

This name is a variation of the Arabic name ‘Aisha. It means ‘alive and well’, and living well. The youngest wife of Prophet Muhammad is called Aeesha.

18. Afaaf:

Afaaf is a word that means “pure and chaste,” and is a fascinating option as a gift for your girl. It’s also not common.

19. Afra:

The earthy name, which translates to “colour of the earth,” is associated with Saint Afra who was the German patron saint of women who has fallen.

20. Ahd:

The name Ahd which means ‘pledge is both beautiful and unique. It gained popularity in the 60s and continues to be popular as a classic.

List Of Most Beautiful Muslim Girl Names With Meanings

21. Ahlam:

Ahlam is a witty word! What’s the reason you would prefer this name? It’s always a good idea to have a wit characteristic.

22. A’ishah:

Aishah is one of the most popular names in the world for Muslim women. It comes from Aisha which means she who lives in a womanly way.’

23. Alima:

Alima which means ‘educated’ or intelligent, is one of our top names on this list, purely because of its etymological roots.

24. Almas:

The stunning beauty of the name may be awestruck We’re certain you’ll be enthralled by its meaning as well. Almas is a reference to diamonds.’

25. Amal:

You’ve probably noticed how Muslim baby names are excellent names due to their beautiful and profound meanings. Amal is not an exception. Amal is a name that means hope.’

26. Aminah:

Another stunning but widely used Muslim nomenclature, Ameena, means ‘trustworthy” in Arabic.

27. Amira:

The shimmering Muslim name, which is widely used throughout the Arab community is the feminine form of Amir and translates to ‘exalted’.

28. Amtullah:

If you’re looking for a religious name you should try Amtullah. It is a reference to “the feminine servant to Allah.’

29. Anam:

Try this easy and classic name that means “the blessings of Allah. The Arabic name also translates to “blessed.’

30. Anan:

Anan is a cute adorable, adorable, and adorable Muslim girl’s name that translates to “cloud.’

31. Anisah:

The baby’s name Anisah is full of mystery and adorable. It’s a word that means close or intimate’ or one who’s a friend.’

32. Ayshah:

Ayshah or Aisha refers to ‘living or prosperous Aisha means ‘living or prosperous’ in Arabic. It is a name that has been used for centuries that was the same as Prophet Mohamed’s eldest wife.

33. Aziza:

The word Aziza means ‘powerful’ and ‘bold’ Aziza is a girl who means ‘powerful’ and ‘bold. Aziza is bound to become a strong and tough woman.

34. Badia:

We love this name not just because it’s unique but because it also implies “unique.’

35. Badriya:

The moniker might be less well-known than the first but it’s still equally or even more gorgeous. Badriya refers to the “full moon.’

36. Bahameen:

A unique Muslim term, Bahameen, means ‘spring” in Arabic.

37. Barika:

Are you looking for a name that captures your baby well? Try Barika! It’s a term that means “blossom” in Arabic.

38. Basimah:

Basimah is a synonym for smiling. It’s a beautiful Arabic name that isn’t so common.

39. Batool:

Everyone wants to have a daughter that is amoral and has a warm heart. Batool is a name with a sweet meaning. It is a reference to a pious woman.’

40. Benazir:

Benazir seems like the name is a princess’s name. It is the word for ‘incomparable’, or unbeatable.’

41. Bisma:

Bisma can mean ‘polite’, or smile. This could be the name you’re searching for to give your child.

42. Bilquis:

Bilquis is a different well-known Muslim name that has gained the acclaim of Western countries as well. Bilquis is a reference to ‘the Queen of Sheba.’

43. Bushra:

This could be the perfect name for your little girl because it’s unique and stands for ‘perfect. Its Arabic name also translates to “good news” or “good sign of the times.’

44. Buqayrah:

Buqayrah which is linked to the female Hadith Narrator has a name that is rich in history.

45. Daania:

If you’re searching to choose a name that is unique to give your daughter, go with Daania meaning “one who is beautiful” or ‘gift from God. It is possible to also write it, Danya.

46. Daima:

Daima is a unique name. Daima is a Japanese word that means “always. It’s an easy name with simplicity at its heart.

47. Daisha:

This feminine Arabic name was a huge hit in popularity in 1995. If you’re looking for an original name for your child, choose a name that means ‘live.’

48. Daneen:

The attractive name with a traditional design evokes the feeling of a princess.’

49. Dariya:

Persian name Dariya is modern and stylish without being too familiar. Dariya is a Persian word meaning “river.’

50. Dimah:

Dimah refers to ‘carrying rainwater’ in Arabic. It’s a fantastic alternative if you’re an avid nature lover.

Did you have any idea?

The significance of Muslim baby girl names found in the Quran is the same as those in the Bible and the Torah.

List Of Most Beautiful Muslim Girl Names With Meanings

51. Dunya:

Dunya is a beautiful Muslim baby girl’s name, which means ‘life. It is possible to write it as Dunia.

