List Of 99 Text Messages To Make Him Obsessed Over You

Are you looking for the best texts to make your boyfriend obsess about you?

We live in an exciting time. It’s never been easier to communicate. It is easy to communicate with people from other parts of the world in real time by simply sending a text message to your phone. This kind of power has never been seen in any other human generation.

Yet, so many women ignore this fact. Worse, many women don’t know the power of texting. They take it as a given and don’t even think about using it to send men messages.

Their love lives are less fulfilling and successful than they would like.

You shouldn’t make this mistake. This article will show you 99 funny and flirting messages to make him love you, whoever he may be.

You can edit them or delete them. It is up to you what you do with the information after reading this article. It’s a great thing to be able to make men think of you, even with texting at your fingertips.

List Of 99 Text Messages To Make Him Obsessed Over You

These are the 3 secrets to getting a guy to text you.

Let me share some eye-openers before we move on to the text messages. These secrets are the insider tips for texting men that you would not have known if you tried it for months or even years.

Although these lessons might seem obvious and simple, they are so powerful that you cannot afford not to learn them. It will be ten times easier to attract men and start the relationships you desire.

These three secrets will save you a lot of time and money.

1. It’s not what you write, it’s how your text makes him feel

Texts that make a man want you are usually less than 10 words. One-liners or two-liners are more effective at triggering men’s imaginations than lengthy text conversations.

This is why 99 of the text messages that you are about to receive are only short, sweet one-liners. Each one can make him think about you for at most a few hours.

Here’s another secret: The more your mind is occupied, the more romantic feelings he has for you. This is something you can use to your advantage.

2. Neediness is your biggest enemy

This means that you don’t want your obsession to become a distraction from the men you text.

Are you needy? Is it fear of being rejected? Here’s how to find out. Do you find the idea of sending a text to a guy to get his attention, only to have him reject you or accuse you of being thirsty frightening?

If you answered yes to any questions, I’m afraid that you are needier than you should be.

It is easy to find the solution. You can simply text more than one man. You’re sure to like at least one man in your life. If you text them all at least once, you’ll find that some of them are equally interested in a relationship.

You won’t be bothered by the interested ones if you can find them!

3. Men are simple

The wise old saying “Men are simple” is something you may have heard. “Men are simple. It takes nothing to make a man happy.

While I don’t say you should do that, it is important to remember not to overthink guys.

Men, or the real ones, are comfortable with the idea that there is a way to have sex, date and relationships. While they won’t cross the line with a female, they will explore what they can do together. They’ll also be cordial with each other if there is no relationship.

This is the secret power behind the 99 text messages that you’re about to learn. They will make men obsess about you and separate the real men. How they answer will tell you which one is which.

Are you ready? Let’s begin with the flirty ones.

We’ll be covering funny messages later, and sweet messages later. If you are already in a relationship, skip to the sweet texts.

Each category serves a different purpose so make sure you are familiar with them all. This will allow you to easily send any guy a text message at any time and for any occasion.

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33 Flirty Text Messages for Him to Obsess over You

When is flirting appropriate? This is when you feel there’s a spark of chemistry between yourself and the man you’re interested in texting. It could be that you have only met or you may have been to coffee before.

There’s no doubt that there is between you in all of these situations. A flirty text message is a perfect way to do it.

These are 33 flirty text messages that you can send to your boyfriend to make him love you.

  1. “You’d make a great catch!”
  2. “My friends hate you for having me.”
  3. “My coworkers have been asking me why I smile so often at work. “Is it because of you?”
  4. “One in a Million, you are.”
  5. “I told my friends all about you.”
  6. “You look hot!”
  7. “I love your confidence and determination.
  8. “You are so difficult to resist.”
  9. “You are such a manly guy.”
  10. “You are so sweet. It’s not like the majority of men I know.
  11. “Netflix and chill”
  12. “Guess what you’d do if I was right now with you.”
  13. “I want to be with you.”
  14. “Good night. Even if we were right there, I don’t think we will be sleeping.
  15. “On one condition, you can come over.” Do not tell anyone.
  16. “Is it OK if a woman makes the first move together?”
  17. “I love the idea of being awake beside you every morning.”
  18. “Can you help with something?” It will be worth your time.
  19. “I feel sore all over. Could you please give me a massage?
  20. Let’s just skip work and lay in bed all day tomorrow.
  21. “I also had a difficult day. Do you want to take a long, hot shower with me?
  22. “Are you bored?” “Come over!”
  23. “I can’t help but think about how you kissed me last evening. I can’t get over it.”
  24. “It’s cuddle time.”
  25. “It was so hot last evening I slept naked.”
  26. “What is your favourite type of coffee?” So I can plan what to make the next morning.
  27. “I have been thinking about you all day. Guess what I’m thinking.
  28. “I cannot show you my new underwear.”
  29. Let’s see something scary tonight. I can trust you to keep me safe.
  30. “What would you do to me if you were all alone right now?”
  31. “You, me, pizza, beer, my place, tonight.”
  32. “You’ve been at the forefront of my thoughts all day.”
  33. “Can you make my dessert tonight?”

