List Of 8 Vintage Cabbage Patch Dolls Worth A Fortune Today

Others dreamed about finding a friend in the cabbage patch or picking up mouse ears at Disney World. Cabbage Patch Kids dolls were hugely popular during the 1980s and 1990s. They are now highly collectable, just like other unique doll brands. Cabbage patch kids from 40 years ago are still worth thousands of dollars. You should have kept at least one of these must-have Christmas presents.

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Dolls “Brat” from 1983

The soft-bodied toys of Xavier Roberts were not launched until 1982, with a new design and a different name. Finding dolls in their original packaging from this year, or the year after, is difficult, but can be very lucrative.

You should look out for dolls that have the “brat face” mould, which was used in the second year of production. You’re looking for dolls that have dimples on each cheek, and long noses. They’re rare, and worth $100-$500 if you find the right collector. One sold at around $450.

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1985 Mickey Mantle Doll

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After Coleco (now Hasbro), the company controlled by Hasbro had conquered America, they expanded their catalogue to include tons of popular characters that kids could relate to. Cabbage Patch Kids’ All-Stars was one of them. Mickey Mantle, the legendary Yankees player, is a huge draw.

One of these signed dolls a href=”×1608-mickey-mantle-cabbagepatch.png”>sold for $630/a> in 2021. In 2021, one of these dolls was sold for $630.


Cabbage Patch Twins 1985

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According to the tagline on their packaging, “twins are twice as nice!” Unopened, they are also twice as good for your wallet. If they are well-maintained, these duo dolls could sell for more than $500. For example, this 1985 boxed set was sold on eBay for $405. These limited edition dolls were twins, so two for the cost of one. They are an unusual style that you don’t often see in vintage catalogues.

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Megan Maryllis Doll 1987

Megan Maryllis Cabbage Patch Kid 1987 doesn’t seem to be anything special. She has a pair of bouncy curls pigtails, and bright green eyes. But she is just like any other doll from their line. She’s still in the box (meaning that she has never been opened).

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find fully boxed dolls of the 1980s. They are therefore worth much more than dolls that have been loved. Many of the most expensive collectables are those that were purchased by a single collector to fill a void. This one was worth $1,050 to one collector.


Iddy Buds Signed Doll 1987

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In 1987, the company produced a limited-edition Iddy Buds doll. It was a smaller, swaddled version of their popular doll. These vintage dolls are valuable because they have Xavier Roberts’ signature on their feet. You can expect dolls that are signed to be worth between $350-$600. One doll is currently for sale at $475.

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Splash ‘n Tan Doll 1991

Cabbage Patch Kids are not all soft-bodied dolls meant to sit on your bedding. In the 1990s they began to produce dolls that had animatronics to compete with the growing market for tech toys.

Splash ‘n Tan was one of them. It was safe to get soaked, even though it couldn’t move its arms or swim. You could use a Cabbage patch Kid both inside and out. These dolls are worth $500+ to the right collector. For example, this boxed doll that was bought for $780 was sold on eBay.

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Mattel Cabbage Patch Dolls 1995

In 1994, the famous toy manufacturer who brought playthings like BarbieYou can also find out more about the following: Hot Wheels Stores purchased the licensing rights for Cabbage Patch Kid. After a year, the first dolls were released. For some collectors, they are very valuable.

It’s partly because the company was making slight changes in their dolls. The prices of the first edition Mattel dolly vary widely, but a first edition Black Cabbage Patch did recently sell for $6000 without a box. This is high by Cabbage Patch standards.

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1996 Special Olympic Edition Cabbage-Patch Dolls

The Summer Olympics were held in Atlanta, Georgia, and 1996 was a big year for America. Cabbage Patch Kids, a company based in America, took advantage of the frenzy to create their limited-edition dolls honouring some of the sporting events.

Commemorative dolls have a special appeal. Cabbage patch kids aren’t the most expensive, but they do well. Ruby Lane, for example, has a soccer player doll listed at $116.

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Why are vintage cabbage patch dolls valuable?

Not every Cabbage Patch kid is valuable. It’s no wonder you find so many of them in thrift shops. Some serious collectors hunt for the last pieces to complete their collections. This makes some dolls more valuable than others.

Keep an eye out for the following characteristics if you want to find the rarest Cabbage patch dolls:

  • Search for 1978 “Little People”. These soft-headed dolls were the precursors of Xavier Roberts’s Cabbage Patch Kids. They are worth a lot.
  • Discover first-edition dolls by various manufacturers. The first dolls were released in 1982 and the first Mattel dolls in 1995.
  • Check for signatures. Dolls signed by Xavier Roberts, the creator of the dolls, are highly collectable.
  • Search for unusual moulds or designs. These can include toys like Snacktime dolls, which were recalled after they were manufactured, and moulds from which fewer dolls have been made.
  • Collectors gravitate towards unopened dolls. Cabbage patch dolls that are still sealed are what they are after.
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The Toys of the ’80s that have Aged Amazingly Well

Do not throw away the Cabbage Patch dolls from the 1980s, which every child begged for. Some of these vintage Cabbage patch kids have appreciated beyond our wildest expectations. Next time you find a Cabbage Patch boxed doll at a thrift shop, flip it over and you may discover a hidden treasure.