List Of 47 Sweet, Deep Signs Your Boyfriend Really Loves You & Cares For You

It’s impossible to tell how your man feels about your woman, so it is important to find the signs that your boyfriend loves and respects you. These are the signs to look out for, and what you should do if your man doesn’t.

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He loves me… he doesn’t… but he most likely loves me… so you might be wondering what the signs are that your boyfriend is in love with you. It’s nerve-wracking.

Perhaps he said it to you. However, words are not always enough. It’s the actions that matter. How can you tell if your boyfriend is truly madly in love?

While you are there for him, you wonder if he feels the same. You know deep down what he feels. You will know the truth when you begin to look at the signs and pay attention to your intuition.

Read our list of signs that your boyfriend is in love with you and find out.

Signs that your boyfriend truly loves you

You can’t know what men are thinking when it comes to people, especially men. You can hear a guy say he loves you but not mean it. Or he could be lying and love you for many years.

Although it is best to ask your boyfriend how he feels about you, this can be intimidating. Instead, let’s look at ways to tell if your boyfriend is in love with you.

You can only give so many signs to let someone know they love you. You only need to look at the signs to get a clue about their thoughts.

Now it’s time for you to discover if your boyfriend truly loves you.

1. He stares

Men are visual creatures. You can tell when they love something when they stare. Your boyfriend may be staring at you constantly if he loves what he sees.

If he is staring at your face in secret, and you can catch him doing it, that’s even better. You can smile, wink, and soak up all the love he offers you.

2. He feeds you

Your stomach is the key to a man’s soul. You may be on a diet too strict to notice or bother.

Seriously, a man who truly loves you will buy food for you without you even knowing. He thinks about food as well as you when he thinks about food. He will buy you organic potato chips or artichoke dip to show that he cares about you.

3. He makes you laugh

If he feels comfortable around you, it is another sign that he is madly in love.

He loves to smile, and he will do anything to put a smile on your face when you’re feeling down.

4. He can’t help but be in love with you

He is not only naughty in the bedroom sense. He is in love with you, but he wants to be close to you.

He is a lover of being close to you and touching you. You’ll see him touching your skin in many different ways.

5. He imitates you

He mimics others to flatter him, which is why he doesn’t even realize it. Mirroring is a form of imitation that is common in the animal kingdom.

If he sits in a certain position and does the same thing or repeats what you say, it’s an indication that he is physically and primally attracted to you.

6. He cuddles

If your boyfriend is willing to cuddle you and not even try to have sex, it’s a sign that he loves you.

If you love a man, he will want to be close to you. He will be content with the simple fact that you are close to him. He doesn’t mind if there is sex afterwards.

7. He will spend time and money on you

He will spend his money and time on you because he is in love with you. He doesn’t mind it, as he loves you and will spend his money on you.

He loves to take you out to dinner, buy you clothes, and go on vacations with you.

8. He will reveal his secrets to you

If a guy loves you, he will feel comfortable enough with you to open up to you. He will share things with you that he wouldn’t dare tell his closest friends.

This is because he knows that you won’t ridicule him or make fun.

9. He will often call your name

A man who cares about you and doesn’t treat you like a fling knows your last name. He knows your name and likes to use it even though he may not be aware. This is due to the way men are wired.

If he uses a soft tone to call your name, it is a sure sign. You love to hear his voice.

10. He is a bit jealous

If a man is emotionally attached to your woman, he will want to keep it for himself. A healthy amount of jealousy is normal because he feels strong feelings for your character.

It doesn’t matter if he is being jealous of you in an innocent way, but the fact that he stares at you even with the slightest irritation is a sign of his affection for you.

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11. He has nothing to hide

Men are often very secretive and shady, especially when they are involved in some kind of side business. A man who truly loves you will never think of cheating on her and will have nothing to hide.

You have all his passwords, his email accounts and social media accounts. He wouldn’t mind you going through his stuff if it wasn’t possible to find them.

12. He stops his video game and talks to you

Regardless of whether you’re on a mobile device, a PC or a console, games and men are inseparable.

They don’t notice the world passing them by as long as they are hooked on their favourite video game. So if your boyfriend pauses or forgoes game night altogether to make room for you, you are one lucky girl.

13. He no longer flies alone

He’s now a loving bird, instead of a lone wolf. He can’t move without your presence. He will have times when he would rather spend time with you than with his friends. And even in his spare time, he would prefer to hang out with his family.

This is a sign that your boyfriend loves you.

