List Of Biblical Boy Names (With Meanings)

The task of combing through all of the Bible to locate biblical boy names could be a daunting endeavour. If you’re like many religious Christians You read your favourite passages often, particularly when you’re struggling and don’t read the entire Bible.

The selection of Bible names for males contains lesser-known sacred names in addition to some of the names that you’re probably familiar with. When you are planning to welcome your new baby the list below will help you stay organized.

100 Biblical Names for Boys and Meanings

If you’re searching for an ominous or holy name for your newborn boy The Bible offers a variety of names and some have been able to stand the test of time over the years since it was first written.

1. Aaron

Roots in Hebrew, Aaron means exalted or high mountain.

Aaron is among those popular boy names that don’t seem to ever go out of style. Each year, it is among the top 1% of names in the U.S. In 2019 it was ranked number 61 on the list of most popular names for boys.

2. Abraham

Abraham is a Hebrew name which means the father of many.

Abraham is regarded as a prominent persona in three religions all over the world that include Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Abraham is referred to as”God’s son” by James.

3. Adam

The Hebrew name signifies a man born who is from red soil.

Adam was the very first human being, by Christianity. Adam along with his partner, Eve, was kicked out of the Garden of Eden because they consumed fruits that came from Adam’s tree, the Knowledge of Good and Evil tree.

4. Aeneas

Originating from Latin and Greek roots, Aeneas means to praise.

A New Testament figure, Aeneas was an invalid who was treated for his injuries by Jesus Christ.

5. Amal

Amal is Arabic by origin and is a word that means hope.

In the Bible, Amal is a male, however, the name itself is a good choice for unisex women. Amal Clooney, a woman lawyer was married to George Clooney, an actor. George Clooney.

List Of Biblical Boy Names

6. Amos

Amos is a Hebrew name which means tough or brave.

Amos is a great name for those who are of the faith. Amos is a name that can be found in the Old Testament, Amos is identified as one of the twelve Minor Prophets.

7. Andrew

The Greek baby’s name is a reference to masculinity.

Andrew was a well-loved boy’s name for a long. It was in 2019 46th in the U.S. for boys. It’s a popular name and is a perfect fit for some of the names like Andy as well as Drew.

8. Asher

Hebrew is the language of origin. Asher is a Hebrew word that means happy.

Asher first made an appearance on the charts of popularity within America U.S. in 1983. However, since 1992, it’s been there for the long haul and 2019 is Asher’s biggest year in popularity at 43.

9. Azriel

Originating in the Hebrew root, Azriel means God is my assistance.

The children of the 1980s will remember Azrael with the slight spelling change, being the Gargamel’s cat from the Smurfs cartoon.

10. Barak

A Hebrew name, Barak means lightning.

Barak was a friend of Deborah the prophetess of the Bible. Barak was the leader of an Israelite army that was preparing to fight Sisera who was a Canaanite commanding officer of the army.

11. Bartholomew

This Hebrew name refers to the father of Talmai.

Bartholomew was among Jesus’s 12 disciples and Jesus was his main disciple. In addition to their appearing on the list of apostles, there isn’t much information about him.

12. Benjamin

Benjamin is a Hebrew name meaning the right hand of my son.

One of the founders of the U.S., Benjamin Franklin was well-known as a scientist, politician, humorist and printer, among many other things. Franklin is also an eminent scientist, who helped discover the mysteries of electricity.

13. Cain

Cain can be a Hebrew name meaning spear or possessor.

The moniker of religion Cain has earned its place among our lists of Bible names for boys. One of the most well-known names found in the Bible is Cain was one of the children of Eve and Adam killed Abel the brother of his.

14. Caleb

Caleb is a Hebrew name, that translates to dedication and faith.

Caleb established its position as a household name during the 1960s when it became a mainstream name. It has been included on the list of the top 1000 most famous songs throughout the U.S. every year since 1968, averaging 52 in 2019.

15. Cyrus

Originating from Cyrus, which is derived from the Greek word Kyros, Cyrus means lord.

Some names enjoy brief, but huge popularity before going out of the fashion. Other names, such as Cyrus do not become wildly famous. Cyrus is on the U.S. popularity charts for over 100 years, never reaching 389th place.

16. Daniel

In Hebrew Name, Daniel means God is my judge.

Another name that is forever popular, Daniel was the name of a song that became a hit by the singer Elton John. The song was about an imaginary soldier returning to the Vietnam war, who is idolized after returning and would like to go back to his normal life before the war.