52. Eiliyah:

The name comes from Arabic and signifies “in peace and love with Allah. It could be a fitting name for your baby’s name.

53. Eimaan:

Eimaan is an original and stunning name for your child. It’s a word that means “faith. If you’re looking for a traditional but stylish name, go with this.

54. Elham:

Elham refers to ‘inspiration’ in Arabic.

  1. Erum:

Do you feel that looking at your baby girl makes you feel like heaven? If so, you should think about calling her Erum which means “heaven.’

56. Eshal:

This name is ideal for your precious and delicate baby girl. Eshal originates from Urdu and translates to ‘flower at the top of the world.’

57. Esita:

Being against the grain isn’t always a bad thing And Esita is a perfect example of that. The beautiful and seldom-called name is a reference to the word “desired.’

58. Ezzah:

Ezzah is an adorable name for your precious girl. It means “a person who honours and honours.’

59. Fadilah:

Also known as Fazilah is the feminine version of Fadil and refers to ‘virtuous, and generous’.

60. Fadyaa:

Fadyaa originates from Urdu and means sacrificing.

61. Fairoz:

Fairoz is an incredible name that translates to “turquoise” in Arabic.

62. Faizah:

Faizah is a beautiful-sounding name, which translates to “victorious” or “winner” in Arabic.

63. Fakeehah:

If you love names with an old-fashioned feel, you’re bound to love this name. The word “fake haha” means “cheerful.’

64. Famya:

You are looking for a name which is appealing and easy to say? Select Fama. It’s a synonym for “good fame..’

65. Falak:

Muslim name Falak signifies ‘the sky is filled with light and is beautiful. It’s a way to brighten even the darkest days.

66. Fareeda:

Fareeda is a Persian word meaning “gem or precious pearl”, and is one of a kind Muslim baby girl’s name.

67. Farheen:

If your child’s smile makes you smile give her the name Farheen the word refers to ‘happy’, “joyous,” or “jubilant.’

68. Fariah:

With names like Fariah meaning friend or companion,’ your daughter could be someone’s best friend for life.

69. Farrah:

Muslim Baby Name Farrah means happiness is smiling on your face every time the name is mentioned.

70. Farisha:

Is your little girl the love in your world? Farisha is a fitting name for such an adorable angel. Farisha refers to “the light.’

71. Faryat:

A beautiful name for a girl’s baby is Faryat. It is a Persian word meaning ‘delightful sunlight. If your baby girl is the brightest light in your world it is the perfect name she will be given.

72. Farzana:

The name came from Persian and translates to ‘wise, intelligent’ and ‘knowledgeable. It’s an appropriate name for your beautiful girl. It is also possible to call it Farzana.

73. Fasiha:

Fasiha is one of the names that originates in Arabic it is also a classic but stylish name that means “literary and elegant.’

74. Fatima:

Fatima is among those Muslim names with more authority than others because they are the name of Prophet Muhammad’s most beloved daughter. Fatima means ‘captivating.’

75. Fatin:

Fatin, like Fatima, means ‘captivating.’

76. Fawzia:

The word “fascia” is used in Arabic, and Fawzia is another word that means ‘winner. It’s an innovative and modern Muslim girl’s name and is ideal for modern-day parents.

77. Fazluna:

Originated by the Arabic name, Fazluna means a flower in the desert. This is the perfect name for a baby for your adorable baby girl.

78. Ferozah:

Ferozah is a gorgeous colour name that translates to ‘turquoise’.’

79. Fida:

You’re looking for a fashionable girl’s name? Think about giving her the name Fida. This name is derived from the Arabic language, and it means redemption or sacrifice.’

80. Fiza:

The word has many meanings. In certain places it refers to “breeze” or “wind,” and in other locales, it refers to “growth or success.’

List Of Most Beautiful Muslim Girl Names With Meanings

81. Furat:

In Arabic, adjectives and words are also used to refer to names. Furat which means sweet water is one example.

82. Gazala:

The name, which is unique and distinctive, refers to “intelligent attractive and captivating.’

83. Ghania:

China is one of the Quranic names that means “rich, wealthy, or self-sufficient.’

84. Ghazal:

The refreshing and adorable name is appropriate for little girls that are as cute as poetry. Ghazal is a synonym for love poem an expression that is spoken with a beautiful voice.’

85. Ghusan:

Ghassan is an enviable amazing, beautiful, and rare name that translates to ‘branches of the tree.’

86. Habiba:

Also referred to as Habibah Also known as Habibah, this Arabic name translates to “beloved.’

87. Hadiya:

Hadiya is a sentimental, emotional meaning for a baby’s gift, meaning ‘gift. The alternative spelling Hadiyah is a reference to ‘guide to righteousness.’

88. Hafeezah:

In the Arabic language, Hafeezah is “keeper of the holy book’. It’s among the top well-known Muslim baby girl names.

