List Of 100 Maternity Photoshoot Ideas (Funny, Cute, Creative & More)

The time of pregnancy is a thrilling one. No matter if it’s the first time or fourth, it’s filled with surprises, expanding belly, and memories that you’ll want to cherish. As I reflect on my pregnancy, what I most regret was not taking more photos to record the journey.

This time I’m not making that same error. Websites like Pinterest, as well as Instagram, are filled with expecting mothers who are strutting around. Some of them are declaring their pregnancy while others are looking to showcase their new baby bump.

You can also try to check the best maternity bikinis that you can wear as you take the pictures you will love.

Whatever the case, there are plenty of pregnancy photoshoot ideas. Today, I’ve put together 100 photos that are originally sweet, adorable, and hilarious.

List Of 100 Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas for Indoors

Table of Contents

1. In the Nursery

A simple, elegant but uplifting spot to take your indoor photo of your maternity is in the infant nursery. You can play around with the lighting and create various effects.

2. Reading in the Nursery

If you’re still in the babysitter’s room, get a kids’ book and settle down with your companion. Look for one with a memorable title such as “Are You My Mother?” by Dr Seuss.

3. Cozy in the Window

Choose a room with light curtains. Try to choose a time that sunlight shines through. Simply pose using the curtain.

4. Black and White

If you’ve got an open space that has windows or doors that are large Try an all-white and black shoot. Wear white attire and sit on your stomach. The light that comes through the open area will create a stunning background.

5. Mama Goddess

Make yourself the mother goddess by taking a picture on a huge window that has a light, flowing curtains. Also, wear something flowing such as a Maxi dress and an oversized flower crown. It’s stunning and can be a little dramatic.

6. Couch Shot

The couch is the ideal spot to take a simple photo of you or your spouse. Dress in a way that showcases your bump. Make fun of the light, and you’ll be an award-winning look.

7. Make it to the Bedroom

There’s nothing much to do to play this game. You can pretend to be out of the bed, or even pose in it. It’s possible to wear an elastic rope that wraps around your body to show off your belly. You can also hold it in your hands and smile.

8. Pretty Lace Lace

Dress in lace, to show your belly, then stand up and smile. This concept plays with the hues of the hair, clothes and surroundings and everything is harmonious.

9. Sexy Maternity

The beauty of pregnancy is stunning therefore why not be proud of your growing body? Wear your most comfortable bra as you strike that hot pose. Your photo could be Instagram-worthy.

10. Aren’t able to get up

You can lie down on the floor, with your legs to the ceiling. Wear something that reveals your bump and keep it in place while looking at the ceiling. The picture will be a simple, but stunning one of you reclining on your stomach.

11. Modesty

In the style of Kim Kardashian, get a pattern-strewn dress that is a perfect cover-up from the neck down. Do a simple stance by securing your stomach. You can create designs by bending one knee.

Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

12. A Stroll with a Simple Purpose

Go for a walk with your spouse and enjoy your pregnancy and the pictures will be breathtaking. You could wear an embroidered maxi dress and then wrap your belly to let it appear more attractive.

13. Fairytale Forest

If you’ve got an area of woodland or forest near you This idea is great. Make yourself into a fairytale princess by wearing a gown which reveals your stomach. After that, ask the photographer to create a fog appearance surrounding you. It’s astonishingly beautiful.

14. By the Lake

Make sure to take your picture on the lake during the fall because the trees provide a stunning contrast background as you show off your style. Dress in a flowing gown with a flower crown and then take a photo in front of the lake.

15. Mommy and Me

Another option that incorporates lakes is shooting with mommy and me which is ideal for those expecting their second child. Make sure you match your outfit with the child’s outfit and then keep them in place while you pose. The lake provides a stunning background that is full of light, nature and vibrant colours.

16. Field of Maternity

A stunning place to mark your pregnancy is a large field of lush grass and blooms. Select a day when lighting is at its lowest, usually in the morning. Choose a light and comfortable outfit such as a flowy maxi dress. Pose on the grass.