17. Darius

The word Darius comes directly from Dariush, the Persian term Dariush Darius is a synonym for kingly and rich or possessing.

The singer Darius Rucker rose to fame as the lead singer in one of the most popular bands in the 1990s, Hootie & the Blowfish. In the years since Darius Rucker has remained focused on country music and has scored numerous top-of-the-line hits, however, Hootie & the Blowfish also continue to release albums.

18. David

In Hebrew word, David means the word “loved.

In the Bible, King David has a staggering number of chapters written about his life. However, one of the most cherished of his stories is about how he defeated the formidable Goliath.

19. Ebenezer

Ebenezer is a Hebrew name meaning stone of assistance.

According to the Bible, Ebenezer wasn’t a person. It was a stone that was named. The most well-known Ebenezer that the world has seen is Ebenezer Scrooge. Scrooge was an alcoholic, who discovers hope in the novella A Christmas Carol, a novella written by Charles Dickens.

20. Elijah

A Hebrew name, Elijah means my God is Yahweh.

The name of the Hebrew prophet Elijah continues to be commonly popular. It’s at the top its popularity within the U.S., where it was the fifth most-used boy’s name in the year 2019.

21. Emmanuel

Emmanuel is a Hebrew name that translates to God has been with us.

Emmanuel is an inscription throughout the Book of Isaiah. It’s an indication to it is a sign that the House of David will enjoy protection from God. It is also considered to be a different designation to refer to God and is often thought of as Immanuel.

22. Ephron

In Hebrew terms, Ephron means productive or fertile.

Nora Ephron was an American filmmaker who wrote the massive smashes When Harry Meet Sally… and Sleepless in Seattle.

List Of Biblical Boy Names

23. Esau

Esau which translates to the son of Isaac is a Hebrew name.

The Bible, Esau was a twin in the Bible. He was born before Jacob, his older brother. Jacob and Jacob were born while holding on to Esau’s heel. This is why Esau along with Jacob could be excellent names for twins.

24. Ethan

The Hebrew word, Ethan means robust.

Ethan has spent a significant portion of the past 20 years among the Top 10 of the most well-known brands within the U.S. The name is often used in the world of fiction like that of the Mission Impossible franchise, where Tom Cruise stars Ethan Hunt.

25. Ezekiel

An alternative Hebrew term, Ezekiel means God is strong.

Ezekiel Elliott, born on the 25th of May, 1995 is now a soccer player for the Dallas Cowboys. He was a Pro Bowl selection three times.

26. Ezra

A Hebrew Name, Ezra means to aid.

The spelling Ezra has been rising in the last few years in popularity. In the early part of the 20th century, Ezra was as 430th in names for boys across the U.S. Since that time, it has slowly progressed, and landed at the 49th spot in 2019.

27. Felix

Felix can be a Latin word which refers to happiness or luck.

In the Bible, Felix was a poor governor in Judea. A fictional Felix today was much more popular. Felix Unger and Oscar Madison became unlikable roommates in the popular movie, play and TV show, The Odd Couple.

28. Gabriel

Gabriel can be a Hebrew name that translates to God is my strength.

Gabriel was among one the 100 top most-loved boys’ names in the U.S. in 1976, and it has been there for the past few years.

29. Gideon

In Hebrew words, Gideon means he who is the one who cuts down.

Gideon was regarded as one of the best judges in Israel. That could be an ideal name for the son of the judge.

30. Gilead

From Hebrew roots, Gilead means hill country or mountain.

Gilead was a well-known term in the Bible that referred to three men. The men mentioned are in Numbers 26:29, Judges 11:1, and 1 Chronicle 5:14.

31. Gomer

The Hebrew namesake, Gomer means complete, however, being an English name it is a synonym for popular and excellent.

Many generations associate the character of the same name, Gomer Pyle from the Andy Griffith Show when they hear the name. Gomer Pyle is voiced by Jim Nabors and resulted in the spin-off show Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C.

32. Hezekiah

Hezekiah is a Hebrew name which means my strength is the Lord.

In his role as the thirteenth King in Judah, Hezekiah was called a righteous ruler. Of all the Kings of Judah that were mentioned in the Bible, Hezekiah was regarded as the most faithful and loyal to God.

33. Hiram

An alternative Hebrew term, Hiram means the brother of the most awe-inspiring one.

