Is Drake Gay

Is Drake Gay (Drake ‘comes out’ as a lesbian on bizarre new song Girls Like Girls)

Drake unintentionally came out as an openly gay woman during one of the tracks on his latest album, Certified Lover Boy, and that’s a good thing and enough to be a reality for us today.

In proving that straight men don’t recognize where the lines are, The 34-year-old’s sixth studio album features the song ” Girls Want Girls,” and you can already tell the direction this song is headed.

The track, which includes Lil Baby, sees Drake sing about being a lesbian for a few minutes. Examples include “girls need women,” “please bring your partner along,” and “She enjoys eating p***y. I’m like, ‘Me too. ‘”

One line, in particular, caused Twitter users to be confused about what the Toronto rapper meant by it.

The lyrics read: “Yeah, say that you’re a lesbian, girl, I’m too. Girls like girls from the same area as I am from Oh yes, girls like girls.”

“Just heard that Drake is an openly lesbian!’

” Drake has just stated ‘you’re lesbian,” I’m a girl too, man, I’m going to bed,” one user tweeted.

Also, we can safely affirm that Drake’s declaration that he was lesbian was received the way you could imagine it.




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— CERTIFIED BOY LOVER (@oscos) September 3, 2021

Drake released the album Certified Lover Boy on Friday (September 3). The long-awaited album includes 21 tracks and verses by Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott, Young Thug, and many more.

The album’s theme is “a mixture with toxic masculinity, and the acceptance of the truth that is always painful” in his biography for his album, available posted on Apple Music.

However, the album’s debut this week didn’t come without bumps. One was in the form of Lil Nas X.

The 22-year-old rapper trolled Drake for the second time after Drake unveiled the sleeve cover of the album Certified Lover, Boy, which featured 12 pregnant woman Emojis.

On Twitter on the platform, The “Industry Baby” rapper, real name Montero Hill, made fun of his album, swapping the emojis with pregnant man Emojis instead.



— MONTERO (@LilNasX) August 30, 2021

It wasn’t the first time Lil Nas X took on Drake and his fan base.

In 2019 the year ahead, let the fans know how his debut album is shaping up by saying that it’ll be titled “Nothing was the Same,” which is exactly like Drake’s 2013 album.

Then, he made fun of his album’s front cover featuring his face with a clear blue sky that should be displayed in every major art museum in the world and on the Moon. Because.

I’ve decided to title the album “nothing was the same” here’s the artwork my team and I worked very hard on

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