Is Banana Good During Pregnancy?

Hi good to have you here because you visiting this page means that you want to know if there is any importance of a pregnant woman eating a banana during the time of her pregnancy.

Well without wasting much of your time let me give you the answer to this question and the reason for my answer.

The answer to the question “is banana good during pregnancy is.

Yes. Banana is very advisable when pregnant because it is a good source of potassium and it also contains vitamin B-6, vitamin C, and fiber. Eating banana during the first stage of pregnancy helps to minimize nausea, and it also helps in reducing constipation. Some women undergo constipation when pregnant, so eating a banana will minimize it, even stop it.


Reading this, you will see that taking banana when you have taken in, so feel free to enjoy it, especially at the early stage of carrying a baby.

Now over to you to tell us if there is another reason why banana is okay when carrying a baby so that others too can learn from you. Tell us your reason in the comment section below. Cheers