If He Do These 10 Things Know That He’s Just Playing With Your Feelings

If He Do These 10 Things Know That He’s Just Playing With Your Feelings

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If He Do These 10 Things Know That He’s Just Playing With Your Feelings


  1. He says a lot of ironic or satirical compliments.

He gives you compliments, but he does so in a manner that is supposed to make you question it. He is basically making fun of you however he’s seeking to masks it so that you don’t simply understand what he’s doing. He’s belittling you. And he’s looking to puzzle you about it. He desires you to crave for is approval.

  1. He asserts his dominance over you.

He wishes you to feel like he’s the greater dominant being. He doesn’t want to provide you a hazard to realise your electricity at all. That is a commonplace approach that quite a few abusers and manipulators use to certainly make you think which you have no sense of choice in your courting at all.

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  1. He don’t pay attention to your opinions and feelings.

You understand that he’s most effective playing with you if he doesn’t show a actual subject on your emotions and reviews. If a guy have been actually interested in you, he could continually show some concern over what you watched and the way you experience.

  1. You could tell that the whole thing he tells you has been rehearsed and practiced.

You by hook or by crook get the experience that the stuff that he tells you has all been rehearsed and practised earlier than. He can provide all his lines as if he were a trained actor. And that’s all because he has tried it on other ladies in the beyond.

  1. He’s emotionally unavailable to you.

Ok. Now not all men are going to be so open approximately their emotions and emotions. But if he truely desires to be in a serious courting with you, then he’s going to should open up to you subsequently. A reluctance to achieve this would be a very huge purple flag.

  1. He refuses to take “NO” as an answer.

He’s a man who simply refuses to take no for a solution for your dating. On every occasion you say that you may not do something for him, he then proceeds to do both one in all  things: he makes you feel responsible approximately it or he finds a manner to convince you to do it besides.

  1. He doesn’t actually open up a lot of details about his life.

You sense such as you don’t clearly know him. You don’t recognize the man which you’re with. You already know what he likes and you know his name. But you don’t definitely recognise any of the real stuff. You don’t recognise a good deal of the stuff this is truly worth knowing.

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If He Do These 10 Things Know That He’s Just Playing With Your Feelings
If He Do These 10 Things Know That He’s Just Playing With Your Feelings
  1. He doesn’t like to put a label on your dating.

You can inform that he definitely isn’t severe about being with you if he refuses to put a label to your courting. He doesn’t need to make you sense like this is a serious issue because he needs you to always paintings for his validation.

  1. He is constantly looking to get you to sleep with him.

This is a huge telltale signal that he is surely simply looking to play with you. If he’s constantly asking you to sleep with him, then it’s obvious wherein his intentions lie. He simplest truly simply desires you for your frame. He sees you as a sexual object for delight.

  1. He rushes you through the numerous levels of your relationship.

He’s usually pressuring you to transport through the numerous stages to your courting. That is proof that he isn’t truly interested in your feelings in any respect. He is simply purely interested by getting what he wishes out of you although it makes you experience uncomfortable.

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