Joel Kim Booster Leaked Nudes (What He Said About It)

Joel Kim Booster Leaked Nudes
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Joel Kim Booster cracks jokes about his naked photos being published on the internet on his debut Netflix comedy show, psychosexual.

The Fire Island star has been laughing about his naked being leaked as early as 2018 when he claimed that “approximately 1,000 people” currently possess the naked images.

They mentioned Joel Kim Booster in the year 2019 in a tweet that asked for someone to leak them to “save me a lot of money.”

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He fulfilled his wish as the brand new Netflix show Psychosexualhe states: “I found out all my privates were published online.”

I suppose the most dangerous scenario in a hacking attack is that they’ll be able to release the naked I’ve already sent out to about 1,000 gay strangers from North America and abroad.

— Joel Kim Booster (@ihatejoelkim) November 18, 2018

I’m hoping that one of you reveals my fucking naked nudes. This would spare me tons of time.

— Joel Kim Booster (@ihatejoelkim) July 26, 2019

“Yeah I can imagine many of you looking for your phone at the moment,” The man informs the psycho sexual audience.

“I was furious, I felt violated … however, I discovered that they had been posted on a site for male “celebrity” naked women, and I thought “‘They’re allowed to remain …. ‘”

In an interview to celebrate the special’s premiere, Joel Kim Booster explained that he had written the episode to ensure that the third act was “the sexual act.”

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Speaking candidly to The Hollywood Reporter, the comedian discussed his criticism during his career due to his being “hyper-sexualized.”

“I’ve received plenty of criticisms as a comedian for sexualizing me and others and chatting about sexuality often,” Booster said.

“As a queer, I’m slammed because we’re an entire community sexually fetishized, and the focus is always on sexual sex. When I discuss my sexuality or promiscuity, I’m constantly getting gay men within my DMs because it’s like, “Oh, you’re hurting the community by creating stereotypes of an oversexed homosexual man.’


“But there is a flip side being an Asian man many people consider it to be very positive due to the fact that Asian men are often portrayed as being so unsexualized in the media that speaking about sexuality in the form of sexual sex that I’m experiencing suddenly turns into an extremely powerful action.”

Booster stated that Psychosexual is about examining “those strange intersections” in which these topics “become either beneficial or harmful to the particular community he’s representing, and the consequences of the latter.”

“Because it is impossible to segregate your identity,” he added, “When I’m in a conversation, I’m not able simply be speaking to you as an Asian man or an gay man just. I’m all these things at the same time and all the time.”

The current buzz around Booster isn’t just about his sexuality but his career boost on the back of his LGBTQand centered rom-com Fire Island.

A more raunchy version of Pride and Prejudice, the film features an all-LGBTQplus cast and doesn’t shy away from sexuality or nakedness.

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