List Of All Mr & Mrs Questions You Will Love

It’s the little things that make the big day of the bride unique.

Our Mr and Mr Questions Hen-Party Quiz an enjoyable amazing, fantastic, and free method of making your party memorable.

We’ve compiled the most comprehensive collection of classy, funny as well as raunchy, just plain dirty questions to fit every style.

Find the ones that suit your personality and enjoy watching the laughter unfold.

How to Play Mr & Mrs Questions…

  1. Select your question from the categories listed below.
  2. Transfer them to the bride
  3. Make sure that the answers are kept from the bride-to-be
  4. Ask the bride questions before revealing the groom’s responses
  5. You could have the bride speak to her on her own or divide the hens into groups

How to Play Mr & Mrs Questions Drinking Game…

  1. The same rules apply that were mentioned above.
  2. For every question, the bride has the correct answer The hens sip
  3. For every question, the bride makes a mistake She drinks!

How Many Mr & Mrs Questions Should I Ask?

You could also inquire about all 111 of them however you could be in the area for a few minutes.

We’d suggest that around 20 M&M Questions are ideal.

This should be enough to turn it up, without making it so numerous that people get bored.

Are My Mr & Mrs Questions Too OTT?

If you are choosing the Mr and Mrs Quiz questions, be sure to consider the guests who will be attending the Hen.

If it’s the wedding party’s close friends and she’s got an incredibly funny sense of humour and is a sarcastic person, then go for the vulgar and sexually explicit questions.

If the bride’s aunties and mum are also present, you might want to be cautious and exercise being cautious and keep out the bad ones.

Fun Questions

Starter Mr & Mrs Questions

  • When was your first date? What was the date you first met?
  • Who requested another date?
  • Who was the first person to be interested in who?
  • One word: What was his first impression?
  • One word: What was your initial impression of him?
  • What was the first time you kissed someone?
  • Who told me I loved you first?
  • What was your location when you first mentioned you loved each of your partners?
  • Was the very first place that you shared a meal at?

Funny Mr & Mrs Questions

  1. What’s the most irritating thing about him?
  2. What was the most memorable thing he said about the most irritating thing you do?
  3. Make a list of all their uncles and aunts… Go!
  4. Which is the best driver?
  5. What is it that he said that you’re most likely to go to jail?
  6. What’s his most-loved pastime?
  7. Who is his celebrity crush?
  8. Who’s your favourite celeb?
  9. Sort these by you, their most-loved food, their most-loved team of sports
  10. Who has the most unpleasant morning breath?

Dirty Mr & Mrs Questions

  1. What’s his most favoured sexual position?
  2. Is he a boob or a boob?
  3. What was the time after you first met? did you start having sex?
  4. Who’s hornier?
  5. What’s the most bizarre spot you’ve been in?
  6. What’s his favourite area of his body?
  7. What fantasy bedroom costume would Mr. you be in?
  8. What is his description of the technique of kissing?
  9. If he were to lick your food which one would he choose?
  10. What is the most romantic place for him to be in love with you?

Who is Mr & Mrs Questions

  • Who’s the first person to apologize?
  • Who’s the cleanest?
  • Which one is the most dramatic?
  • Who is smarter?
  • Who is more beautiful?
  • Who is more determined?
  • Who is more adroit?
  • Who’s the best cook?
  • Which person is most likely to take a skinny dip?
  • The person who is the most likely to take a bite of something from the floor?

Most Likely to Mr & Mrs Questions

  • The most likely candidate to pull an absence from work?
  • The most likely to get the bins off?
  • Most likely to find an unwashed pile and not get it done?
  • Are they more likely to throw food items themselves?
  • Most likely to make your bed?
  • More likely to buy gifts?
  • More likely to spend more time using the restroom?
  • The most susceptible to losing their phones an evening?
  • Are they likely to flake out during a date night out to hang out with their friends?
  • Most likely to complement the other?

Classy Mr & Mrs Questions

Classy Mr & Mrs Questions

  • What colour eyes does he have?
  • What colour eyes did he tell you had?
  • What romantic dinner did he promise to make for you?
  • When should your husband purchase your flowers?
  • He was asked to praise you. What did you say to him?
  • What’s his concept of a romantic date?
  • What’s your ideal romantic date?
  • Money is not an issue Where would he take you for an anniversary trip?
  • How many children would he like to have?
  • How many children would you like to have?

Controversial Mr & Mrs Questions

What’s their take about…

  • Pineapple on pizza?
  • Are you sleeping in socks?
  • Making a sandwich (straight or. diagonal)?
  • Toilet paper (over vs. under)?
  • Determining who is the father of your baby’s gender or waiting to be born?
  • Cats vs. dogs?
  • Spring, summer, autumn, winter?
  • How do you say”Scone” “Scone”?
  • Jaffas cake (cakes and biscuits)?
  • What is peanut butter (crunchy or smooth)?