89. Hafsah:

If you believe your child can be as formidable as the lion then give her the name Hafsah which means “female cub of a lion,” or the lioness in a small-sized tiara.’

90. Halima:

The name can represent everything the qualities of your little girl. Halima refers to ‘gentle,’ or ‘generous’. It is of Arabic origin.

91. Hamza:

Do you consider your girl to be the royal in your household? If yes, then it’s normal to give her the name Haiza which means ‘Royalty.’

92. Hakimah:

It is believed that the Urdu name Hakimah is a reference to ‘wise’ or “judicious. It’s also a reference to the term ‘ruler’ or queen.’

93. Hameedah:

Hameedah is a synonym for “praiseworthy. The name came out of the Arabic language and is a well-known Muslim baby girl’s name.

94. Hamra:

Hamra is a name that comes from the Arabic language. It is a reference toured “enduring,” or tolerant.’

95. Hanan:

Hanan is a Muslim name that translates to mercy or compassion, and a male Hebrew name that translates to “gracious.’

96. Hanifah:

Hanifah is a reference to ‘true believer. It could mean something completely different from other cultures. It comes from the Arabic language.

97. Haniya:

Haniya signifies ‘happy. It’s the perfect name for parents who want an easy-to-remember name.

98. Haseena:

Isn’t Haseena the ideal name for your gorgeous angel? The name Haseena is a reference to ‘beautiful, beautiful.’

99. Heena:

Heena is a reference to henna in Arabic. Henna is a fundamental element of Muslim cultural practices across the world.

100. Hidaya:

A name for your baby such as Hidaya can inspire your child to follow the right direction in her daily life. Hidaya refers to ‘instructions, or guidance.’

101. Huda:

This name is growing in popularity. Huda refers to “guidance in the right direction.’

102. Huma:

This name originates from Persian mythology, and means “lucky bird” or “bird of paradise. It also means “phoenix.’

103. Humra:

Are you in search of a gorgeous name for your adorable baby girl? Think about the name Humra which means beautiful or rose.’

104. Ifra:

Ifra refers to ‘adept’, or ‘to make improvements or fix something. It’s an attractive and contemporary name for your baby.

105. Iman:

If you’re not averse to having a gender-neutral name for your child then you could try Iman an attempt Iman, which translates to “faith.’

106. Inaya:

Inaya is an uncommon, exotic Muslim name that means “concerned,” but also refers to ‘gift from Allah.’

107. Inbihaj:

Beyond the gorgeous appearance of the name, the meaning behind Inbihaj is what makes it more appealing. At the end, who would not want a name that is which is associated with ‘joy and happiness.’

108. Insha:

Insha can be described as an Arabic name that translates to “to create,” or “to express. It can be an adorable name for your precious baby girl.

109. Intisar:

Intisar refers to ‘triumph and who wouldn’t want to win overall negatives?

110. Irsa:

It can be an Arabic and Persian name that is derived from the Greek term Iris. Irsa is a reference to ‘rainbow lily it is a kind of lily that has rainbow-like petals.

111. Iqra:

Iqra is a Quranic name which means read recite. It is believed to be the very first word of the Quran that was sent by the angel Gabriel.

112. Isbah:

The word ‘light’ means ‘light’ which is the perfect name for your baby who has given you a sense of light.

113. Isma:

It is the Urdu name Isma is a reference to safeguarding. It is among the most popular names for Muslim girls.

114. Jabeen:

It is believed that the Persian name Jabeen refers to smiling faces. If your child has the most adorable smile and you want to name her Jabeen is fitting. Which do you prefer?

115. Jadwa:

This name, which translates to “gift,” falls along the same lines as other Muslim names like Hiba and Jada.

116. Jahara:

Jahara is the abbreviated version of Jahan Ara, which would make an elegant, yet strong name for your little girl. The name means “adorning the entire world.’

117. Jahida:

Jahida can be described as an Arabic name, meaning “helper for the weak” and is among the most sought-after Muslim girl names.

118. Jalilah:

The two ‘l’s of the middle and the ‘ah ending give this name a poetic character. Jalilah means ‘illustrious.’

119. Jamila:

Jamila has a variety of spelling variations, like Jamilah, Jamilla, and Jameelah. However, no what you call the name it will always sound gorgeous. Jamila means ‘graceful.’

120. Jannat:

This Arabic form of the word “paradise” could be a great Baby name for your child.

List Of Most Beautiful Muslim Girl Names With Meanings


121. Jaseena:

This Muslim girl’s name originates from Urdu and translates to “nice heart. It’s an appropriate name for a newborn girl.

122. Jazeera:

The most sought-after Muslim girl’s name is Jazeera. Jazeera is a reference to ‘an island’.’

123. Jazmin:

Jazmin is among the very few Muslim names that don’t end with an “a. A fashionable Name, Jazmin means ‘jasmine flower.’

