If It’s Meant To Be, Then It’s Meant To Be

A firm belief in the notion that if things are designed to be, they were designed to be.

What a relief for us to know all the answers before having to take an exam. How simple it would be for us to know what’s behind a door before we even open it.

What a joy it would be to look into the thoughts of another person and know what they think about and think about us. Imagine the power you could have If you could take a look into the future and see the future that lies ahead of you.

If It's Meant To Be, Then It's Meant To Be

It would be so comforting for me to have an insight into what’s coming up for us both in our relationship. I’d like to look at us fifty years later and find out whether we’re still standing by one another’s side. I’d like to look ahead and see if we’re the ones that are kissing each other at one end of the aisle following our wedding.

However, we shouldn’t overthink it. It’s not worth thinking about and imagining these things since they’re only fantasies. They’re essentially impossible right now. There’s nothing we can change about these desires in the present. It’s not a set-in-stone thing. Things can alter.

People change. The way they feel can change. Also, I don’t like to rush through any stage that we share. While I’d like to know whether we do be spending the remaining years of our life together I’d rather sit back, wait, and relish the journey we’re supposed to take. I’m not willing to sacrifice the excitement and thrill of living a life full of uncertain times with you to gain the security and peace of mind of knowing that we’ll succeed.

If It's Meant To Be, Then It's Meant To Be

We’ll then take a long way. We’ll follow the required procedure. We’ll navigate through the unexplored territories. We’ll try to stay afloat in uncharted waters. We’ll navigate this with plenty of doubt, but also with a sense of optimism.

It’s not the kind of hope that’s blind. It’s not the type of optimism that overlooks all the possibilities of speed bumps and issues that the next few years could be bringing. This isn’t the type of hope that’s ignorant of the difficulties that could be thrown our way. It’s the type of faith that recognizes all of the obstacles we’re going to be faced with, and yet persists. It is the type of faith that trusts in the unknowable hand that is doing wonders with us and the universe around us.

I’m an avid believer in the notion that if something is meant to be, they’re meant to be. I believe in the fact that if God intends for us to be one, in the end, the final destination is precisely the place I’ll be. It doesn’t matter what sort of difficulties are likely to be put in our path. It doesn’t matter what hurdles you and I are likely to be required to leap over.

If It's Meant To Be, Then It's Meant To Be

If destiny decides that we and I be through this, then it is likely that we’ll get through this alive. If we were intended to be, then there would be nothing to be worried about. It might require a lot of work. It could take a lot of time. We may be unsure of ourselves in the process. However, we’re likely to find ways to overcome because that’s exactly what the universe has in mind for us each other. We might not be able to do everything perfectly every time, but we’ll manage to do our best in the end.

If you consider it that way this is all anyone of us has. We’re not able to have absolute certainty yet we hold on to the notion of destiny and fate. If you want something with all your heart The universe will reward you and works to your advantage so long you make the effort required to make things work for you.

Also, you must be willing to put dirty, knowing that the universe will appreciate your efforts. However, you must be aware that you cannot oblige fate to do what it will not. You cannot choose the moment destiny will choose to take action.

You cannot control the way the universe will respond to your desires. You might not end up receiving what you want in the immediate future However, you need to believe that you’ll get it in the end. Remember that just because the two of us are bound to be together, doesn’t mean it will be a pleasant ride along the route.

It’s possible that we won’t discover that we’re going to become a couple until late into the near future. However, no what time we’ll need to be waiting, I am certain that deep inside me that we’ll be a perfect couple. What we do get will be incredibly beautiful.