How to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you is very easy. So if you are disturbed about that or if you want to be sure if that your girl is cheating in you? Then relax for you are at the right place. I will explain to you, how to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you. “Is my girlfriend cheating on me?”


Is my girlfriend cheating on me?


  1. How many times did she call you in a day?

If a girl truly loves you, she will do anything for you and will always try to call or speak with you for her to hear your voice. So if for the whole day she does not call you or bother to hear from you, then what do you think that would be keeping her busy, if not another guy. So unless your girl does not love you, or have another guy, there is no reason for her not to call you.


  1. Do she give you all the attention and affection?

Any girl who loves you will give you, all the attention and affection that you want because you are all that she has. But if she is cheating on you, she won’t give you all the attention and affection.

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  1. Is she more secretive to you?

Yes it’s a question for you to ask yourself because you know her better and if she is now more secretive to you. That means something is wrong. Because women are not secretive to any man they love. Unless they are cheating on you.

“Is my girlfriend cheating on me?”

  1. She hides her phone.

If she is not cheating on you, why is she now hiding her phone from you? So now let’s set something straight here, if she is not cheating on you why then will you not have access to her phone or know people who call her.


  1. She will lie and giving you more excuses.

There is nothing much to say here because lying to you is also a sign that she is cheating on you. If not she will not be lying or giving you lots of excuses. So think twice about it.


  1. She will care more about her body.

If she is now taking more care of her body and looking at the way she dresses. Then know that something is wrong because if she is not doing that for you then who could she be doing it for. Think about that.


  1. She smiles more when alone.

If she is happier alone or smiles more when alone. Especially when she is with her phone then know that something is wrong and she is now cheating on you.

“Is my girlfriend cheating on me?”

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