124. Jumana:

Jumana is an Arabic name that comes out of the Arabic language, which translates to silver pearl. It might not be a name that is commonly used but you should think about it if you’re searching for a unique name.

125. Kainat:

Kainat originated from the root word K-WN and is found in numerous places within the Quran. It refers to the universe or ‘all beings.’

126. Kalila:

If you love names that end with the soothing sound of ‘ah You should take a look at this cute Arabic Muslim girl name, which means “beloved.’

127. Karimah:

Karimah The feminine version of Kareem which means ‘generous’, is among Allah’s names of 99.

128. Kausar:

The unisex name is a reference to Hauzu’lhauzu’l Kausar which is a sacred lake that is known as the “pond of prosperity.’ Kausar means ‘abundance either a river which is a paradise lake.’

129. Khadija:

Khadija is famous for being the name given to one of the wives who was first married to the Prophet Muhammad. It is a reference to ‘trusted.’

130. Khairah:

This Islamic name translates to ‘best’ and ‘true’, or ‘virtuous’, and is one of the best names you can give your newborn girl.

131. Khudrah:

Khudrah is a Muslim Baby girl’s name that comes out of the Urdu language and is a reference to “greenery. It could be the name you choose in case you’re a lover of nature.

132. Laila:

We’re in love with this stunning name. Laila can be described as an Arabic name, which means “night.’

133. Lakia:

Lakia is a word that means treasure in Arabic Perfect for your precious treasure?

134. Latifa:

Latifa is the name of a person who came from the Arabic language. It is a word that means “gentle” or “pleasant. This could be the perfect name for your adorable baby.

135. Lina:

If you want your child to be a kind and passionate person, give her the name Lina meaning “tender.’

136. Liyana:

Liyana is a Latin word meaning softness or tenderness. It’s the ideal name for your precious baby girl.

137. Lubena:

It’s the Urdu name Lubena refers to purity. Isn’t that the perfect name for your child who is the star of your eye?

138. Lulu:

Isn’t this a sweet and lively name? Lulu comes from an Arabic word that means “pearl.’

139. Lutfiyah:

Want a unique name for your baby girl? You could consider giving her the name Lutfiyah meaning ‘delicate or gracious. This name came in the Arabic language.

140. Madiha:

This Muslim girl’s name is a reference to “praise” or “admiration” in Arabic.

141. Maha:

Alongside being a reference to the colour and form of the wild cow’s eyes Maha also means ‘rare gem or a spring with clear water.’

142. Mahala:

Women can do more than men! Mahala is a Hindi word meaning ‘powerful’, an appropriate name for a strong baby!

143. Mahek:

If you wish for your baby’s name to be remembered and leave an imprint on the people around you think about giving her the name Mehak meaning sweet scent.’

144. Maheen:

This is a great name for your precious and delicate baby girl. Maheen is a perfect name. Maheen refers to delicate and slim.’

145. Mahfuzah:

The girls are special and deserve to be loved and treasured. If you are feeling the same way regarding your child thinks about the name Mahfuzah meaning “the safe one.’

146. Mahirah:

Do you have a dream of your child becoming an expert and knowledgeable person? If so, think about the name Mahirah which means skilled,’ ‘adept or ‘adept.’

147. Mahjabeen:

Is your little girl as gorgeous as the sun? Here’s a name that will suit her. Mahjabeen is an abbreviation of Mahjabeen and is derived from the Persian word ‘Mah which means moon. ‘Jabeen’ is a synonym for which means forehead. It could mean moon-faced or moon-like.’

148. Mahra:

This unusual name was an inspiration for horses as extremely significant animals of Arab culture. Mahra refers to “filly.’

149. Malaika:

This is a fitting name for your baby. Malaika is a reference to ‘angel’.’

150. Malala:

If you’re searching for a name filled with history, opt for Malala as it comes from Malalai which is the name given to a 19th-century Afghan liberation fighter. Another famous bearer is Nobel Peace Prize winner, Malala Yousefzai. Malala is a reference to’sad or mourned’.’

List Of Most Beautiful Muslim Girl Names With Meanings

151. Maleeka:

If you’d like your daughter to be the king of the world and rule the world, then the name Maleeka is a synonym for a queen, could be the ideal name for her.

152. Manar:

Manar is a fashionable and contemporary Muslim girl’s name. It is a reference to “guiding light. Doesn’t this name fit your child who is filled with joy?

153. Manha:

If you believe that your happiness is a gift from Allah and you believe that this name is fitting for her since Manha refers to the gift of Allah.’

154. Marhaba:

Marhaba refers to greetings or “welcome. It is a trendy and sought-after Muslim girl’s name.

155. Mariam:

Since Mary was afloat out of fashion, her variations are getting more well-known. Mariam can be the Arabic version of Mary and is a reference to ‘bitter’.


Mariam can be translated as the name of Maryam and is revered by Islam as the sole woman identified by name in the Holy Quran.