More often viewed as more of an earlier band, Hiram continually dropped in popularity throughout the early 1900s. In 1920, the name was ranked at number 397 on Social Security’s list of names. In 1983, however the year that it last appeared on the listing, the agency was ranked 968.

34. Ira

In Hebrew Name, Ira means attentive.

Ira Hayes, a member of the Pima Native American tribe, became famous among the Marines to fly the U.S. flag on Iwo Jima during World War II and was called a national war hero by President Dwight Eisenhower.

35. Isaac

Isaac is a Hebrew name which means that laughing.

There are many famous people known as Isaac throughout the ages, including the writer Isaac Asimov and singer Isaac Hanson and the musician Isaac Hayes. The most well-known most famous of them all is Isaac Newton, regarded as one of the greatest scientists of the past.

36. Isaiah

Isaiah Is a Hebrew name which means God is the source of salvation.

While it was briefly out of favour as a boy’s name in the mid-60s Isaiah is still on the Top 100 list since the mid-90s. It was at 53 in the year 2019.

37. Jacob

The Hebrew term, Jacob means he who takes over.

Jacob is the son twin of Isaac and Rebecca. His first biblical reference was found in his name in the Book of Genesis.

38. Jadon

Jadon is a different Hebrew name, which means Jadon will be judged.

Jadon is mentioned in the Bible as one of the men who restored the walls of Jerusalem. He is sometimes referred to as Meronothite. Meronothite because he was from Meronoth the town which the biblical scholars are unable to find.

39. James

James which comes from a Hebrew source, and translates to supplanter.

The Bible, James was an apostle and one of the 12 apostles in the Bible original twelve. A fisherman by profession, James was also John the Apostle’s brother.

40. Jared

Derived from the Hebrew term Yared, Jared is a reference to descent.

In Scripture in the Bible, Jared lived 962 years old and had a son named Enoch at only sixteen years of age. This gives him the honour of being described as the second-oldest person according to the Hebrew Bible.

41. Jason

Jason Jason is an eminent name with and has Hebrew and Greek roots, and signifies that the Lord is the one who heals or saves.

The name Jason is found in The New Testament, Jason of Thessalonica was taken by force from his home by non-believer Jewish people looking to capture Paul. He was detained and placed on bail.

42. Javan

A Hebrew term, Javan comes from the word yavan which translates to Greece.

Javan was Noah’s great-grandson and was thought of as being the Greek people’s forefather.

43. Jaziel

A different Hebrew term, called Jaziel is the name given to you by God.

Jaziel is a name variant of Jahzeel. It is pronounced as Jah-zeel.

44. Jedediah

The Hebrew Name, called Jedediah is the word “friend” of God.

Jedediah is not the most frequently-used name. Over the last 100 years, it’s only appeared in the top 1000 names for boys 9 times. It hasn’t been seen since 1985.

45. Jeremiah

Jeremiah has a Hebrew name that translates to the Lord’s praises.

A lot of people can’t even hear the name Jeremiah and not break into the song’s catchy melody, Joy to the World by Three Dog Night. The first lyrics of the tune are “Jeremiah was a bullfrog.” The song became a huge chart-topping hit in the year 1971.

46. Jericho

The Arabic title, Jericho means city of the moon.

Jericho was an ancient Canaan city mentioned in the Bible that fell to the Israelites and then was abandoned. The present, Chris Jericho is a famous wrestler who is recognized for his outrageous charisma and athleticism.

List Of Biblical Boy Names


47. Jesse

The Hebrew Name, Jesse means God’s gift to us.

American notorious criminal Jesse James continues to fascinate people even after he died in 1882.

Jesse along with his older brother Frank was a famous, and fearsome robber in the Midwest. He was killed by Robert Ford, another outlaw.

48. Joel

Joel can be a Hebrew name which translates to God is God.

The Bible contains 12 prophets minor as well as Joel was one of the twelve. Joel was a regular figure among the top male names within the U.S. for more than one century.

49. John

John can be described as Hebrew in its origin, derived from the word Yochanan and which means God is kind.

Over the past 100 years, the name has been among the most popular names used across the U.S. If you choose to give your children this name you’ll probably have a few different Johns in the class he attends at school. To stand out a bit you could choose Johnny, Jon, Jonathan or Johnathan.

50. Jonah

Jonah is a Hebrew name which translates to dove.

