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Erectile Dysfunction

Weak erection had a problem to most men both young and old in life’s today. Men are polarized by the desire of a hard manhood so that they can achieve their aim of lasting long on bed with a woman. Nowadays, some men suffers from a weak erection due to bad dysfunction in their ejaculatory process. “Erectile Dysfunction”

Erectile dysfunction had becomes more common in life’s today, that many men is wondering what and where the problem may come from. But today, we bring to you the guide to a lasting erection in men, and the things that brings about weak erection in some men.

So if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, kindly cool down and read this article as it tends to guide you on the path to follow in ending that problem that is bordering you all day.


What are the possible cause of it?

1. Stress

2. Declining testosterone levels

3. Problem in circulatory system.


This happens to be one of the biggest reason for weak erection. For instance. How can your erection be steady and hard when you have so many things on your mind. Erection goes with the brain, if the psych is not relaxed there will not be a strong and steady erection at it’s time, and that will contribute to erectile dysfunction.


Declining testosterone levels

Testosterone is very important in human, because it is the main sex hormone in men. A low level of testosterone can cause low libido, low erection and little motivation.


Problem in circulatory system

When there is an abnormal circulation of blood through the artries and vein, there’s always a problem. Your hormones that are responsible for sexual arousal and erection should be supplied with enough nutrient for a proper work.

There are physical and physiological problem that can lead to erectile dysfunction. “Erectile Dysfunction”

Physical cause of erectile dysfunction can be.

  • Heart disease
  • Clogged blood vessels/ atherosclerosis
  • High blood pressure
  • Developing of scar tissue inside the manhood.
  • Too much of alcohol intake
  • Diabetes and High cholesterol.


Signs of Erectile

  • Dysfunction Persistent trouble of getting an erection.
  • Persistent trouble of lasting long on bed.
  • Reduction of sexual desire.


Erectile dysfunction is not a disease but it’s a disorder that can be corrected. You can use natural solution or you can also meet your doctor for solution.

There are Natural remedies to a erectile dysfunction which will be disclose to you.
Natural remedies contain natural substances which is capable of strengthening the circulation and leads to the pelvic area. When that blood reaches the penis, it will become red and full of blood, a mechanism that triggers a hard erection.

Natural ingredients is very powerful and it increases sexual libido and stamina and are also capable of destroying the psychological disorder which can cause erectile dysfunction.


Natural home remedy ingredients

Make papaya root, (the male papaya does not produce fruits but it produces flowers).


Preparation Procedure

Wash the roots very well and cut them into pieces.
Soak or dip them inside water in a bowel for 24 hours, then after that, your medicine is ready to be taken, by any man who is suffering from erectile dysfunction. (Weak erection).
It should be taking it till there is an improvement. Three times a day. Morning, afternoon and night.

Note. You can also see your doctor if you want to, the best thing is to get to an end of erectile dysfunction. Good luck as you work on it.

Drop your comments or contribution if you have any.

“Erectile Dysfunction”


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