17. “Meet Me by the Bridge”

A rustic bridge, a gorgeous evening dress and a growing belly are a delightful combination. It’s captivating and easy all you need is a dress and the bridge. Choose a time when the lighting is in the background, such as sunset or dusk the hues will be evident in the photograph.

18. The Secret Tree

Make yourself an element of nature when you dress in a green dress and pose by an arboreal tree in the backyard or park. Request the photographer to capture the sun’s rays through the leaves as you smile as you pose.

19. Pop of Color

Choose a time at sunset or dusk, when the colours of the sky are vibrant. Explore the colours and dress in a beautiful flowing dress, while embracing your belly. In contrast, the dark environment combined with the bright sunshine will make for amazing contrasts.

20. Beach in the fall

Find your partner in crime and take a trip towards the sea on a fall day. Find a suitable place to sit and enjoy the sun and maybe even share kisses.

21. Summer Garden

If you have a lush garden or an area you could visit put on a flowing summer dress and take a pose. Relax your stomach while gazing off into the distance.

List Of 100 Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas with Family

22. Big Brother

Go on a trip with two brothers — let your little one be the focus of attention by standing in between you and your companion. There’s nothing you need to do this — just an ideal place and a big brother-to-be with a smile.

23. Big Sister

For the future big sister, try going to the local park to pose among trees and flowers. Dress in a bright blouse that shows off your growing bump while holding your child. Bring your husband along to the shoot too and have everyone kiss your stomachs for the shot to win.

24. Rock N”Roll

Make a stunning photograph by dressing everyone in black leather jackets blue jeans and huge shades. Place everyone on a stairwell and dance around your belly for the picture. It’s unique and distinctive in comparison to other options on our list.

25. Hold My Hand

Get your family members and husband out for this photo shoot. Make sure everyone is wearing white and you’re wearing something bright and hold hands while you walk back from the camera. It’s easy, but it includes all siblings in one photo and you don’t need to worry about silly facial expressions.

26. Family includes pets

If you’re also the parent of dogs, you can take this approach: sit with your husband by an unlocked door. Your pets as well as your children (if you’re a second-time mother) move towards you. Consider it in black and white. It’ll be elegant and stunning.

27. Gender Reveal

Combining your baby’s photoshoot with the gender reveal. Bring your family together and place either blue or pink smoke on the background, showing the child’s gender. It is always possible to go to an amazing spot for your photo shoot.

28. Baby

If you’re looking for something simple you can use balloons to spell out the baby. And then, have your family members in the photo and everyone smiles. To make the experience more memorable take a trip to a spectacular place such as the harbour or beach.

29. Sisterhood

If you have a lot of siblings, then you can leave out your spouse and take an adorable photo of your sisters. With an uncoloured backdrop, let everyone wear a distinct hue and hold a teddy or a bouquet. Then, you’ll be seated in the middle, embracing your gorgeous belly.

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas with Husband

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas with Husband

30. Lay with Me

Let your heart shine by laying on your back with your husband and then have him hug you and kiss your belly. It’s not a lot to be required to take this photo however it’ll be something that you can look back and be happy about.

31. Laundry Time

Make it a fun twist on the shoot by asking you and your spouse to hold a laundry line that has infant clothing placed on the line. It is possible to find the perfect onesie with a cute message such as “Snuggle Time.”

32. Mama, Dada

It’s a charming idea and doesn’t require a lot of effort. Visit the nursery and relax by the crib with the book or signs that are ‘Mama’ or ‘Dada. You can even add your dog.

33. Back-to-Back

Your husband’s support throughout difficult times is probably the most effective. One great way to demonstrate that is to stand in a row You don’t require much, other than a great place to set the background. It is also possible to make it funny by performing a silly pose.

34. Hats All Day

Create a classy retrospective by having you and your companion wear the same cap. The shoot should be taken in an open space with a beautiful backdrop of nature. You could dress in lace that is inspired by the Wild West to create your photograph more rustic.