Alternative Mr & Mrs Questions

Alternative Mr & Mrs Questions: Him

  • If he was to win PS100 What would he use it for?
  • What’s the most insidious thing he’s ever done at school?
  • What’s the most valuable object that he’d want to save from an emergency fire?
  • Which is his favourite band?
  • Which is his most-loved film?
  • What’s his greatest accomplishment?
  • What celebrity does believe he is the most like?
  • How did he first feel about your parents?
  • What’s his most-loved food?
  • Who will be the actor in the film that would tell his tale?
  • What is his favourite food item?
  • Which was his initial job?
  • What’s his most feared fear?
  • What is his favourite track?
  • What is his ideal perfect day?
  • Would you prefer to be a rock star or a professional athlete?
  • Who are the three celebrities who would be at the dinner party of his dreams?
  • What three celebrities would he take down?
  • Who is he doing the most convincing impression of?
  • What’s the thing he’s most satisfied with?

Alternative Mr & Mrs Questions: Her

  • If you were to win PS100 What would you do to do?
  • What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve done in school?
  • What’s your most treasured object you’d keep in the event of an emergency fire?
  • Which is your favourite artist?
  • Which is your favourite film?
  • What’s your greatest achievement?
  • Which famous person do you think you’re the most like?
  • What did you first think about his father?
  • What’s your most-loved dish?
  • Who will play you in the film that you have lived in?
  • What’s your favourite food item?
  • Was your initial job?
  • What’s the biggest fear you have?
  • What’s your favourite song?
  • What is your ideal perfect day?
  • Do you prefer to be a rock star or one of the sports stars?
  • What three celebs would you like to see at your ideal dinner celebration?
  • What three celebrities would you be willing to kill?
  • Who is the person you give the best impressions of?
  • What are you proudest of?

And Finally Mr & Mrs Questions

  1. What’s one thing he mentioned he admires the most about you?
  2. What was he saying that you’ll most miss while away for your hen weekend?
  3. What is he eagerly anticipating regarding your wedding?
  4. What’s the most concerned about at your wedding?
  5. On a scale from 1 to 10 How Bridezilla did he tell you were?
  6. What was he saying about the most enjoyable thing about getting married to you?
  7. What do you think he said was the most terrifying thing about marrying you?
  8. What’s the only thing he told you he’ll do, even if you’re grey and wrinkled?
  9. What’s the length of time he said we’re allowed to abduct you before he’s going to want you to return?
  10. Did he share any embarrassing things about you to make you laugh?
  11. What was the most memorable thing he wanted us to share with you from him during this test?

If you’re unsure of which one to go with then take a look at the Perfect 20 Mr & Mrs Quiz below.

The Perfect 20 Mr & Mrs Quiz

The Perfect 20 Mr & Mrs Quiz

  • What was the date you first met?
  • One word: What was his first impression?
  • What did he tell you about the most irritating thing you do?
  • Make a list of all their uncles and aunts… Go!
  • Then rank these you, their most-loved food, their favourite sports team
  • What fantasy bedroom costume would the man you love make you look like?
  • What would he say about the technique of kissing?
  • Who is smarter?
  • The most dramatic person is who?
  • Who is the tidiest?
  • The most likely to get the bins off?
  • The most likely to sulk during a date night out to meet their friends?
  • Most likely to complement the other?
  • The man we spoke to asked us to praise you. What did you say to him?
  • What is the best time to purchase your flowers?
  • Do you think he would rather know the gender of the baby, or just wait until birth?
  • What was his first impression of your parents?
  • What is his favourite food item?
  • What is the most excited about at your wedding?
  • What’s one thing that he told you he likes the most about you?

Top Tips for Your Mr & Mrs Questions

Top Tips for Your Mr & Mrs Questions

When to Play

The Mr and Mrs Questions Game is perfect for pre-dinner games when everyone is in the mood for a party and has consumed too much alcohol.

  • If you make the mistake of starting way too soon, the people will not be as dedicated.
  • If you take it late, the people are too drunk to be concerned.

Make it Personal

Make your experience as unique as you can.

The groom should be asked to try to avoid giving generic responses.

Take the time to consider the idea, making it unique.

Film His Answers

To make it more memorable why not film his responses?

Then, you can play the game by pausing and resuming it after each question.

If done correctly, this could be amusing!

Finally Mr & Mrs Questions

What is the Mr & Mrs Questions Shoe Game?

You might have come across this word when looking for the quiz questions.

The Mr & Mrs Questions Shoe Game is a popular game to play during the wedding reception which is played by the bride and groom. are seated back-to-back.

Both remove their shoes and swap with the other.

The quizmaster will be reading the quizmaster’s Mr as well as Mrs questions at the same time they’ll each raise the same shoe to the person they believe the answer is.