These are 33 flirty text messages that you can use when you’re in a hurry. Want to know how to make a guy love you via text message? This is the 33rd way to make a guy fall in love with you. This page might be useful as a cheat sheet.

You can and should edit messages to make them more effective. The flirtier and more personal the message, the more obsessed the recipient will be.

It’s a great time to recall Secret #2. Neediness is your biggest enemy, so resist the temptation to become needy.

It’s okay if he doesn’t respond. It’s okay if he wants to be friends. If he is looking for the same things as you, that’s great!

What if you find the 33 flirty messages a little too daring? Don’t worry. You won’t be disappointed.

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33 Funny Text Messages to Make Him Love You

When is it appropriate to be funny with a guy when you text him? Humorous text messages work best when you are not certain if he likes to be funny. You may have met him as a friend, coworker or close acquaintance, but he might be shy at first.

Perhaps he just said something vaguely, hinting that he loved you. It’s not clear what his true feelings are. How can you tell if he obsesses over you?

That’s how. With funny text messages. You can send one to him and watch how he responds. If he engages in banter and bites, it could be that he is interested.

33 funny text messages to make him love you:

  1. “I love your _____.”
  2. “Can you please send me a picture of you shirtless?” It is necessary for several reasons.
  3. “You’re nuts. “I like the way you think.”
  4. “Your dad’s jokes can be so funny. It’s so funny.
  5. It’s almost like you’re Photoshopped. When I am next to you, I feel so beautiful.”
  6. “You make the suit look great.”
  7. “What colour do YOU like the most? I’m buying new underwear.”
  8. “Stop making your photos look so delicious. “I’m trying to get things done.”
  9. “What would you like for dinner?” Steak, spaghetti or me?
  10. “I dreamed about you last night. It was… Naughty.”
  11. “Can you unwrap me under the Christmas tree?”
  12. “My bed’s cold. Wink wink.
  13. “Sorry to hear that you had a difficult day. Please come over to me so that I can offer you a happy end.”
  14. “I have a surprise to offer you. But it’s in my apartment.
  15. “What is your greatest dream?” “I’ll see if I can help.”
  16. “Would you like to meet up for coffee?” “Yes, I am asking you out. “Yay me!”
  17. “I feel naughty. It’s all your fault.
  18. “I believe I will need a lobotomy to get you out of my head.”
  19. Send me your photo! I need a pick me up.”
  20. “You are my favourite pillow.”
  21. “Why are you constantly texting me, when I think of you?”
  22. “You make me feel like a queen. “Can I make you feel like the king?”
  23. “You make me think of inappropriate thoughts.”
  24. “If I’m rude, it’s your fault.”
  25. “I wish I met you sooner. Imagine all the crazy things we could have done together.
  26. “I miss you. Or else, you’d better be missing us all.
  27. “You can trust in me. “Can I trust you?
  28. “Time flies when you’re with me. Perhaps we should share an apartment?
  29. “You are everything to me. Now, say something cheesy to me.
  30. “You make me laugh even when you aren’t there.” What does this say about you?
  31. “You make me feel warm and fuzzy.” You are a romantic comedy.”
  32. “Thanks for being there for me. I await your terms and conditions …”
  33. “No one understands my feelings better than me. Either you are just as crazy as me or worse.

Do funny texts have an advantage over flirty texts? They are possible deniability. This means that a funny text could be taken in two different ways. It could be harmless or a hint at something sinister.

This means that you can keep yourself safe. For example, let’s say you meet a charming guy who sells bed linens. You can send him the Funny Text #45 below: “My bed is cold.” Wink wink

Three things could happen now:

  • If he sees you only as a friend (or potential client), he may send you a catalogue of his finest duvets. You tried.
  • He might secretly like you and tell you something like “If you’re able to wait until after dinner, I can heat it for you.”
  • Worst-case scenario: If he calls or accuses of you being thirsty (or says something like “Hey, he’s married!”), it’s fine. You can send him a text saying “What?” You can text back: “What?

Pretty neat, huh?

You have two options when it comes to how you text a man: be flirty or funny.

Let’s now talk about a special segment. What if you have a man in the family? Text messaging can help you strengthen and deepen your relationship.

The enthusiastic “yes” is the answer, and here’s why.

