Is fighting a sign of attraction?

Is fighting a sign of attraction?

Most people have asked this question if fighting is genuinely one of the signs of attraction. Well, if you are here, that means you also want to know about this, and that also means that the question too is essential to you. “Is fighting a sign of attraction?”

So thanks for been here, and without wasting much of your time, let me go straight to why we are here and give you the answers to the question you seek for.


Is fighting signs of attraction?

Well, the answer to this question is YES but not to everybody. Some guys do love and marry a girl because she fights, especially for his right. The same thing goes to women. They love a guy who always fights and defends her, especially in public.

So don’t think fighting is not part of the attraction, because it is part of the attraction but just that the same way there are people who love it. That same way, some people don’t love it. If you are with someone who doesn’t like it, then there is no point in you saying it to the person as part of the attraction.

Everybody has one thing or the other he love and value. Doing what that person hates, you will not see them around you, but doing that which the person loves and values most will always draw the person closest to you. So fighting is a sign of attraction to those that like to see someone who stands up still for what he thinks is good for him.

So my suggestion or advice is this. Fighting is a sign of attraction, but all this is base on the individual difference. So if you say it attracts you fine and if you say it doesn’t entice you, that is also good, but I want to say it is part of the attraction.

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