IF  Loving Yoυ Iѕ Wrong Episode 2


Jessica smoked  when she. Looked up from her large pool and saw Charles staring at her and holding her towel, she wondereed what this blond dude wanted from her. She carefully swam to the bank , then she walked up to him elegantly in her green swimming trunk..

Jessica turned her back to Charles and he helped her put the towel on, he suddenly held on to her like a child whose mother wanted to travel without him.

Jessica withdrew from his touch and turned to face him, then she folded her arms

Jessica ” what are you doing in my House ??”

Charles frowned ” what?? this is my damn house!! Everything you see and enjoy is mine!!….” Jessie cut him off.

Jessica ” OK , go ahead keep talking, I’m not gonna stop you, I’m just gonna leave ” She tried to move but he held her back, she sighed

Charles used a lower tone ” it’s not over for us , we might have got a divorce, but I still love you, and I know you love me too ”

Jessica ” get over it honey, first thing tomorrow , I’m taking the first flight to Nigeria I think I’ve had enough of you ” then she got closer and whispered ” I think it’s high time I had a good st*ck in my body hmm”

She laughed in a nasty manner that angered him.he raised his voice

Charles ” I’m still your husband!! ”

Jessica ” we got a divorce earlier today dummy ”

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She laughed and pushed him off the way and went inside leaving him broken outside

Jay’s residence in Lekki

The next morning, Jay, Juliet, and the children, were having breakfast , of tea, bread, and fried eggs .

Juliet hurried the children up in order for them to meet up with the school bus .

When they were done, the maid cleared the table, Jay who was already dressed for work brought out his laptop and was busy with it., Juliet was also ready for walk too, she owned a fashion magazine company .

Jay ” hey ”

Juliet ” yeah ”

Jay ” you seem quiet, is there a problem??something you’d like to talk about ??”

Juliet sighed ” not really, it’s just that my step sister , she’s coming back to Nigeria, mum is hell bent on us meeting each other like, I barely know her, I’ve just seen a few pictures of her , it doesn’t just feel right like what if she hates me??”

Jay sighed and tapped on her back ” chill babe, it’s going to be alright okay??”

She nodded and brushed a kiss on her cheeks .

Jay continued ” speaking of coming back to Nigeria, remember, the new stylist I just

Employed , she’s taking the first flight to Nigeria today, she should be in the office tomorrow ”

Juliet smiled ” hmm, that’s good, actually I was looking for a model for this season’s magazine special ”

Jay raised his brows ” oh! You know, you could use her, she has a really great physic too , in fact lemme show you a picture of her ”

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Juliet leaned over to look , just then, the school bus arrived and horned , she quickly got up without looking and gathered the children, they got a goodbye kiss from their dad and left.

Jessica’s new Duplex in Banana


After touring round the house , Jessica settled down in the King chair in the sitting room, she had decided to start a new life over here and she was determined to make the best of it. She had employed a cleaner, a gardener, a cook, a launder, a gateman, and driver, plus extra security at night., she played her favorite music on the speaker and danced with a. Glass filled with brandy in handy. Unfortunately, her iPhone 8 rang to ruin the moment.

She lowered the volume and hissed when she saw it was her mum.

Jessica ” hello Lavina ”

Lavina( her mum) ” I’m glad you’re in Nigeria, and don’t you dare call me that again ”

Jessica laughed ” oh , you think you deserve to be called mum?? Seriously , what do you want??”

Lavina scoffed ” I want you to have dinner in my house on Tuesday, with your sister , her husband,and , your, niece, and nephew”

Jessica hissed ” sounds boring, what if I don’t come??”

Lavina ” don’t you dare Jessie, don’t try me!!” Then she ended the call.

Jessica grinned and threw the phone on the chair, now Lavina had succeeded in ruining her mood.

J and J fashion headquarters Victoria island Lagos

The next morning.

The sat down anxiously waiting for in miss Jessica to arrive so they could conclude with the deal once and for.

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all., he was feeling really funny, he looked on the mirror, he was, handsome and young in his ash suit, he sat down a little more confident and almost immediately, the door opened …………..,… , He was dumbfounded.., a Lady with, beautiful, fresh, long legs, walked In, she was endowed from head to toe, she wore a short cream skirt and a black net shirt which exposed her black bra and flat stomach., she was wearing a sunglass. With her weave falling to her waist, light make up with red lipstick, red bag and heels. He managed to get up and shook hands, OMG!!

that was when he nearly fainted

……,…………………watch out for episode 3


by Ijeoma ebube

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