35. MOM

Sometimes, you need to spell it out. ask your husband to stand behind you, while you hold two ‘M’s’ to the opposite side of your stomach. Your belly will function as the letter ‘O’, spelling out the word ‘Mom. It’s adorable and easy to do and you don’t require much more than the large smile and the letters.

36. The Belly Hug

A belly hug is an iconic posture for expecting parents and it’s a popular choice. Let your husband sit behind your back while you clasp hands and hug your bump. Create jaw-dropping photos by using monochrome.

37. Make a Move

If you want something edgy, sort of high-fashion-looking, then try this one. Choose a vibrant background and put on a dress as well as high-heeled shoes and sunglasses. Your husband should wear something dark while giving you a beautiful bouquet.

38. Tiny Shoes

Choose a location that is suitable and then put a pair of infant footwear in the front of the scene with you and your spouse as background. In the picture the background, either the shoes or you will appear blurred, but when done correctly it’s a win.

List Of 100 Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Cute Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

39. Take a look at Me

A picture that makes your friends say, ‘Aww it’s similar to this. Lay out on the grass, on a picnic blanket, with your stomach exposed. Your husband should then look at you while you look at each other -If you have the right lighting, it’ll be awe-inspiring.

40. One Plus Two = Three

Choose a basic background and then ask your husband to sit a couple of feet from you while looking at each other. You can make use of balloons or photoshop to make a mathematical equation. Between you and your husband, create a “Plus” following you have made an equals sign, and add the number three. One plus two is equal to three.

41. Hug It Out

What’s more adorable than watching your toddler snuggle with the soon-to-be-arrived sister? This is about the first time you had a baby and your belly. Create a classic image by combining it in black and white.

42. Twinsies

Take a cute picture of yourself with your belly, you, as well as your baby. To make it more adorable, dress in identical outfits and share your child a big smile.

43. Do you want to give a Kiss for the Road?

It’s going to require your firstborn, your spouse and a beautiful place. Let your baby hold both of your hands while they’re kissing in the camera. Make sure that you can see your stomach in the picture.

44. This is the Baby.

To do this, you can bring an image of an ultrasound scan, which shows the baby. Together with your partner and the first child, you can ask your baby to point at the image. It’s adorable and includes everyone.

45. Baby Sock Cuteness

If you’re expecting there’s nothing cuter than newborn socks as they’re small. Pick a pair up and place them close to your belly while you flash your best smile.

Funny Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Funny Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

46. Two Bellies?

If your husband seems willing to do it, attempt to get them to shoot a belly photo also. In the front, sit down while embracing your belly, then let your partner sit further back while hugging their stomachs. It’s adorable and hilarious.

47. Those Are Some Big Melons

Okay, so this needs melons and a funny man. Make use of half a watermelon as the belly, and one smaller melon (cut into halves) for the breasts these represent your partner’s “pregnant parts.” Then pair up side-by-side while you hold one hand on top of the belly and the other on the belly.

48. The Wrong Head

Your husband should be the mother for a while at the very least to take a photo. You can stand on a pole or behind a tree and, as you lean back while your husband leans in forward. It creates an illusion it’s your husband’s baby belly, not your own.

49. Pregnancy cravings

Exhibit your cravings by putting them in your pregnancy photo. Take some of the food you’ve been craving for hours and pose while eating the items. You could even put up a sign that indicates the age you’re at in the process. Other than that, just have fun.

50. My Belly is the Biggest

Why not have a contest to see who has the largest stomach? Get your husband to join you and pretend to scare one another with your stomachs. If your husband is funny, for humour, you’ll appreciate this idea.

51. Pregnant AF

This is a simple one however it’s a lot of fun if complained about a painful back and feet. You stand on a plain background and hold an ad that reads “Pregnant AF. You can make an angry or tired facial expression to highlight the emotion.

List Of 100 Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Maternity Photoshoot Ideas with Props

52. Letters

Utilize Scrabble letters to make out the names of your baby’s unborn child. And then, stand with your partner until your belly is visible. It’s simple and cute.