156. Maysa:

Maysa refers to walking with a confidence of a swinging, proud gait.’

157. Mazneen:

Mazneen refers to shining gold. This name is a gift to your beautiful and vibrant baby girl.

158. Meher:

Meher is a word that means “benevolence” in Arabic. It is a popular Muslim name.

159. Mehreen:

Mehreen originates in The Persian language. “Mehr” means sun or ‘love. In Islam, the word is described as a gift from God.’

160. Meheroon:

Name your beautiful and adorable baby girl. Meheroon is a French word meaning ‘charming beautiful, charming.’

161. Misba:

Originating in The Arabic dialect, Misbah is “lamp” or “light. It comes from a Quranic verse, which translates to “the light that shows how to get there.’

162. Muskaan:

“A smile is an angle that makes everything in a straight line.”Why not name your baby with this gorgeous name that translates to smile.’

163. Naa’irah:

Does a look at your daughter’s face make your day brighter? You might want to name her Naa’irah meaning bright,’ or ‘shining.’

164. Nabila:

Your princess is nothing lower than royalty, isn’t she? Nabila is an ideal name for a princess who means “noble.’

165. Nadia:

The word is derived from The Arabic language, the word Nadia means “soft and delicate,” exactly like your sweet baby girl. It also signifies ‘hope.’

166. Nadira:

What is more appropriate for your baby girl’s name than Nadira which is a Latin word meaning ‘rare’, and ‘unique.’

167. Nafeeza:

Do you think your child is the most beautiful thing in the entire world? You might want to think about giving her the name Nafeeza meaning “pure” or “precious..’

168. Nahida:

Nahida is a very popular Arabic name for women. It is a reference to ‘gentle’ soft, or kind.’

169. Naia:

Meaning ‘comfort and peace the lilting name signifies two essential things that everyone would like their daughters to possess in their lives.

170. Nailah:

If you wish for your child to be the best in her field, you should think about giving her the name Nailah meaning “one who achieves.’

171. Na’imah:

A name that’s both gorgeous and significant, Na’imah is peace or tranquillity.’

172. Najida:

If you wish for your daughter to be an independent and strong woman, you might consider giving her the name Najida which means brave.’

173. Najma:

Najma can be described as an Arabic girl’s name that translates to star. We think it could be the perfect name for your baby girl.

174. Najwa:

This intriguing name can have many meanings, such as secret, “whisper,” and “passionate. We believe it’s an excellent choice for girls who are just beginning to learn.

175. Nargis:

Nargis is a Persian name which translates to “Narcissus, the flower of daffodils. The name is popular due to the famous actress Nargis.

176. Nashita:

Nashita is a Latin word meaning ‘full of life. Isn’t that an incredible name for your child?

177. Nasira:

If your child is the light of your life, think about giving her the name Nasira meaning “a shining star.’

178. Nasreen:

This is a beautiful name for your little girl. It’s derived from the Persian language, which means wild rose.’

179. Nazia:

The Arabic, Pakistani, and Indian Muslim name is familiar enough to allow for easy assimilation. Nazia is a reference to a woman of whom you are proud.’

180. Nida:

List Of Most Beautiful Muslim Girl Names With Meanings

If you’re searching for a name that is religious for your little girl We suggest Nida which means “call to pray.’

181. Nilofer:

The name “Lotus” is beautiful and perfect for your little girl. It is a reference to ‘lotus’ or water Lily.’

182. Nimaah:

Nimaah means ‘blessing’ in Arabic. It’s a poetic name and has a gorgeous-sounding ring.

183. Nimrah:

Nimrah can be described as an Arabic name, meaning “pure” or “clean,” it is the perfect baby girl’s name. girl.

184. Nisa:

This moniker is assimilating perfectly into the mainstream of America. Nisa means ‘woman.’

185. Noushin:

Babies are all about cuddles and kisses. They are God’s most sweet creation and Noushin is just that – sweet.’

186. Nura:

Nura is an enchanting name that is full of lots of beautiful. Nura can be described as one of the Muslim variants of the Arabic name Noor which translates to ‘full light’.

187. Nur Jahan:

The name is derived from an imposing queen of the Mughal Empire, which translates to ‘light of the world.’

188. Nusrat:

Nusrat can be described as an Arabic name that translates to aid, ‘assistance’ or “victory.’

189. Nyla:

Nyla is a fascinating name for girls who are just starting. There are many theories about its origins; some believe it was derived in it being the Arabic word ‘na’ilah which means champion as well as ‘champion’. Other sources claim that it is the title of the name of an Egyptian princess.

190. Ojala:

If your daughter has brought you joy and light and joy, then she’s the Ojala that you have ever known. Ojala refers to the ‘light of the universe.’

191. Omaira:

The word Omaira means red. Omaira is rare, but beautiful, as the child who’s brought joy to your family.

