Is Sleeping In Separate Bed Bad For Marriage?

Sleeping in separate beds is very hard on marriage, because marriage is a legal union of man and woman. In marriage, a woman and a man are supposed to sleep together, because it’s a way in which their affection strengthens. “Is Sleeping In Separate Bed Bad For Marriage?”


There are many implementations of sleeping in separate bed in marriage.


Sleeping in separate bed will make the couple not to know when his/ her partner needs you more. At times in marriage, there may need arising for husband and wife to share their affection, to appreciate themselves, but due to you are not in the same bed, you may not be able to do so, and that may make you to be thinking about unnecessary things that may cause commotion tomorrow.

Sleeping in separate bed may also cause some misunderstanding in your marriage. Reason is because, your partner may be suspicious of your any little action you may take, he/she will lack trust of you because, you two were not together at night to share the things to be done or not. “Is Sleeping In Separate Bed Bad For Marriage?”

Sometimes, sleeping on different bed with your partner may minimize the life that you two shared; your marriage can easily collapse because no good foundations were made. Sometimes there are some issues that are good to be discussed, at night together in the same bed, and when such issues arises, you may not be able to solve it with your partner, there are also sometimes you may need to be loved by your partner, but due to you were not in the same bed , you will see that the foundation of that marriage to last is at 50/50.

Sleeping in different bed attract distraction from an opposite sex. When your partner is alone on the bed, especially at the evening where he/she is back from work. She will be relaxing at the same time remembering the people he may meet, and the good looking one, you may see that it will be easy to divert his/her thinking towards them , and it will be easier to do, because your partner is not by your side. It’s not good to be at separate bed with your partner.

Sleeping on separate bed in marriage is very difficult, for people who want to build up their marriage with love; it is only good for those that are in contract marriage. Those that just married for a purpose, not for those that married for love.


There are so many bad things that involves in sleeping in separate bed in marriage. With these few points, you can see that it’s not good to sleep in separate bed with your partner in marriage. Feel free to drop your comments if there is any contribution you have so that others can learn from it too.


“Is Sleeping In Separate Bed Bad For Marriage?”


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