53. BathTub

Make yourself a bath make it a bath with soap and rose petals. Relax while a photographer snaps gorgeous pictures.

54. Pets

Incorporate your pet or animal to be part of your adventure. Relax in the grass while they sit next to you. It doesn’t need to be the horse however, it does create an amazing experience.

55. Flowers

Go to an area of blooms to take your pregnancy photo. Wear a flowing gown and relish the moment.

56. Photos and signs

Create a photo of your stomach using an adorable sign or ultrasound images towards the side. Wear clothing that shows your stomach and add phrases like ‘Ready to pop.’

57. Baby Onesie

You can show off your baby bump in the most glamorous outfit and the onesie you’re planning to give your baby. It’s stylish and will create an unforgettable moment.

58. Colored Smoke

Smoke can produce stunning effects. Add some colour and you’ve got yourself a winner. Find a gorgeous place and dress in a flowing dress. Use different colours of smoke to create the background.

Beachy Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Beachy Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

59. The Laughing In Paradise

Go to an idyllic beach wear an elegant dress, and make sure to smile at the camera. Nothing else is required for the photo to be Instagram-worthy.

60. Belly Looking

All you require for this concept is a flowing dress, a breeze, a flower crown and a beach. Look down at your belly and take the moment.

61. Beauty on the Rocks

If you’re in a safe location and have access You can try the idea of taking your pregnancy photo on the rocks of the beach. It’s a captivating scene with no additional equipment needed.

62. Gaze of Love

Bring your spouse along to go for a photo walk down to the beach around sunset. As the sun sets in the background, you can stare at each other while rubbing your stomachs together.

63. In the Sand

Choose a time when the light is stunning such as dusk or sunset. Relax in the sand, while you massage your belly. Dress in pastels, and the photo is sure to be spectacular.

64. Sunset Silhouette

Go to the beach at sunset when there’s low tide. With the sun behind, stand in the shallow waters to make reflections. The result will be captivating.

65. Tree Props

If you have old trees along the beach, make use of them as props for your background. Dress in a flowing outfit and look towards the distance.

66. Waves of Wonder

This is a simple one and you might not require an expert photographer. You can stand in the water while looking at your stomach. Utilize a monochrome effect to create a powerful image.

67. Serenity

Choose a spot that is suitable for you at dusk, or in the evening when the light is low. Stand in the water and place your weight on your belly. The ocean as a backdrop will be the perfect backdrop for the photo.

68. The Great Sea

Wear clothing that complements the ocean and ask the photographer to take the photo from the distance. Your husband and you will sit together, clasping hands in the shallows, and gaze at the ocean’s vast expanse.

69. Beach Walk

With this, you don’t need to be soaked. Go for a walk along the boardwalk or play in the sand with your husband and pet. Wear something that shows off your belly.

70. I Heart U

If you’re a mom who’s had two children or a first-time mom, you should have your baby included in this picture. Go to the beach at an hour when the lighting is dim. Find a beautiful background, such as rocks and then draw hearts with your hands. It’s easy and adorable.

71. A Day at the Beach

A day on the beach is the ideal chance to take a memorable pregnancy photograph. Find your spouse and strike a relaxed pose.

Winter Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Winter Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

72. Icy Lace

If you’re feeling brave wear the lace of a dress, showing your stomach. Stand in the snow, looking at your belly. If you can get the lighting right, it will appear amazing.

73. The Frozen River

If you have frozen lakes or rivers nearby, it’s the perfect spot for this photo. Choose a dress that is striking in the snow’s white, for example, a red dress. Sit down as much as you can and take a photo of your stomach.

74. Partner in Crime

While you’re still on the river, you can dress in your typical winter attire and relax with your companion. Bring several photographs of the ultrasound and view them all together.

75. “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

Involve your kid by dressing in winter clothes. When you are standing out in the cold, hug your child. Make sure that your belly is exposed.

