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Is Sex Really Important In A Relationship?

Is sex really important in a relationship

Many people do complain especially the females that their partner requests for sex too soon in a relationship. Some claim it to be a way to proof that you truly love your partner. I’m not going to talk the claims here but the shed light on the topic “Is Sex Really Important In A Relationship?” For none married couples.

Let’s Begin, what is sex?

Sex simply means sexual intercourse between a male an a female primarily for the purpose of reproduction. Though it can be done for enjoyment.

Is Sex Really Important In A Relationship?

Is sex really important


Sex plays a big role in relationships. It actually unites the couple and strengthen their love bond. It also helps in showing more love to your partner that’s why it’s called love making. Having sex in a relationship helps build each partner level on commitment. Probability of divorce is relatively low. Sex is a tool that can help your relationship physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Many have complained that after sex, their partner sees no value in them again. Some often feel used after having sexual intercourse with their partner. Some lady see it as their pride, once it’s accessed there’s nothing left again.


I have stated above both the advantages and disadvantages of having sex in a relationship (for none married couples). I won’t decide for you. Now after reading you decide.


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