192. Pakeezah:

The name gained fame due to its connection to films and music. Pakeezah originates from the Persian word meaning “virtuous.’

193. Parveen:

Parveen is another well-known name, adorned by numerous famous individuals. It comes in the Persian language, which translates to “cluster of stars.’

194. Pegah:

Your child is the beginning of a new beginning with fresh hope and a new future! Pegah is a word that means “dawn” in Arabic.

195. Qadira:

The word “powerful” means precisely the women we are – powerful and powerful.’

196. Qamara:

Do you have a baby girl with a beautiful face on the moon? You might want to consider giving her the name Qamara meaning “the moon.’

197. Qirat:

The name is intriguing, isn’t it? Its meaning is fascinating. Qirat means ‘a beautiful recitation.’

198. Rabia:

Let your baby become a cheerful and cheerful girl by giving her the name Rabia which means ‘the breeze.’

199. Radwa:

This Muslim name is a reference to a mountainous area in Al-Medina. Radwa mountain is famous for its beauty and its height.

200. Rafeeqah:

It’s a basic name, which means friend.’

201. Rafia:

Rafia is the name of a noblewoman. This is an adorable as well as sweet choice for your little girl.

202. Rahma:

Parents who wish for their daughters to be kind and compassionate in their hearts may choose the name Rahma which means compassion.’

203. Raheemah:

The Urdu name Raheemah refers to merciful.’

204. Rajeeyah:

Life is all about optimism. Therefore, you can set your child on the right path by giving her the name Rajeeyah which means “full of hope.’

205. Ramzia:

If you believe that your baby is the gift of Allah Consider calling her Ramzia meaning “gift.’

206. Ranya:

This is an unusual name that can make your child stand out from the crowd. Ranya means ‘conqueror.’

207. Rasha:

The name is not just gorgeous to pronounce, but also has a beautiful meaning. Rasha means ‘a young deer.’

208. Rashida:

Rashida is a reference to ‘righteous or one who knows how to do things. We believe this name is ideal for your baby girl who will grow into a strong and independent woman someday.

209. Rayah:

As time passes your daughter will be an even more likeable friend for you. Rayah is a synonym for ‘friend in Arabic.

210. Razia:

Razia is one of the Persian names, meaning “content,” or “pleased. The name is simple to pronounce and is an appropriate one.

211. Reeha:

This trendy Muslim girl’s name translates to ‘air’.’

212. Rifaya:

The name is stylish and unique and refers to “brilliance. A little girl will surely love this name.

213. Rida:

While Rida can be used by both girls and boys It’s more popular for girls. Rida is a Latin word meaning ‘God-fearing..’

214. Rihana:

One of the most well-known artists of our time is named Arabic. It’s even pronounced as Rihanna meaning sweet basil.’

215. Rima:

The name, which is loved in Pakistan is well-known because of its association with Rima the Jungle Girl, in the book “Green Mansions The Complete Romance of the Tropical Forest.”

216. Rinaz:

If you wish for your child to be famous, then call her Rinaz meaning ‘great’.’

217. Rizwana:

Another name that is beautiful for your newborn girl. It is the word for beautiful, or ‘garden from heaven..’

218. Roha:

Roha is the perfect name for your little girl who will be the most loved one in your life. The name means’soul'”life” or “soul.’

219. Rubina:

Your baby girl wants to have a blessed life, do you? Why not give her Rubina which means “blessed with love?” It also is a reference to ‘waterfalls.’

220. Rubiya:

Name your baby after the gorgeous and vibrant spring season. Rubiya is a reference to spring.’

221. Ruhee:

It is an Urdu name that is elegant and has an edge to it. Ruhee refers to the soul which is a flower, or “one who can touch your heart.’

222. Rukhsana:

If your child is beautiful and can make hearts melt, name her Rukhsana which means beautiful.’

223. Rukhsar:

The meaning behind the name may sound strange However, the name is a gorgeous one, much like your precious baby girl. Rukhsar refers to ‘cheek’, or ‘face.’

224. Saaedah:

A well-known and traditional name. Saaedah refers to “the quiet one.’

225. Sabah:

  1. The Arabic name Saba refers to ‘dawn or morning.’

226. Sabina:

Sabina is a beautiful and classy name that refers to flowers. It’s likely a perfect name for your precious little girl.

227. Sabreen:

The term Sabreen is derived from SAAD-B and is mentioned throughout the Quran. It refers to ‘patient’, or “forbearing.’

228. Sadaf:

Sadaf is a fashionable and fashionable name that comes from the Arabic language. It translates seashell or oyster.’

229. Sadaqah:

Sadaqah which means ‘charity’ is one of our top choices. The “ah” ending makes it even more appealing.

230. Sadiya:

This well-known feminine form of Said is a reference to luck or lucky.

231. Safiya:

Safiya can be described as an Arabic feminine name meaning pure, or sincere friend.’

