Kristen Stewart Sexuality (Is Kristen Stewart Bisexual?)

Kristen Stewart Sexuality (Is Kristen Stewart Bisexual?)

Kristen Stewart says her sexuality can be confusing for people, But she’s not going to hide it.

Actress and Oscar nominee Kristen Stewart has said that being bisexual was “confusing for people who are not bisexual” However, she does not want to “hide any information” from her followers.

Interviewing The Mirror before next year’s Academy Awards ceremony, Stewart revealed that she’s been struggling to reveal her private life to her fans and is currently married to screenwriter Dylan Meyer – while keeping certain things private.

The newspaper reported that she said: “As an actor, you’re just trying to reveal who you are. So, it’s strange to say, “I’m sorry, but there’s no one here. In what is my personal life? What’s the matter? I’m an actor.

“I don’t really want to live a private life. I do not want the details of my private life shamingly consummated and made into a commodity. Yet, at the same I don’t want to conceal anything.”

Kristen Stewart added that some fans were initially confused by her sexuality. Despite being a woman and a man, She didn’t identify as bisexual for a long time.

“It was complicated for some people,” she said.

“I was perfectly. I was in one place for a while and I didn’t change my method once I began to date others. If you don’t say to them, since words are important but you’re not quite out but.”

The actress, 31, was in the running for an Oscar for her role in Diana, Princess of Spencer Diana on Spencer. In the interview, playing the iconic character gave her a sense of “power.”

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She added: “I felt this power. I felt taller playing her. I felt that I could bring people closer. I felt I could wrap my arms around people in a totally ridiculous conceptual way. It was a metaphorical bulls**t, chee.

“Even the fact that it was created by me and something that I believed in her story, her life’s lessons allowed me to do this. It was a good feeling.”

Kristen Stewart has previously revealed the obstacles she’s had to face as a queer female in Hollywood. She was instructed to cover up her sexuality to land a prominent role.

“I have been taught that ‘If you’re just looking to do yourself a favor, and don’t hold your partner’s hand and you’re a bit shady, you could be in a Marvel film,” she said to Harper’s Bazaar.

“I would not like to be around such people… In reality life is a major popular contest.”

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