14. His place is transformational

That’s where you go. His holy man cave is getting a dramatic female touch. Even if that means adding your toiletries to his bathroom.

A man’s territory is his most precious possession. He won’t let anyone share it with him unless the woman is true, extraordinary, and special. Surprise, that woman might be you.

15. He has plans that include you

Have you ever heard him speak about making plans for the summer, even though it’s only eight months away? He sees you as part of his future. Not many guys can do that unless the girl is very important to him.

He will make short-term and long-term plans with you. This is a serious commitment to you.

16. He introduces you and your friends to you

Chances are that a guy who is serious about you may have spoken about you with his buddies on one of his boys’ nights.

He is just excited to show you off to his friends to make sure they see how incredible you are. That is how he describes your personality to them. This is a sign that you are loved by your boyfriend.

17. He introduces your family to you

Some girls are not ready to be introduced to their parents by a man they see. This is a great way to take your relationship to the next level.

You can’t assume that he is madly in love with someone you have only met once. If he invites you to dinner with his family or celebrates holidays in his home, then you are a good match.

If you notice other signs and notice that he is taking you more often to visit his family, he likely has strong feelings about you. If he didn’t feel you were the right one, he wouldn’t bring you into his circle.

18. He wants your opinion

A man who truly loves you will also respect and care about your opinions. He may even want to please you.

He will let you weigh in on any decision he has to make. He will ask you to help him make a decision that is more important than you think.

19. He keeps an eye on you

We are selfish when it comes down to the human race. We prioritize ourselves and ensure that we are taken care of. Things change when we are in love.

While we are still important, there is another equally important person. He cares about you and is always checking in on you.

20. When he sees your face, he lights up.

His face changes when he meets you. It’s almost like he sees you and instantly feels the sunshine in his eyes.

You know what? Love is pure joy. He can’t help smiling when he looks at your face. You will see that his eyes light up when he looks at your face, this is because he loves and respects you.

21. He sends you good morning texts

He never misses a single morning without sending you a text message. He’s hooked if he does this.

It’s intense love, and it can be an obsession. If you are the first person that he thinks about when he wakes, he is likely in love with you.

22. He enters your life

He’s in your life. He is a friend to all of your family members, attends every dinner and will often go to your brother’s soccer matches on weekends.

He is making sure that he is a strong presence in every aspect of your life. He’s not trying to make you feel better.

23. He will go out of his way to help you

He might have plans or be busy at work. But he will arrange things to make it possible to meet you. He will spend as much time as possible with you, regardless of whether he is only there for a few minutes or hours. What is that we call? It’s love, baby.

24. He considers you a priority

This is another sign that you are loved by your boyfriend. We tend to put ourselves before others. Let’s not be too naive. He still places himself first but he also prioritizes your needs.

He includes you when he makes decisions. This ensures that you are on the same page. He loves you.

25. He is genuinely interested in you

He listens when you tell him about your day, or ask questions about your feelings. He isn’t asking for it to fill the time; he is interested in your feelings.

A man who is passionate about a woman cares about all the little details in her life and her feelings.

26. He doesn’t give up

While it is normal for couples to disagree, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to end their relationship. No matter what problems you have, he won’t give up on you and throw you in the towel.

He gives 100% of himself to the relationship and does not doubt that you will be successful together.

27. He wants your opinion

Not just simple questions such as “Does this shirt fit me?” or “Should I buy the new iPhone?” but real questions about his family and friends.

He will consult you before making any decision.

28. He is there for you when you need him

A guy who doesn’t love or isn’t interested in you would not be there for you when you need him. If he loves you, he will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

He’s always there, no matter if your car breaks down or you need soup. This is what we call love.

29. He will keep you informed

He will keep you informed about everything that is happening in his life. He will inform you even if you don’t need it. A man who loves you wants you to be part of his whole life and not just a small piece.

30. He sees you

If a man doesn’t love you, it’s not seeing you. Although he does see you literally, he doesn’t see the little things like how you laugh and what you do when you are sad.

A man who is in love with a woman notices everything. Everything is what we mean.

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31. He misses your presence when you aren’t there

It doesn’t matter if you’re apart for five minutes or several days, if you can’t see one another, it’s a sign that he is sad. Men fall in love with women when they aren’t around. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

He probably cannot get enough of you if he is always texting you or calling you even though you are not there.

32. He is focused on making you happy

This is the definition of love. He loves you, even if his primary goal is to make your life happy.