232. Sahara:

The beautiful feminine name, which translates to ‘desert and desert,’ could make an appealing debut name for your little girl. You could even write it as Zahara to give a lively style to your daughter’s character.

233. Saida:

Saida is a well-known Muslim name, meaning “the lucky one” in Arabic.

234. Salena:

Salena is a slang word meaning moon in Arabic and is a lovely name for the baby!

235. Salimah:

The term safe flawless’ refers to Salimah as everything you would like your daughter of yours to look like. In addition, it means peace. the name could provide you with a peaceful night’s sleep.

236. Salma:

This is another well-known Muslim name with two roots. In Arabic, it is a reference to peace and security,’ while in Persian it is a synonym for sweetheart.’

237. Samira/Samirah:

This stunning Arabic name has become recognized throughout the world because of Samira Wiley, meaning “companion in conversation at night.’

238. Sana:

Sana which means’mountaintop’ or brilliant’ is among the most sought-after Muslim baby girl names.

239. Sarah:

It is an Old Testament name used extensively by Muslims across the globe. The most famous name has been Sarah Bernhardt, the iconic actress. Sarah is a reference to ‘princess.’

240. Shabana:

This is a typical name that is common in a Muslim households. If you’re interested in going with a traditional name you can choose Shaban which translates to”popular,” or young lady.’

241. Shabnam:

The name is refreshing and has a lovely significance. Shabnam means ‘dew.’

242. Shadan:

This gorgeous name, which is of Persian origin is suitable for both girls and boys. It is light and has the beautiful meaning of “cheerful..’

243. Shaden:

The name, which is poetic and captivating, is a symbol of strength and grace in the best possible way. Shaden is a reference to a baby gazelle that is on her own out in nature.’

244. Shagufta:

If you wish for the name of your child’s baby to become the symbol of prosperity, think about naming her Shagufta meaning ‘blooming or ‘flourishing.’

245. Shaheema:

Shaheema is a synonym for smart, or ‘clever. This is the ideal name for your baby girl who has both appearance and brain.

246. Shaheen:

Wild birds, particularly eagles are granted high importance in the Muslim religion. Why not choose an appropriate name that is influenced by this? Shaheen refers to an “eagle.’

247. Shahida:

This Arabic name translates to “witness. It is among the most popular names for Muslim girls.

248. Shahnaz:

Originating from The Persian dialect, the word shah translates to “king” and “‘Naz’ is a reference to “pride. Therefore, Shahnaz means ‘pride of the King.’

249. Shaila:

This well-known Muslim girl’s name originates from the Arabic language. It translates to small mountain’, or ‘daughter from the mountain.’

250. Shakira:

We are in love with the Colombian singer who has this name and believes that it’s an interesting choice for the name of your child. The Arabic name refers to a graceful woman.’

251. Shama:

If your daughter has the same characteristics as the bright light that illuminates your dark days, choose her name. Shama since it is a reference to “lamp or candle.’

252. Shameena:

Shameena is a distinctive traditional name that means ‘beautiful’ in Arabic.

253. Shareen:

This Arabic origin name means sweet. We think it’s a lovely name for your beautiful little girl.

254. Shazia:

Shazia is one of the names that are unique and is perfect for your unique little girl. It is a sweet aromatic.’

255. Soha:

Soha is adorable. It is an adorable name. Arabic origin name translates to star. It was made famous due to Soha Ali Khan. She is an actress who is well-known in Bollywood.

256. Sohana:

This is the ideal name for your girl who will eventually be a beautiful woman. Sohana means ‘graceful.’

257. Shokoufah:

Shokoufah is the Arabic name, which translates to ‘blossom’.’

258. Siddiqah:

Siddiqah means ‘one who sticks to her word” in Arabic.

259. Soheila:

The children of our family are the main focus of our lives. Therefore, why not give her the name Soheila meaning star in Arabic?

260. Sufia:

Sufia is a sophisticated Muslim variant of Sufia, which is a beautiful Muslim version of the Greek term Sophia. It means “wisdom.’


As the name implies the meaning of Sultana is ‘ruler or “empress.’

262. Sumayah:

Your child is your delight and your pride. Sumayah refers to ‘pride’ in Arabic.

263. Surraya:

The name is a combination of Persian and Arabic roots. In Persian Surraya, the word means “princess,” and in Arabic, it translates to “bright starlight.’

264. Taabah:

Taabah is a synonym for sweet, pleasant” in Arabic. It’s a unique Muslim name.

265. Tahira:

Tahira is an intriguing, yet easy-to-access Muslim name that translates to “pure and pure and chaste.’

266. Taima:

The beautiful name could mean “oasis” or “thunder. We like both meanings are beautiful Aren’t they?

267. Talibah:

Islam is an ancient religion based on knowledge. Talibah refers to a seeker of knowledge.’