76. Staying Warm

If it’s a cold day, take your companion to the shoot. Sitting in front of you your partner, let him hold your shoulder while looking at each one other. It’s breathtakingly beautiful in a simple manner.

77. “Look What I’ve Got”

This is a bit silly but adorable. You can wear a huge winter hat, hand muffs and a hat. And then, if you want to touch your belly, do it by smiling’s a perfect way to like having fun taking photos.

78. Do not freeze!

This photo is awe-inspiring All you require is some snow on your hair. Put on some colourful earrings and take a swaggering pose.

79. Winter Walk

Go for a stroll in the snow together with your companion. There’s no need to put on any extravagant clothes — just be hands on the ground while walking towards the camera.

80. Baby’s Name

Together with your partner, sit in the snow, holding a sign spelling out your preferred name. You could wear a dress to add something special or just wear a basic outfit.

81. Hug It Out

The inclusion of siblings in maternity photos is always a hit. Go outside in the winter snow along with your baby and make them feel comfortable hugging you. Make the shot just you and them.

List Of 100 Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Summer Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

82. Baby Watch

The one you see here is a blend of cute, funny, and beautiful. Find yourself an orange swimsuit that reads, “Baby Watch.” You can then take a picture at the local beach.

83. Summer Nights

The sun’s setting in summer evenings can be amazing. Make use of this to create beautiful photos that you take with your partner. Let him hold you as the sun is behind you.

84. The Crown Jewel

Relax in the grass, while placing the small crown on your belly. This should be your main goal. It’s easy and doesn’t require an enormous amount of effort.

85. Spice it up

If you are aware of a location that has beautiful stairs, dress in something vibrant and snap an adorable photo. The staircase will make an interesting background.

86. Sunset Is Your Best Friend

As the sun goes down, allow yourself to look out into the distance while you hold your stomach. If you are able, locate an area with vibrant flowers The dim lighting will produce stunning effects.

87. Beach Glamour

Bring some class to the beach with an umbrella made of lace and a bathing suit with stripes as well as your dog. Lounge on your towel gazing out at the sea.

88. Contrasts

Depending on the place you’re in and where you are against the background. It will make you stand out in photos making a dramatic photograph.

89. Summer Picnic

Spread out the picnic blanket, and snap a shot of you having a good time with the soda. The image is simple and captures the essence of summer.

90. Fields for Summer Field

Go out in a green field wearing a summer maxi dress. You can take any pose you like however, make sure you display your beautiful belly.

91. Flower Power

You can stand in front of a wall covered in flowers and wear something vibrant. The flowers make the perfect backdrop for summer pictures.

List Of 100 Maternity Photoshoot Ideas

Studio Maternity Posing Ideas

92. The naked Belly

The naked belly pose is a well-loved pose but it’s also beautiful. You don’t need to be naked dress in a robe that you drape your body.

93. Silky Classics

Sometimes all you require is a gorgeous silky gown and a simple background and a confident, confident pose.

94. Wind

Create a breathtaking photo using wind machines. The wind moves your outfit to create an impressive impact.

95. Color Play

Use a basic, beige background and a pop dress. You can try a simple pose by keeping the dress in your hand while looking across your back.

96. Nude Shades

Use all colours that are naked to make a picture that’s appealing to the eye. It doesn’t require much or have to look naked. It’s elegant and gorgeous.

97. Simple Silhouette

A simple image of you holding your lovely baby belly is great If you don’t want anything excessive. Dress in a way that you are at ease while showing your belly.

98. Studio Props

Bring your chair, curtains and some plants to create an attractive background. Relax on the chair and stand with your belly in a seated position. It could require some time, however, it’ll be well worth it.

99. No Color

Sometimes, the best picture is taken with the black-and-white effect. All you require is a dress in lace and a basic pose, for example, looking down at your stomach.

100. Special Effects

If used properly, Photoshop can make a photograph look stunning. Put on a dress that is flowing and bring your child along. Consult with your photographer about creating stunning effects for you.