One of the stories from the Bible that most grabs the attention of young youngsters is Jonah as well as the story of the whale. In this tale, Jonah is swallowed by an enormous fish, commonly called a whale. Jonah three days later, vomits from the fish alive and healthy.

51. Jonas

Originating from Yohanan, Jonas is a Hebrew name which also means dove.

Jonah in Jonah, from Jonah and the Whale tale Jonah, from the Jonah and the Whale tale, is sometimes referred to as Jonas. If you’ve heard the tale about Jonah along with the whale it’s somewhat funny that the main character in the Megabook and the film is called Jonas. In the story, Jonas Taylor is trying to stop a megalodon from feeding on sea creatures.

52. joseph

Originating from the Hebrew word Yosef, Joseph refers to an increase or addition.

Joseph’s story Joseph as well as his attire of various shades from The Book of Genesis led to the smash musical Joseph as well as The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

53. Joshua

Joshua is an abbreviation of Yehoshua which is a Hebrew name that translates to Savior or deliverer.

Joshua was one of the names that were popular at times beginning in 1920, but it became popular around the late 1970s. While it’s never been at the top of the list, however, it has been used for many years being the third, fourth or fifth most sought-after name across the U.S. for boys.

54. Josiah

The Hebrew Name, Josiah means heals or God provides.

King Josiah was the ruler of Judah between 640 and 609 B.C. Although he was the son of corrupt rulers Josiah was recognized as a pious and honourable king according to the Bible.

55. Judah

Judah is a Hebrew name that translates to “praised.

There are two references to Judah from the holy bible. The first is a location named Judah and the other is an individual who was one of the children of Jacob and Leah.

56. Jude

Jude is derived from Greek and is a reference to the person who is highly praised.

The hit song Hey Jude by The Beatles was their biggest hit. It started as a tribute to Julian Lennon, John’s son. The song’s title was originally Hey Jules.

57. Kenan

A Hebrew name, Kenan means lamenter or sorrow.

The most well-known Kenan is the actor Kenan Thompson. As a cast member on Saturday Night Live for nearly two decades, he’s participated in the series for more time than anyone else on the show. He currently appears on the sitcom on NBC Kenan and has been featured in films such as Good Burger, Heavyweights, Snakes on a Plane, and Hubie Halloween.

58. Levi

The word “Levi” is a Hebrew term, Levi means attached.

Levi is a rather well-known name, considering that it reminds people of the famous Levi jeans the clothing brand founded in the year 1853. It was founded with the help of Levi Strauss.

59. Lucas

The word “Lucas” is derived from the Latin term, Lucas means light or illumination.

A classic 1980s film, Lucas is the story of a teenager who is played by Corey Haim who falls for one girl who is determined to put him in the”friend zone. The film also stars Charlie Sheen, Kerri Green and Winona Ryder.

60. Lucius

Lucius is a different Latin name, which translates to light or brightness.

In Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, Lucius is an apprentice to Brutus. Shakespeare also incorporates a character named Lucius into his tragic play, Titus Andronicus.

61. Luke

It is the English variant of Lucas, Luke also refers to the word “light-giving.

In the Bible, Luke’s Gospel of Luke has several parables – 19. This is more than the parables that appear in other gospels.

62. Malachi

The name Malachi is of Hebrew source, Malachi means the messenger of God.

A prophet of the Old Testament, Malachi is the last of the twelve minor prophets.

63. Mark

The word Mark is a Latin Name, Mark means dedicated to Mars.

Mark remains a well-known male brand name across the U.S. Numerous famous people are known by the name of Mark like actor Mark Wahlberg, Mark Hamill, Mark Harmon, and Mark Ruffalo, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, and iconic writer Mark Twain.

64. Matthew

Matthew is a Hebrew name that translates to a gift from God.

Matthew The Apostle is one of Jesus’ 12 apostles. In certain churches, such as Roman Catholic churches, Matthew is believed to be a saint.

65. Matthias

The word Matthias comes from Hebrew, Greek, and German roots, Matthias also means the gift from God.

Matthias one of the apostles was chosen by the apostle brotherhood to replace Judas.

66. Micah

Micah is the Hebrew name that means one that he is akin to God.

Micah Hyde, a football player for the Buffalo Bills, showed talent even at an early age. He set records in 17 different categories during his time at school.

67. Michael

Michael Michael, a Hebrew name that also means that he is akin to God.