268. Taliha:

The name ‘Little’ means “one who is seeking knowledge, your child can be just as curious, and educated as she is adorable with it.

269. Tamara:

Tamara refers to “date tree. Tamara is a well-known term in the Middle East as well as European countries.

270. Taseefa:

Taseefa is a reference to ‘clever or smart. This name is ideal for your lively little girl.

271. Taslima:

Another very popular Muslim girl’s name. It refers to a ‘greeting’, or salutation.’

272. Tasnim:

This name is a reference to a fountain that is paradise.’

273. Tehzib:

You’re looking for a name which makes you feel feminine? Try Tehzib. It is a word that means “elegance” in Arabic.

274. Thana:

Thana which means ‘happy event represents the joyous and joyous time your daughter was born.

275. Ubah:

You can give this name to your child who is as vibrant and innocent as the bloom because Ubah is a flower.’

276. Umaiza:

Umaiza is a name that is unique which means ‘beautiful, softhearted and beautiful. If you would like your daughter’s name would stand out from the crowd take a look at the name Umaiza.

277. Ummid:

Every parent is filled with expectations of their kids. The name Ummid meaning ‘hope’, or hope conveys this feeling perfectly.

278. Urshia:

If you think that your daughter’s name is from the heavens, take a look at this name. Urshia refers to “one who belongs to the heavens.’

279. Valiqa:

It is a unique name meaning ‘trusted. If you’re looking for a name that is unique choose this one.

280. Veeda:

Veeda is a name that is unique and means ‘evident’ in Arabic.

285. Wahida:

This is a unique name for a one-in-a-million baby girl. Wahida means ‘unique.’

286. Waajidah:

It is one of the Muslim girls’ names which means “one who accomplishes their objectives in the world. If you want your daughter to achieve success in her life, you should think about the name she will be given. Wajid.

287. Wasifah:

This is a unique name, meaning “describer.’

288. Yalina:

This is the perfect name for a girl’s baby who is sweet, adorable and the epitome of all things lovely. Yalina refers to soft or gentle.’

289. Yamama:

When it comes to odd names Yamama has an Arabic name that translates to “wild dove. The moniker signifies the speed of movement and agility.

290. Yaminah:

Yaminah is a fantastic Muslim name that means “good and proper” in Arabic.

291. Yara:

The name is also the name of the Brazilian goddess, Yara is an Arabic name that means small butterfly’.’

292. Yasmin:

This timeless Muslim name, which translates to “jasmine flower” is very popular worldwide today.

293. Yasna:

If your little girl is as lovely and delicate as a white rose take a look at that name as a possible choice for your child.

294. Yumna:

Do you believe that the birth of your child brought fortune to the family? If so, you can name her Yumna which means luck, success, or ‘good luck..’

295. Yusur:

Yusur means ‘prosperous. If you would like the name of your child to be noticed then give her this name.

296. Zada:

Zada”fortunate rich, successful, and unique” is a stunningly distinctive Muslim name.

297. Zafreen:

In light of the different roles she’ll take on, and the promising future she is destined to have, Zafreen is the perfect name for your child. It means ‘victorious’, or “knowledgeable.’

298. Zahirah:

The additional ‘h’ in the name makes it different from its more common spelling variant, Zahira. The lovely name is a reference to ‘luminous.’

299. Zaina:

Modern parents can opt for the more simplified version of Zainab which translates to beauty and grace. It is easy to spell, pronounce and even comprehend.

300. Zainab:

The traditional Muslim name was used to refer to both the wife and daughter of the Prophet Muhammad which is why it has gained popularity. Zainab refers to ‘beautiful’.’

301. Zaira:

A name that is a tradition, Zaira, means ‘rose” in Arabic.

302. Zakiyah:

A different name to Hazrat Fatimah Zahrais Zakiyah is an excellent name with deep historical significance.

303. Zara:

If you wish for your daughter to be a Fashionista Name her Zara, which is a Muslim name that comes from the Arabic word ‘zahir meaning ‘flower’.’

304. Zeeva:

Its Arabic name is a reference to “brilliance” or ‘brightness.’

305. Ziya:

Sweet and short, Ziya means ‘light. If you’re looking to choose a name that will have broad attraction, Ziya will be a great choice.

306. Zoya:

We can’t think of a better way to conclude this one. Zoya is a Latin word meaning ‘live.’

Naming your child’s angel can be both thrilling and demanding. Names like Aafia and Afreen refer to beauty, while Malaika is a reference to an angel. It is possible to name your princess Shazia, Surraya, or Daneen. You can try Barika, Rashida, Jazmin or Shagufta when you compare your child’s name to flowers and blooms. Give her the name Jabeen If her sweet smile is captivating or Wahida when you feel she’s special. Your favourite daughter could be named Soha or Najma or even Meher, Daania, or Inaya will express your appreciation for the wonderful gift from God. This collection of Muslim girl names is certain to assist you in choosing the best one for your daughter’s name.