How to make him jealous and want you more

Has your boyfriend done something to make you sad with some of his characters or behavior towards you, or do you think he doesn’t value you or recognize your presence as his woman? Well, don’t worry. There are steps here or things I will tell you on How to make him jealous but always remember to be careful for you not to overdo it or overreact on it and may end up losing him? After reading, try to take a look at how to get him in the mood for you to know things that get a man in the mood for sex or seduce a man. “How to make him jealous and want you more.”

How to make your boyfriend jealous

  1. Give Him Space. Spend more time with your friends or family. Allow him to be alone for him to understand your value. A quote says that some people don’t know the importance of what they have till they lose it. So try to make him feel he is missing you by spending more time without him and make him understand that you can be happy or have fun without him. Remember not to discuss or tell your friends that you want to spend more time with them because you want your boyfriend to feel jealous. Your friend may not like or be happy to be used just to make him jealous.
  2. Deny Him Sex. If you can deny him sex, do it but don’t tell him. instead, try to create an excuse and give it to him because you may say no, and he will then apply the boy’s pattern of begging. And you may fall for it, but when you always give him an excuse and stick with the excuse you give. He may end up being more unhappy but don’t do it continuously. For instance, if you are the type that always loved having sex with him, then weekly or daily, then give it a break like monthly or once in a while.
  3. Always Relax/Calm. If you notice he is cheating on you or that he is flirting with other girls, don’t be angry or try to pretend. If you are mad, try to control it because you may not know if he wants to make you jealous. So try to control yourself and for you to make him feel like a loser, then after that you call and try to talk about the issue with him no matter what he says, don’t get angry or speak to him in a harsh voice remember that you have a plan soc be calm and follow your plans.
  4. Hang out or Fix a Date with a Guy. Try to hang out with a boy or go on a date with another guy and do those things he loves doing with the guy, but remember not to overdo it because you the only way how to make him jealous and not lose him, so try to take cautious in your actions. “How to make him jealous and want you more.”
  5. Always Take Time to Reply. If he calls you, allow the call to be a missed call, and if he sends a text, don’t reply immediately. Just give it a little time before you answer back to him.

How do you make a man jealous and want you more?

  • Give praise to another man.
  • Enjoy a laugh at a joke of another.
  • You look hot, but don’t pay him a lot of attention.
  • Get together with your buddies more often.
  • Compare him with your friend’s boyfriend or husband.

What to say to make him jealous?

  • “Sorry I’m unable to spend time on the weekend with you. I have other plans. Do I have to take the chance to make a raincheck?”

Ideal for: When you want to keep the conversation positive, however, you want to make him slightly interested in what’s happening in your life.

  • “I’m currently busy. You can discuss it later.”

Excellent for: Bailing you out of awkward conversations with a hint of grace. This will make him wonder what you’re really up to.

  • “I’m very excited about this weekend! I’ve got some exciting plans.”

Excellent for: When you want to keep your bubbly and draw his curiosity simultaneously.

  • Send him a photo of you looking the best when you’re out and about.

Excellent for: When you need him to know how adorable you are. Seeing you smiling, happy and attractive is a great way to make him jealous.

  • “This male at work who is so annoying isn’t going to stop from flirting at me.”

Excellent for: Reminding him he has some competition. Make sure to use this responsibly. Be sure not to make things out of thin air, or he could be able to spot you lying.

  • Do not respond to him immediately. Give him some time.

Ideal for: Telling him without using any language that suggests you have an existence outside of him. It’s like placing him on the spot and forcing him to sweat.

  • “I’ve felt so self-conscious wearing my new look. Everyone is looking at me.”

Excellent for: Casually reminding him how important you are.

  • “I am a new acquaintance in the office today. He’s hilarious, I couldn’t help laughing!”

Excellent for: Putting images in his head of the competition. This is much less harmful than saying you’re interested in another person, yet it inspires the person to be more competitive.

  • “I had a wonderful evening last night. What was your experience?”

Excellent for: Letting him know you can have fun with him without. He’ll want to know what you were up to.

  • “Every when I visit this pub, their bartender will give me a beer for free.”

It is great for Subtly implying that there’s a reason why the bartenders are offering you drinks for free. You’ll likely want him to visit that bar with you for the rest of your life.

  • “I’m taking down my Tinder and other dating app as I write this. I’m tired with all the messages that people continue to send me.”

Excellent for: Showing him you’re serious about him while informing him that you’ve got choices.

  • “Going out with my girls tonight. I’m hoping to wear the sexy dress I purchased.”

Ideal for: Make him imagine how great you’ll look…and how people around you will notice.

  • “What do you think I should wear to have a night out? Send him pictures of a couple of your most stylish outfits*.”

Excellent for: Giving him a clear picture of how attractive you are.

  • “I’m going to have to cancel our date for this weekend. Sorry for that, but something has come up.”

Excellent for: Making him desperate to come up with other ideas with you. He’ll also be worried that you’ll lose interest in him. Look at our guide to text messages that can create fear in him or whether he’s losing interest in more suggestions.

  • “I’ve to leave now. I’ll get in touch with you later on.”

Ideal for: Cutting a conversation short as it slows down slightly and generating interest simultaneously. The person will be thinking about what you might be doing.


How do guys act when jealous?

If he appears to be more attractive in comparison to the norm, this means that he’s jealous and is worried that he could be able to lose you to other guys. He wants to get your attention but not let you know he’s experiencing anxiety. He exhibits abrupt anger outbursts at the slightest trigger.



If after doing this or doing the ones said by Wiki How on How to Make Your Boyfriend or that to read the article written by Cosmopolitan on things women do that makes guys jealous and he still doesn’t change; my advice for you is to give up the relationship because it’s not good to be wasting your time or love on the man who doesn’t value you or love you because you never can tell if there is someone who needs you but can’t come close to you due to him to quit him.

“How to make him jealous and want you more.”