Since the name Michael has been so well-known for several years, it’s a surprise that there are lots of well-known Michaels. Many too numerous to list here, but some are the actors Michael J. Fox as well as Michael B. Jordan, Michael Jackson, the singer Michael Jackson, and basketball star Michael Jordan.

68. Moses

An alternative Hebrew word is Moses meaning saviour.

Moses is among the most famous characters from the Bible. The most spectacular miracle in the Bible was Moses who, according to legend, split from the Red Sea to help the Israelites escape slavery.

69. Nathan

In Hebrew Origin, Nathan means given.

A counsellor to David, King David, Nathan was a court prophet who transmitted messages from God through Nathan to David.

70. Nathaniel

Nathaniel which can also be described as Nathanael is a Greek variant of the Hebrew term, Netan’el, which means God has provided.

American writer Nathaniel Hawthorne has created several classic works of literature, like The Scarlet Letter and The House of the Seven Gables. A bit introverted, Hawthorne was quiet in social circles.

List Of Biblical Boy Names

71. Noah

A Hebrew name, Noah means peaceful.

One of the longest-running stories in the Bible is the story concerning Noah as well as the Ark. Noah built an ark to ensure his family’s safety and animals on the land, in the course of the massive flood that was caused by God.

72. Obadiah

Obadiah is a Hebrew name which means God’s servant. God.

Within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Obadiah Stane, who was known as Iron Monger, was the main antagonist in the film Iron Man.

73. Omar

In Hebrew as well as an Arabic term, Omar means the word “flourishing” or speaker.

Omar Sharif appeared in classic films such as Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago. He was an Academy Award nominee, he was fluent in six languages.

74. Paul

The word “Paul” is Latin, Paul means small.

Paul is one of the names that has attracted parents over generations. Famous Pauls include musicians Paul McCartney and Paul Simon and actors Paul Newman and Paul Rudd and the patriotic Paul Revere.

75. Perez

Perez is a Hebrew name meaning break or burst.

Although Perez is often used as a first name it’s also a well-known last name. It might be a great biblical option for a mother who was born with her maiden name as Perez and changed her name after she got married.

76. Peter

Peter is an abbreviation of Peter, which is derived from the Greek name Petros meaning stone or rock.

Peter is a well-known character in literature. Peter Pan, Peter Parker Peter Rabbit, Peter Rabbit, and Peter Rabbit have all had an impact on generations of kids and teens.

77. Philip

Philip is derived directly from the Greek name Philippos meaning the friend of horses.

Prince Philip who is also known as Prince Philip, also known as Duke of Edinburgh is the spouse of Queen Elizabeth II. This is a fact that you might not be aware of about Prince Philip His family were exiled to Greece at the time that Philip was just a child.

78. Raphael

In Hebrew terms, Raphael means God has been healed.

The most religiously committed will be able to recognize Raphael as an archangel that is mentioned within the Old Testament or perhaps as the name of the famous Italian artist. However, the younger generation will be impressed by the name since Raphael is among the 4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

79. Reuben

Reuben originates directly from the Hebrew name Reuven and is a reference to behold, an infant son.

According to the legend the Reuben sandwich originated originally thought up by a Lithuanian marketer who was from Omaha, Nebraska. According to legend, he invented the Reuben sandwich as a reward for the occasion of a poker night at a company and it gained a lot of attention from there.

80. Rufus

Rufus is a Latin name meaning redhead.

For people who were born in the 1970s or early 1980s, the name Rufus is a reference to the Chicago group, Rufus, which led to the fame of the lead performer Chaka Khan. The band’s most famous song was their smash hit song, Tell Me Something Good.

81. Samson

The word “Samson” is a Hebrew word, Samson means sun.

Famous Christian powerful warrior Samson had his heart broken by Delilah his wife, which eventually leads to his demise. Samson made use of all his strength to fight those who were Philistines and their ruler, but he perished during the battle.

82. Samuel

Samuel is a Hebrew name which means God has heard.

Since the beginning of time, Samuel has been a popular name for more than 100 years. Samuel has been among the top 100 most popular names for boys throughout the U.S. Samuel is more popular than ever, and is currently in the 22nd position in 2019.

83. Saul

The Hebrew name Saul is a reference to being asked or enquired from God.

Saul hasn’t been one of the most popular brands in the U.S., but it has remained relatively popular for more than 100 years. Saul ranked 532 in the year 2019.

