List Of 15 Best “No” Memes 2023

Memes are among the most popular creations on the Internet. I respect people who make connections, ride waves and come up viral ideas.

Memes are one of the main reasons why I spend so much time on Facebook.

What are the “NO” memes?

The “NO” meme is one of the most popular meme categories on the Internet. It helps us to emphasize our negative response for someone. Even if you’re messaging someone online, it can be difficult to simply say “no”. A “NO” meme will help to ease tension.

Here are some examples of “no” memes

Famous “no memes” from movies

Memes are often inspired by scenes in movies or TV shows where the protagonist is saying a strong “no”. The Office and Star Trek are the movies that have produced some of the most famous “no’ memes.

Funny “no”, animal memes

You have to love funny dogs or cats posted on the Internet. Particularly the ones who are too cute, too sad, or too angry. The most popular “no memes” with animals include the grumpy dog or the expressive husky cat.

Cartoons with “No” memes

Cartoons are a great source of no memes, as they’re easy to identify and can be easily transformed. The Simpsons and Bugs Bunny are the two cartoons that have most “no memes” in them.

You just want to say no and go. Top 15 NO memes are here for you.

1. Homer says no!

This is the famous Simpsons scene where Homer slowly fades into the bush until he’s no longer visible. This is a good meme to use if you’re embarrassed by your response. You just want everyone to leave.

2. Drake’s Yes or No

The best meme for comparing two situations is this one. You agree that one choice is absurd, but the other is not.

3. Captain Picard’s facepalm

You can’t always believe what people say, like when Q told Jean-Luc Picard that he had chosen to be a human.

4. Angry Queen Elisabeth

If I was her age, I’d be just as angry. You shouldn’t mess around with an older lady because she may give you a very angry no.

5. Grumpy cat

You will prove your point with the grumpiest internet cat that a no is a definitive no.

6. The non-confrontational No

Bill Lumbergh is a great example of someone who says “How about no” when you are unsure what to say.

7. What are you doing?

Bro, don’t you realize that you’re ruining everything?

8. What about a no?

Nothing is more elegant than being told no to a martini.

9. Crazy no

Michael Scott’s iconic scene from The Office is when he discovers that the HR employee has returned. Send this meme when you refuse to accept reality.

10. Drop the no, and run

You’re going to get into trouble for that answer. Send this meme, then go online.

11. The world around you says “No”

Even the mountains, green grass and air are a no-no. The answer is a big nope.

12. The original no

The original “no face” is a meme that you cannot fail to use. A “no-face” that is angry and disapproving for desperate times.

13. Morpheus says no

You will remain in the Matrix for eternity if you get a “how bout no” from Morpheus.

14. Uncertain no, it’s not the best.

Should you say “yes” or “no”? What’s your answer?

15. Bugs Bunny has his answers

He knows how run fast and say no with determination.