Naughty Text Messages That Will Make Her Wet And Wild For You Quickly

33 Sweet Text Messages for Him to Make Him Love You

Your man will not be forgotten: Men want to be recognized. hungry for validation are the fellas in our generation.

They are not being needy. They are merely complaining about how unfairly society treats them. Men are often shamed for being themselves everywhere they go. It’s not hard to see the irony in this: Men are shamed for being themselves.

It’s because he needs to know that you appreciate him and send him encouraging messages. He should feel that he is doing a great job, especially about the woman he has married ( )

Here are 33 sweet messages to show him how much you love and care about him:

  1. “I appreciate everything you do.”
  2. “I didn’t know that you were an expert in _____”
  3. “So how was your trip/meeting/presentation today?”
  4. “I am proud of your hard work.”
  5. “You are so smart. I’m impressed.”
  6. “You are always able to find the right words to say.”
  7. “You are a good man.”
  8. “You are good at what your do.”
  9. “What you did was truly thoughtful.”
  10. “That was a smart decision.”
  11. “You are so resourceful. “I can’t wait for the next problem that you solve.”
  12. “You are not judgmental and that is why so many people love you.”
  13. “You are the most genuine person I know.”
  14. “Thank you for your help today. Your help saved my skin!
  15. “Tell me something that you are not good at.”
  16. “I didn’t know you had it in yourself,”
  17. “You are such a blessing.”
  18. “Give me some space in your week?”
  19. “I’ll always have your back.”
  20. “I loved our date last weekend. “I can’t wait for it to happen again.”
  21. “I am the luckiest girl on the planet.”
  22. “I love you. “You know that, right?”
  23. “I still feel the butterflies when we are together.”
  24. “I feel secure when I’m with You.”
  25. “I cannot help but fall in love with your beautiful soul.”
  26. “Being with you is like a dream. “I don’t want you to wake me up.”
  27. “I cannot wait to see you again.”
  28. Let’s have dinner together. “My treat!”
  29. “I think about our first date every day. It was a wonderful memory.
  30. “My heart leapt when I saw your message!”
  31. “There is no place I’d rather go than in your arms.”
  32. “I love our relationship!”
  33. “Thanks for being you.”

Are you currently in a relationship? Send him the text message you chose from the list. He will be happy.

The best thing? The best part? You can send him sweet texts from anywhere, anytime. You can send one to him whenever you feel he needs it or just to brighten his day.

Let’s wrap it up by answering a few frequently asked questions.

How can you make him obsess over you through text?

All of it comes back to Secret 1. What you write in a text message is not important, but what it makes him feel. This is what triggers obsession.

What happens if he becomes obsessed? He will think about you for hours or even days. If he is a good guy, you can reply to him and have a brief chat over text.

Here are two helpful reminders for singles who want to meet others.

First, think about what you want from texting a man. Are you looking for a date? Do you want a real relationship? Do you prefer a quiet, unattached hookup?

Here’s why this is important: He might not desire the same thing you do. He might be interested in a relationship but not in a real one. That won’t be enjoyable.

You might want to hook up with him, but he would prefer to be your boyfriend. It won’t be enjoyable. You get the idea.

Before you send a man a text, think fast: What type of relationship do you want?

This is the first reminder. This is the second reminder: He will not be obsessed forever.

If your message had a lasting impact, it might be that his thoughts drift to you only for the night. If he doesn’t get the date he wanted, or if your message isn’t as important to him, he will stop thinking about you.

Be realistic about your expectations and text multiple men. Also, be quick to get over bad matches. You will soon find the ones that matter and it will be worth it.

But, is there a way to increase the time he thinks of you?

Let’s see, let’s do it!

List Of 99 Text Messages To Make Him Obsessed Over You

How can you make him think about you all the time?

You’ve likely realized by now that he needs to keep you on his mind as much as possible.

  • Your text message should be on-the-money and trigger the right emotions in him
  • It doesn’t matter if you are looking for friendship, to get together, or to establish a relationship, you must share the same goals in dating.
  • There must be many reasons for you to spend more time together.

How do you determine if #2 or 3 applies? That’s how you find out if #2 or #3 applies to you. You meet him, spend some time together, and you’ll see what it’s all like.

The best scenario is when you want the same kind of relationship.

  • You can remain friends forever if you want to be friends.
  • You can both be partners if you want to have a real relationship.
  • And if you just want to hook up with each other, you can be friends with benefits for several months. You can be friends with benefits for as long as you want, or until one of you becomes bored or wants more.

What is the worst-case scenario? You are not a good match and you agree to part on neutral terms. That’s a positive development. You won’t waste any more time with him and can move on to the next one.

As you can see, sending flirty and funny text messages is a great way to make him smile. You now know how to make him love you. Let your phone guide you to a happier and more fulfilling relationship.


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