If he didn’t care about the person, no man would waste his time trying to make them happy. Tell him if you are unhappy about something and he will change it immediately.

33. He said it to you

Some people simply say “I love” when they feel positive emotions. They may not mean it. If he does say it, and you feel it is genuine, you are not wrong. Your intuition is yours, and it’s important to listen to it.

34. He speaks about your future together

This is one of the most obvious signs that your boyfriend truly loves you. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t be dreaming of a future together. We’re not talking about going to a concert next month with you.

Talking about children, marriage and growing older together is what we are referring to. He will only discuss it with the person he loves.

35. He uses “we”, instead of “I”.

Guys love their independence. Many guys are used to having their own space and their man cave.

If he shifts his perspective from being a single man to talking about what he will do to what you *he* is going do, it means that he views you as one unit. Men only speak that way if they love a woman.

36. He keeps his cool during disagreements

He knows you might be scared off by his temper. He tries to control his temper. Let’s face facts, this is not something most people like.

If he seems to be trying to keep cool and composed during an argument, he likely wants to make a positive change because he cares about you.

37. He wants to make your life easier

Perhaps you have an older car that needs constant repairs. He understands how frustrating it is to try and figure things out yourself.

If he is willing to help you by taking the burden off of your shoulders, that’s a sign that you are loved by your boyfriend. He wants to make your life easier.

38. He is determined to make you a better person

Many men fall into bad habits. They can become lazy or selfish. If he starts to play video games less to spend time with you, or if you start going to the gym more often, it is because he wants to make you happier. Because he loves and cares about you, he wants to be the best man for you.

39. He is your cheerleader and number-one fan

He is your greatest cheerleader, whether you are getting a raise or trying to lose weight. He will always encourage you to be your best self and praise you for your achievements.

He is proud of you and wants the world to know how much he loves them.

40. He believes you are the most beautiful woman in the world.

He compliments you constantly and tells you how beautiful you look. He doesn’t point out attractive women because he is checking them out but because he wants to tell you how much more beautiful they are.

He wants you to feel great about yourself and will never hesitate to tell you how lucky he is to have you in your life.

41. He doesn’t like you to be his ex

He doesn’t compare you to his ex, even if she was a supermodel or his first love. This is a sign that you are loved by your boyfriend. He’s not looking at you and comparing her. He is only interested in you at the moment and what the future holds for you.

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What to do if your boyfriend doesn’t love you?

You will need to decide what to do if you are convinced that your boyfriend is not interested in you. These are some suggestions for you.

1. Talk to him

Talk to your boyfriend, regardless of whether he has told you straightly that he doesn’t love you. Ask him to tell you how he feels about the relationship.

It is important to find out where he stands on the future of the relationship between you. You can find your answer if he refuses to continue. You need to ask him if he is sure or if he doesn’t.

2. Analyze your relationship

Consider the entire duration of your relationship. You don’t have to be together for a month or several decades. What matters is how his behaviour has changed. You must also consider his behaviour.

What has the impact of behaviour changes on your relationship? What was the best about your relationship at the beginning? And what did it change at any point? Are there ways you can make the relationship work again?

3. Take a moment to reflect on your feelings

Sometimes, people live in relationships that work on their own. They are still together today because they were yesterday. They don’t give much thought to their emotions and how their relationship is progressing.

Get in touch with your feelings. Do you even love him? It’s easy to get so wrapped up in the signs that your boyfriend loves and cares about you that you forget to ask yourself if you love him. This is very important.

4. Note the pros and cons

You might be unsure what to do if your boyfriend isn’t loving you. If this happens, you can sit down with pen and paper and make a list of pros and cons. List his positive qualities (pros) and negative qualities (cons).

Next, make another list of the pros and cons of staying with him or splitting up. It will be much easier to decide what to do once you have all the information down on paper.

5. Identify what you want to do

If your boyfriend doesn’t decide whether or not to be together, you will need to make it. Although you might not wish to, it is your only option.

This is not an easy decision, but it boils down to whether you wish to continue living in the same relationship.

6. Plan!

After you have made a decision, you must create an action plan. If you’ve decided to stay with him (and he does too), then you must both make changes to improve your relationship in the future.

You must create an exit strategy if you are going to split up. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t living together. You can just end the relationship, stop contacting each other and get on with your lives. You should make arrangements for alternate living arrangements if you live together.

There is no way to know if a guy loves you. It’s up to your feelings and intuitions. Now that you are aware of the signs that your boyfriend is in love with you, you can make an informed decision about what to do.