84. Seth

Seth is a word with Hebrew as well as Egyptian origins and the word means anointment, or put.

Star actor Seth Rogen got his big break in 1999, playing the character of Ken Miller in the television show The show Freaks as well as Geeks. While the show’s cult status was only on for one season, the majority of the cast went into big roles with the likes of James Franco, Linda Cardellini, Busy Philipps, and Jason Segel.

85. Silas

Silas is derived from Silas, which is the Latin name Silvanus which is a reference to wood or forest.

Silas who was also known as Silvanus was a leader of the church according to the Bible. He travelled to Antioch in Syria together with Paul and Barnabas for an assignment.

86. Simon

The Hebrew term, Simon means the listener.

Simon has earned an extensive reputation as one of the middle-of-the-road names. Simon isn’t often mentioned however it’s an extremely popular name which is at 246 in the year 2019.

87. Solomon

It is believed that the Hebrew name Solomon originates from the name Shalom which means peace.

The Israel King Solomon was the child of Bathsheba and David in the Old Testament. Solomon was well-known as a wise and wealthy man.

88. Stephen

The word Stephen has roots both of English with roots in English and Greek, Stephen can also be considered to be Stephan refers to a wreath or crown.

In the Bible, Stephen became the first Christian martyr after Stephen was executed with a stone.

89. Thaddeus

Thaddeus refers to the Greek variant of Thaddai Thaddeus, which is an Aramaic name that refers to the heart.

Thaddeus Stevens, born in 1792 was an avid anti-abolitionist and was a leader of the Radical Republicans in the 1860s. Stevens suffered from a constant limp as a result of having been born with clubfoot.

90. Theophilus

From a Greek source, Theophilus refers to the love of God.

This name could be an extremely mouthful for a toddler and can make learning how the spelling of their name at schools quite challenging. If you love the name, you could allow your child to go with the names theo and Phil.

91. Thomas

Thomas is a Greek name that is derived from Ta’oma’ the Aramaic name. It refers to twins.

Thomas has been a famous name for more than 100 years and has often been in the top 10. However, lately, it’s seen its popularity decline with the number 47 in the year 2019.

92. Titus

The Latin Name, Titus means the title of honour.

Titus was a close friend and companion to Paul who was the apostle. Titus was a leader of the church as well as a Christian missionary, which is why this could be a great name for people who have been on missions of religious significance.

93. Tobias

The Hebrew Name, Tobias means God is good.

The name Tobias ranks at number 272 on the list of boys’ most popular names. The name is used frequently in shows on television like Black Lightning, which has Tobias Whale and Arrested Development, which includes fan-favourite Tobias Funke, played by David Cross.

94. Uri

Uri is one of the Hebrew names which means God will be my shining light.

Famous illusionist and psychic Uri Geller is most well-known for his ability to bend spoons with his brain. However, many sceptical magicians and sceptics believe that Geller is fraudulent.

95. Zachariah

A Hebrew word, Zachariah, is the Lord has been remembered.

The name Zachariah did not appear in U.S. popularity lists until 1972 when it reached the number 696. The peak was in 1992 when it reached the number 306.

96. Zachary

An English translation of the word Zacharias. Zachary also means that the Lord has been remembered.

Its actor Zachary Levi went from starring in the TV show Chuck to eventually being an action hero on the big screen. His film, Shazam! was a huge success, as well as a follow-up, is being planned. He also lends his voice to the cartoon character Flynn Rider for the movie, Tangled.

97. Zebediah

In Hebrew word, Zebediah means the gift of Jehovah.

In the Bible, Zebediah was the final King of Judah before its destruction by King Nebuchadnezzar II from Babylon.

98. Zebulun

Zebulun is a Hebrew name that translates to the place of honour.

Zebulun is an exciting, contemporary name that can be interpreted as a little edgy. According to the Bible, Zebulun, the sixth son of Leah and Jacob was a slave to his older brother Joseph in a deal with traders.

99. Zeke

A Hebrew Name, Zeke means strength of God.

Zeke was not one in the ranks of the top 1,000 most well-known boys known across the U.S. until 2011. Zeke has appeared included each year since it was at 654 on the list in 2019.

100. Zion

Zion is a Hebrew name which means the high point.

Zion is pronounced ZYE-on and it was not an individual named in the Bible it was a place. Zion was a Canaanite hill fortress that was called Zion was later renamed Zion, the City of David.