Is getting married stressful?

I don’t know the reason why you asked tis but the truth about it is what i will tell you. No, getting married is not stressful. It is the best thing that can happen to you, it gives you happiness and the reason to live. Getting married to the right person is most important thing, and not just getting married. “Is getting married stressful?”

It makes you proud as a man; it tells you that you have a family you can live for. It gives joy and a peaceful home, especially when you’re with your kids. The sound and the happiness in their voice, when they call you mummy and daddy will always send stimuli to your loins. Marriage gives a title, it tells you that you are a real man. It makes you to know that your achievement is worth living. Getting married is never stressful dear, it is peaceful but make sure you married a man or a woman that is right for you in order to achieve all the goodies in marriage.


Reading this few words, I believed that you can see that getting married is never stressful, only that you have to be careful in selecting the one to marry, so that you will not marry the wrong person. Marriage can be hell when you marry the wrong person. But it is sweet when you are with the right person.

So dear make sure to choose wisely.

Now over to you reading this. If you have any contributions or questions that you will like to ask base on this article, you can  feel free to do so using the comment section below, so that others too can learn from it too. If you said getting married is stressful please tell us your reasons thanks.


“Is getting married stressful?”




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